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hi everyone..

please fix the cash tree.. it doesn't work to me since June.. it always saying there is no offers while most ppl watching the videos and getting the cash.. please HELP!!!!!
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Ridley Starsmore

Can you guys PLEASE do something about alchemy? You keep saying you are hesitant to change it, but it's obviously still very much broken.

I think the best way to think of the push and pull between the userbase, alchemy and getting the staff to chang things is to think of it as this box.

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Will you guys ever make a Waffles SDPlus . emotion_kirakira
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Black Death Goddess
Ah another AtA, and so many things I've gotta ask about and for!

First off I'd like to ask if there will be a formula for the Cherubic Queen of Solair?

Second: Would it be alright to ask for a Babydoll Gothic Victorian item formula? Using all the Babydoll items we collect? You know the Babydoll Tunics, Shoes, Socks and Gloves.

Third: Is it okay to pitch some new series and their items I'd like to have as the next Mecha Neko craze?

Fourth: These are the series I'd like to see in Mecha Neko, goes with #4.

Card Captor Sakura (I mean the hair styles, clothes and items from Yue, Clow Reed, Ruby Moon, the Clow Cards and Sakura herself are awesome!)

xxxHOLiC (Same as for Card Captor Sakura, the characters of xxxHOLiC hair, clothes and items to die for.)

Fifth: I'd like to see a wig that is a combo of the wavy Gogh Reed hair and the color and wispy flow of the Shrouded Vestige hair.


Thanks for the suggestions - keep suggesting them in SF and elsewhere smile
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faerie misao

While in the profiles on the lists of items in the
wishlist and worn boxes the sparkles are offset
from the items, making it impossible to see the
names of items that do not possess sparkles.

Is there any way you could fix that
without me having to turn them off?

That's definitely something that we can add to the bug list. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Thanks so much! ^^;
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Yes, I'd like to know why exactly was BB Coding removed from Rallies.
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Lilsis Charmer
Lilsis Charmer

I'm not making any judgements whatsoever about the people who own them, or their rationale for wanting them.
All I'm trying to say, and I know it's not a popular opinion, is that a lot of the people who own something absolutely insanely rare or expensive, put an awful lot of time, effort, and in some cases, money into acquiring them.
To suddenly make a billion gold Item available again would immediately devalue that Item, and someone who might have worked for years to get said Item, would almost assuredly find it's value substantially diminished, and I don't think that's fair.
It's akin to someone training their entire life to win a Gold Medal at the Olympics, and deciding after he/she has finally achieved their dream and won their medal, that everyone else should get one too.

And just to clarify...simply looking at my Avy should tell you the number of exceptional Items I myself own. I've got no skin in this game so to speak, but I always find it somewhat irksome when people think they should have what someone else has without making the investment that someone else made.

Well, if getting an item made out of pixels on Gaia is as important to someone as winning at Olympic games... Let's just say it shouldn't be that important, to anyone. As far as angelic halos go, pretty much no one except people who got/bought them in 2003 have them, and most (if not all) of the people who do own them refuse to sell them for any price. Even for a hundred trillion Gaia gold, or all the gold on Gaia.

Releasing a few more of those items just give people a reasonable chance of owning that item, regardless of their reasons to own it. It would actually benefit everyone. The only people who'd have a problem with it are the selfish people who feel like no one else except them deserves to have the item. This pretty much applies to the Angelic halo alone. All the other items are pretty much available to anyone, you just need the gold to buy them. Personally I find a.halo one of the ugliest items here, I've only seen one avi that it really fit and looked good on. XD

Your last couple of sentences kind of sum up my opinion on many of the more outrageously priced Items I see in the MP.
I have no doubt that status plays a huge part in much of the desirability of these Items, because there's an awful lot of them that I really wouldn't have the slightest interest in owning.

My outlook on real life is pretty much the same as my outlook on Gaia...There's things I can work hard for and get if I want them badly enough, and there's many more that, no matter how hard I work at it, I'll never have.
That's life when you get right down to it.
The thing is, just because I want something, does not mean that I'm entitled to it, and it's a sense of entitlement that I often perceive as being at the root of many of these arguments for egalitarianism.

Just where would the cut off for an Angelic Halo be?
Would they release 10? 100? 1000?
You can be darned sure that, short of dropping them like Ocean Blue Tops from the DC, the Halo is always going to be beyond someone's reach

Who decides who gets them and who doesn't?

I'm not saying everyone should have a chance at owning it. I'm saying that at the moment, pretty much NOT A SINGLE PERSON can get a.halo no matter how hard they work. I've seen threads like "angelic halo quest, 3rd year" - quests for a.halo that have been going on for YEARS, and even by people who really work at it! Don't you think that at least some % of the people really working for it should have a chance of getting a.halo, instead of there being people with 8 billion gold and a.halo quest going for the 5th year but no chance of buying one? In life, there are things you can't get because you don't have the money. Anything else you can buy - people, land, fresh water, food, clean air, space, a 10-kilometre hole straight down through the crust of the Earth - EVERYTHING is for sale in the real world. Gaia pretty much takes it free market model from real world capitalism~ and like in real world capitalism, there are people who refuse to sell their posessions for any price. But guess what? In real world people DIE, and their Monets and Picassos and other incredibly expensive items change owners after their deaths.

Here abandoned accounts just keep their items, that go to waste, not for a 100 years, but FOREVER, making them eventually inaccessible to ANYONE. Forever.

I appreciate how frustrating it must be for people to work for seemingly ever, and never achieve their goal.
I kinda go back to real life for that, because while you are right about you being able to get pretty much anything if you have enough money, who among us will ever be in that position?
Not me I can tell you.

And just how many of us are ever likely to inherit a Monet or Picasso?

I don't know how many Halos are still in the hands of active Gaians, but I'd imagine they place a very high value on their pixels, and wouldn't be surprised if, when they finally decided it was time to move on, "bequeathed" them to someone they cared about on the site.

Like I said, I don't personally believe that wanting something is sufficient justification for someone to have something, and I never will, and I just don't get the level of "passion" that some people ascribe to this particular issue.

I quite honestly think that the whole "Inaccessible Item" issue quite neatly mirrors real life.
As, sadly, does people's reactions to it.

Hm... I still think that the only people who would cry over it are the people who lost their chances to own something inaccessible, and have to settle for something only 0.01% of users will ever own. (the latter being the case if a few new halos are released, for example). Taking away the chance to own anything "inaccessible" on gaia from everyone would frankly, in my opinion, make gaia a lot nicer place. If you take the money away from the bank vault, and replace it with marshmellow, you'll get rid of all the bank robbers. None of them will come to that bank vault ever again. If gaia made all items (more or less) accessible (instead of there being "inaccessible" items), the same would happen - the people whose ONLY reason for coming to gaia is to own something inaccessible would stop coming. Would that be such a bad thing? I don't think so~ But you're free to disagree. :3
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Yes, I'd like to know why exactly was BB Coding removed from Rallies.

My best guess is probably glitches. emo
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Tear of Fate
Tear of Fate

Whoever lost their way was going up and down the street, I am in the wrong country! I've no idea who it was, by the way, I'm just as curious as you are.
WAIT!?! Were are you?

I'm in San Jose, Costa Rica. My last night here. Flying out in the morning.
GET BACK SOOOOON!!! and be safe you never know what can happen, by the way...how does someone make that big of a mistake?

I let Big Lanky make my travel arrangements.

biggrin D right city, wrong country biggrin i can so relate to that, that's hilarious XD
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Hello mothers, fathers aunts and uncles. I have a question.
Do you think there will ever be a mobile site for gaia?

We actually already have one for the iphone - it's been out for awhile. And we have an Android app that will be coming out hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
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A question : How many hours do you work at Gaia com : D
Where is Gaia main office?
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You're actually wearing about the best option, though use Audrey heels in yellow or the glittery pumps in yellow instead?

I did try them but the yellow is way too light, the black at least goes with the stripes (though I think maybe I'll try non glittery heels XD)

Thank you! I tried orange too but it's also off T~T
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Is there any chance that we would be able to get more frequent flying giftboxes? And make them have rarer items? I don't like having to click on a flying trunk or box, knowing something worthless is going to be in it.
imagine the staring contests on who can get to be in line first for lunch. so awesome.


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