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I was wondering if you have better air conditioning in the new building? I see a fan plugged in.

That mural is really pretty!

The fans were to dry the shampooed carpet in that spot. Air-conditioning is working pretty good right now.
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Hey Gaians!

I saw a lot of posts from Friday asking for pictures of our new office so I took a few shots today with my handy-dandy iPhone.

A mural painted on the wall of the snack room. Across from the main entrance.
User Image

On the other side of the snack area some chalkboard paint and look already some masterpieces!
User Image

A look down the side of the Gaia Online team with social all the way at the end. Look you can see Lanzer's head hard at wok on the left there.
User Image

Another side with programmers hard at work coding games.
User Image

A view from milkbun's desk razz at the lunch area
User Image

And of course, it wouldn't be Gaia if we didn't already have a wall of cats drawn on chalkboard.
User Image

Some other more professional photos taken by a coworker
User Image

These pictures are really cool. may i ask if you did the paintings or Gaia or did you have someone do it for you? Either way who ever did it is a really good artiest
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Can you make a rare item giveaway. agelic halo, mini angel wings, ect
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I am in the wrong San Jose! I got lost in the move! Waiting for a flight back to California, so I'll be lurking and watching for towns 2.0 inquires.

rofl i didn't even think it'd be you losing your way!!!!!!!! poor codemonkey. *pat pat*

Whoever lost their way was going up and down the street, I am in the wrong country! I've no idea who it was, by the way, I'm just as curious as you are.
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I was thinking for next earth day, since we really didn't do anything this year, maybe we could do something with the paper in towns?

I know you can make things in Ruby's Rack, but maybe we could earn gold? I dunno...just a random idea 3nodding
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if alchemy is supposed to be useable by everyone why is it impossible.
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Nice place =O

I was wondering if the shop to buy real life items (gaia shop) will ever come back. Also is there anyway I could get the Masquerade song from 2011 Halloween event. I love the song <3
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Hey Staff! Please have a safe move. Count all fingers, toes and limbs. You don't want to lose those!

Question, what's this "Rebuild Volunteer items" I've been hearing about? Something about helping Edmund's shop?
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jean-luke picard
hey what can i do to become an admin weather a player mod or a normal mod i would like to know

You can find information about becoming a mod here:
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do you guys plan to release new item alchemy stuff?
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Why does watching most videos only give you 3 or 4 Gaia Cash at a time? SocialVibe is having sone issues, too.

Also, why all the third-party offers that are rumored to have malware?

And while we're at it, why isn't the Gold Shop updated more?
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will you ever have the return of that mouth from 05/06?
this one:

User Image
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