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yoo i cant save my avi df rofl
Mashed Potato Jones

Hello everyone, I'm back to lurk about in the Ask the Admin...as usual. I do actually have a bit of a thought...imagineered it while dredging through the doldrums at work...

What are the thoughts of holding a contest where the users create the story for the next big EI? I would think it would be interesting to see what Gaia Centric ideas some of the users could come up with and would love to then see how the artists interpret that into an awesome EI...what are your thoughts?

We've been slow in organizing contests as our focus during the summer had been the conventions and summer events. I don't know when the next contest is coming but we'll be discussing potential for more contests later.
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im here to ask.....Why Is Towns 2 so laggy?
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Do you guys ever intend to just start selling gold? It would save a lot of time to cut out the middle man and just buy the gold versus buying the cash shop items.
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Well, my question is now moot emotion_dowant I was going to ask about the Android app, but *squeeeee* Yay! Finally!
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Can we get pictures of the new office/move? wink
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Zero Omega
I hope you guys enjoy the new place and eventually get everything set up. From the picture of what I saw of the mural, it looks really nice.

1) How is the status on mod applications going?

2) It seems like zOMG! bots are back again, but people are using mule accounts, so if accounts get banned, they just make a new one. Is there any way for mods to find the main accounts for these bots?

3) Is there any way to remove or hide some sub-forum topics after they are done being used in guilds?

1. We've been getting a bunch of apps which is encouraging, we've just been busy with some other projects so we haven't had a chance to get through them just yet. We definitely will when we can.

That's good to hear and yeah I just haven't heard anything back from it yet for five months. I hope the other projects go well and looking forward to the new games and future events. I was still really happy with how much fun the rejected olympics was. Just the move alone will probably take you guys some time to adjust to.
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Do I look like I can intimidate a jury?

I'm in love with a stripperrrrrrrr.User Image

I couldn't intimidate a child, and believe me, I've tried.
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Can we get like, say, an 03 give away?
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Can we get pictures of the new office/move? wink

Check Milkbun's post on the first page!
Evening, folks.

zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: What's the word?

Sorry we were pretty tied up with the office move, but we are moving forward with updating the server and setting up auto server reboot. Hope to have more update next week
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hey what can i do to become an admin weather a player mod or a normal mod i would like to know
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When will you update the inventroy arranger?? heart
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Can we get pictures of the new office/move? wink

You can find a couple pics here.
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Are there any plans for a way to organize subscribed threads in the near future?

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