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The poses on Bingo the Border collie needs to be fixed!

He is missing his standing 'I am' pose.

And he drags his butt when he walks because of his missing pose.

This is 3 weeks I have been asking for a fix!
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I'm so glad there is going to be an android app.

I felt so left out not having apple products (besides my very old ipod).
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          Thank you for giving us Quick Replies for the guilds Gaia. While Quick Reply is a feature I myself don't use I appreciate every update you give to those of us who own guilds. That said, I'd like to ask how difficult it would be to implement tipping and possibly thread subscriptions to guilds. The way a guild looks isn't really important to most people but being able to tip people in guilds and possibly subscribe to a thread like a role-play or a long running discussion about a game, band, movie, or TV show when you're in several guilds is something a lot of people who go to guilds have said they'd really like to see happen some day. So with the current coding for guilds is tipping and thread subscriptions something that can be added to guilds?

Tipping is one of the features we are considering for guilds. I think we're done with this round of fixes but we'll take another look soon. We ran into some problems where we needed to do some major code changes to support some of the things we wanted but we may be able to just hack it in.

          I kind of thought it would be one of those "we can do it but it would take a lot of time to work it into the current coding and have it work well" type of situations. It's good to see that you're looking into exactly how you can go about adding tipping to guilds.

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Are there any plans for making a system to allow gaian's to organize their subscribed threads?
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Hello Admins ,
    Just wanted to ask this question , hope its not bad but
    Where is the 2% off items going when an item is placed on the Marketplace .
Lanzer has a silo of gold coins bigger than Scrooge McDuck's! He swims in it when he feels down.
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Hi Gaia admin a beautiful morning to you. My internet connection also sucks atm D: Stupid company won't send a technician to work on our modem problems and all the crap because they have on-going blah maintenance. Anyhow I'm connected to the internet thanks to the bluetooth wireless internet connection (prepaid)

Just a few questions:
1. In zomg there is the abuse ring which can be gotten from (rare chance) from Kamilla. Along with the release of that ring was te integrity ring. Will the integrity ring be released? I do not mind paying gcash for it. Or maybe make it a quest? After defeating the smob boss or something?

2 In gaia aquarium, I know memphises were taken out of the phin phang. Would there be a way to release them back again. I believe most of us users are becoming professional workers and some going back to college. The memphises were the best fishes affordable yet a good means to earn a little. It makes my heart and mind feel better that I am earning even a little that even though slow. I am still earning a little gold for my quest. I'd hate to quiting gaia all-in-all because incapabilty of moving on (even slowly) with my quest.
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{Good evening Gaia staff.

There is one
BIG thing that I must ask of you.

Can you
PLEASE not take anything out of the cash shop until you or paypal fixes whatever is going on? I can only get gaia cash through a credit card and for the past week I keep getting an error saying that my request could not be processed at that time.

I love the cash shop and I love Gaia, but I will be really, really upset if I'll miss my chance at buying a few items because Paypal isn't working for whatever reason.

I was about to report this as a bug, but in that forum it says not to post/report gaia cash bugs.

I really want to support Gaia, and I know that the cash shop is one of your main revenues, so I try to buy from it when I can, but right now I can't so you're missing out on my money.
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Are there any plans for a way to organize subscribed threads in the near future?

I don't think we're going to add this feature. I suggest using your browser bookmarks for organization if you have a big load of threads to track.
good evening gaia admin, developers, artist, and everyone eles on the gaia team. smile I wanted to report a recent problem i have been haveing with the Gaia cash tree for the past few days. My problem is for some odd reason it isant granting me gaia cash for all the videos i have been watching like it was anymore. sad also once in a while i'll get the tempurpedic thing and no matter what i do it dont grant me any cash for going to the site like it tells me to do or anything.I have also reportedthis bug/problem in the (bug and technical support forum). Thanks you guys a ton for your time in reading this report on the cash tree. I really hope the cash tree starts working properly again soon. Hope you all have a great day and keep up the awsome work. mrgreen emotion_hug

We can double check it. Unfortunately we don't have full control over the technical side for offers. We depend on third parties to make callbacks to us and we don't have a good way of verifying them. If the issue happens a lot we have to go to the providers and harass them to fix it.

that would be awsome if it could be double checked on beacuse it was working just fine and then all the sudden like about 5 days ago now it started not working like it was and started still showing videos but they wasnt giveing cash for them. i earned a bit this morning when i check but not the normal amount of cash as i was. sweatdrop Im not sure if i am the only one with the problem with it but i also heard a few of my friends have been getting errors when they have been trying to watch the videos aswell. Thanks a ton for you time in answering my questions most appreciated. smile
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will you ever have the return of that mouth from 05/06?
this one:

User Image
really want this question answered sweatdrop
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Katniss Everdeen -HG-
I have a question...
Why doesnt the button in 'Prize and joy' work to buy tokens, niether of the buttons work...
Will this be fixed soon? It hasent been working for a while... sweatdrop
It's scheduled to be fixed in the next big patch. Maybe 2-3 days...
Yay whee Thank you
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Strictly Satisfied

      1) Why is it when I post codes, that work perfectly in the forums,
      in a guild thread, they don't seem to want to work properly? D;

      2) Why do you have to wait a week to sell items you got from the
      Cash Shop?

      Thank you for your time answering questions and good luck!

      EDIT; Also, Who unlocked the Dev Alerts last time? xD
      That really was funny, I wish I got a post in!

1. Guilds have a different coding system than forums do.
2. You only need to wait one week if it is your first time buying through paypal. Also if you haven't spent all of the cash you bought through paypal, then the freeze continues over to the next time.
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Can we get like, say, an 03 give away?
Maybe - some things we won't likely give out (Halo), but otherwise there's no formal cutoff line on which items we could use in future giveaways.
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Why is there a 2% marketplace fee? Why are we paying taxes on pixels?

The 2% fee was introduced to help reduce inflation by adding in a gold sink when purchasing items from the MP.
That makes sense. Thank you for getting back to me.
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Pirandello Kruger
Has any of the Administrators of Gaia online successfully defeated the Elite Four and become a Pokémon Master?

If any of us would have accomplished this feat, it would probably be Sandokiri! We'll have to ask and see biggrin


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