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Hey Gaia Staff, congrats on the big move, place looks great!!

I really only have one question, one that was Addressed by you before Lanzer, but figure it's been a few months since I last asked.

Will there be any plans on updating rallies, (i.e adding new cars, new areas, new games)
or integrating streets into towns much like Hollywood.

Personally I've been hoping for an Akira Bike in rallies for the past 5 years, STILL HOPING.

But any luck this may happen?

its like all the time...im just walking i and it says im in a diff room all of a sudden without stepping onn a arrow :C
and also it tends to walk for me O.o
like i will be standing still and all of a sudden im walking to the other side of the area.
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Dino Nuggetts
Hey im here to ask for donations from the admin and/or staff....with these items i can start a donations guild for starters or people who have been hacked...Im Not asking like lusty or any of tht expensive crap....but like little things like 4th amigo lucky items or maybe any of the summer tops mainly like tht kind of stuff....Please respond to this comment i would like gaia to be a a better place ♥

Im not an admin but i sent you a trade
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Hey Admin! Congrats on the move.
I am just wondering a few things:

1. Why is it that buying additional outfit slots is so expensive? /random thought
2. Will the new Canadian Target stores (opening next year following renovations of bought out Zellers) carry Gaia Cash Cards?
3. When will the next site hosted event be? (For example, the Gaia Anniversary Ball has become user run instead of admin run so we miss out on that now every year).
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Hello Gaia admins I'm hoping you would answer my question, would you by anytime soon make alchemy's for the michaels wings and all those expensive wings????? Thank you for your time.
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Can you check out ticket #5630-10199296 i havent got a response for a long time

Send me a PM with that ticket number and I can check it out.
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will you ever have the return of that mouth from 05/06?
this one:

User Image
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The poses on Bingo the Border collie needs to be fixed!

He is missing his standing 'I am' pose.

And he drags his butt when he walks because of his missing pose.

This is 3 weeks I have been asking for a fix!
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good evening gaia admin, developers, artist, and everyone eles on the gaia team. smile I wanted to report a recent problem i have been haveing with the Gaia cash tree for the past few days. My problem is for some odd reason it isant granting me gaia cash for all the videos i have been watching like it was anymore. sad also once in a while i'll get the tempurpedic thing and no matter what i do it dont grant me any cash for going to the site like it tells me to do or anything.I have also reportedthis bug/problem in the (bug and technical support forum). Thanks you guys a ton for your time in reading this report on the cash tree. I really hope the cash tree starts working properly again soon. Hope you all have a great day and keep up the awsome work. mrgreen emotion_hug

We can double check it. Unfortunately we don't have full control over the technical side for offers. We depend on third parties to make callbacks to us and we don't have a good way of verifying them. If the issue happens a lot we have to go to the providers and harass them to fix it.
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Ren Orenji Doragon

Totally going to make a not completely serious request here.. for the lulz.

Moar Lizardman recolors? 8D;; Specifically orange? emotion_kirakira I'm sick of having a brown tail. ;n;

How about chartreuse?
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James Daniel Garcia
Hello there fellow Gaians and evening to you as well Gaia Staff. I had a random question for you...

Will there be a chance of you guys having duck races again? I found that event to be very entertaining.

Mayhaps~ ninja
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From what I've seen in some layering issues, hair spans across several different layers (aside from the agape trim layer) Why is that?

It causes some pretty weird layering issues, you can see it cutting right through the middle of the DJs I'm wearing right now! Similarly, portable headphones get covered up completely most of the time!

Slippers from 03 and 04 have layering issues too.. they don't layer with loose socks!

Do you guys have someone designated to work on item issues, and do you think these problems will get fixed any time soon?

Is it a hard fix, or just hard to find time? ):
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Okay, so the number one cause of people losing items when hacked is that the hacker gives the items as a gift to another user that they have probably hacked? Is it possible that you guys might be able to make some type of gift-giving system where the user can take back gifts within 5 days of giving the gift? Also the person who got the gift could not sell/gift the item away until after the 5 days. It would probably save a bunch of peoples items.
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Divine Seventh
Can we get like, say, an 03 give away?

No one likes you that much.

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When is the new game Heralds of Chaos coming out??

Open Beta should be starting up soon. Keep your eyes open for more on it in the coming weeks.
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Why did you guys skip a week of featured avatars, and are you thinking about going back to the old way any time soon, the majority of people, from what I've seen, really dislike the new setup.

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