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How's everyone doing today? I'll find a place to show up in Towns in a minute.
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So first off.
I'm glad that you didn't abandon this avatar for your manly one.

Seriously though.
How close is this marketplace update?
and is a guild update too far away?
i know this has been asked before.
but can i get some details please?
: D

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Hi Lanzer! Now then. When is the next salon update? I don't know if this was asked/answered before, but will engraving ever make a return? Does [Gaia] L0cke scare you too? ;.;

Edit in all seriousness:

Why exactly do [GAIA] Lanzer and [GAIA] L0cke exist?
Is anyone working on fixing the fact that people with certain symbols in their names can't use the bubbles in towns?
Will you be in my movie?
Will we ever be able to explore gaia using past layouts?

Do you listen to Nirvana if you do whats your favorite song?
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Is there a possibility that Towns will be getting more/better servers so that people have an easier time using it?
When will we get sledgehammers Lanzer? surprised
I forgot to ask you last time what kinds of updates we can expect for guilds in the far future.

(And what is UP with [GAIA] Lanzer!?)

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So how much work is going into removing the bots from gaia?
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Hello there, Lanzer! smile

First off, my short question. What are your feelings when users do some sleuthing and uncover things that aren’t supposed to be revealed until later, such as promotions or NPCs? For example, people finding the Blue Dragon account long before the release of the promotion. Does it annoy or disappoint you that things like this get spoiled?

Secondly, you once said there was a Mining game in development, but you scrapped it because you "shouldn't have tried writing it in Javascript." lol I’m pretty curious about that now. Are you thinking of recycling that idea someday? Perhaps you could try to borrow ideas from the Underground Treasure Hunting minigame in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which I find to be fracking addicting. xd

For those not familiar with it, here's a rundown:

You're given a sledgehammer, a pickax, and a radar. You use the radar to find shining spots in the Underground's walls that are ripe for digging. Once you find a spot, you can pick at it a certain number of times before it collapses. Balance between the two tools is the key to digging up everything. The sledgehammer uncovers a lot of space but weakens the wall faster while the pickax covers only a little space but is slower at weakening the wall.

Maybe you could add tools...like drills or those brushes archaeologists and the like use to dust off artifacts without damaging them. Or upgrades to the given tools, such as creating a sledgehammer that doesn't weaken a wall so fast. biggrin

Just my two cents; I'd be happy if you so much as skimmed over them. xd
How is John Cera in real life?

EDIT: Whoops, typo and on the first page too. redface sweatdrop I meant John Cena. Sorry!
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did the staff party after finding out that most people liked this month's MCs?

Is it possible that sometime in the future we can have a layering system where the items layer based on how they are equiped?
I just feel that some items could be better layered on certain types of items.
I'm working of a movie in Towns.
When can we expect the new features to come out?
(Swimming pools and possibly cars)

I mean, adding a car chase to a movie always makes it good.

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