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I know you were just being funny, but I would be careful with that. Seriously. It goes against something that was previously posted. >.>
Are there any cats that I'm unaware of that would fit right there in the blank spot at my thigh?
If not, would it be possible to make one? cat_ninja


Since you're in such a lack of cat items, we'll need to release one right away! biggrin

I think it's time to add dog items to fill in the gaps smile
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Blaze the Fire Dragon
Question - Is there any reason for the soulbinding of the Grunny Deep Sea Manipulators? It just seems to me to be an item that really doesn't need it. I'd also like to know if there's any possibility of the Oni Set being changed so that it isn't soulbound, I'd really like to own one (or maybe two), but the only way to get them is by failing at the Fortune Egg.
And dying at a certain level in Snow Apples ^-^
Is that so? Hm...and to think I played Snow Apple once and actually won it with my terrible luck, then again I'm not sure I'd call it a win if I could have potentially gotten an Oni Set out of a loss.
I was able to get three oni sets this way because i played them like crazy when they came out xD
I have 15 oni sets
I want them unbound so I can get them to people who actually want the item

how did gaians receive the "oni" sets? i have never gotten one =(
It is the item granted from the failed incubation of a level 4 Fortune Egg
They were also released, very minimally in one of the old rigs
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All the posts on Avatar glitches in Site Feed Back, do they ever get looked at or worked on? I feel there are glitches that have been going on for some time, without any fixing. Such as mah sash! From Lady Lunar. Are glitches not a priority? Is it only BIG site errors and glitches that are? If Avatar glitches, are looked at and being dealt with is there any way to know?
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Um im ive been hacked so can i get my stuff back becuz i sorta look like a noob

You'll need to file a hacking report.
It is located at the very bottom of the forum directory.
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Wolf Ookami Woof
Something Royal

I'd like to tell you, I like your avi. It's cute.

Thank you so much emotion_kirakira
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Zero Omega
Depressed Little Lucie
Zero Omega
Depressed Little Lucie
Hello Admin. What is the purpose of waiting 3 days to open a trading pass? I want to start exchanging but I have to wait 2 days. I never understood why we must wait 3 days. Oh and lastly I love you. emotion_awesome

We had a problem in the past with hackers abusing accounts because we didn't have a trade pass waiting period, we instituted this in hopes of slowing down and stopping some of this activity, which proved to actually be very helpful.

Why would anyone hack someone. Makes me worried I'll log in some day and all of my hard work will be gone. ;c Is it true some people can just hack from trades? And if so, why do people hack? I think it's a waste of time... I mean you end up getting banned no matter what account you put it on. What is the purpose of hacking? emo

The purpose of hacking is really to make the other person feel bad. However, the majority of our hack cases are a result of the user giving out their password or being tricked into giving out their password.

Just keep in mind that no admin/dev will ever ask for your password, the only time you should enter your password is when you're on http://www.gaiaonline.com. and don't share your password/accounts with friends.

Oh thank you so much for this!
My sister was hacked because of those websites that say when you put in your password you get like an angelic halo. rolleyes

Okay last question... Do you like my avatar? If you don't what can I improve? c:

No problem! Tell her to file a hack report at http://www.gaiaonline.com/hacking

I do like your avatar! Very lovely!

Be honest.
My friend Safa told me the hair was ugly. ;D
Do you know any better ones?
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oh my my what should i ask to you oh okay i wat to became gaiaonline stuff helper smile sweatdrop sweatdrop

You can find some information about becoming a moderator here:
Zero Omega
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Only slightly.
What's more frightening is how some ladies like guys with HIGH self esteems... rolleyes

That seems like it would be a very... Battled relationship.

It depends on the lady of the relationship.
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So i was wondering how many total Gaians are here on Gaia?
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Gottin der Element
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Gottin der Element
Zero Omega
Gottin der Element
Can I have a pet Admin? :D

I don't think anyone here is a real animal.

No one has to be! They just... have to walk around on all fours..

That's unsanitary! eek

Well...they'll be my pet...And...pets don't usually think about things like being sanitary...

But I'm sentient!
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Something Royal
Another problem im having is that when im trying to scroll threw pages on the gaia forum its stuck at loading...... (with all of the browsers i use)

Sorry but I just had to say, your avi is the cutest ever! and the avi art is so amazing!
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II BlazeoftheCookies II
Is there any chance of getting Soul Reaper themed items? I know we have a sponsorship with Funanimation...so... maybe? Will ya think about it? Sorry for posting it this many times. I just want to see if it's possible.

Do you mean Soul Eater?
Oh yeah. xD I get mixed up between the two words. I'd really like to see them though.
Hello Admins, big Gaia fan here!
I Have a question for you guys. Is there anyway that for zOMG you could make it so our avi's had actions? Like maybe dancing or flying jump-kicks just for entertainment? Maybe we could purchase these in the shops like the animated items category..or something?? It would make my experience on Gaia just that much cooler!! Please answer. I have one more idea as well. Maybe we could get some more levels in the game. Most of us that have had a account for along while needs newer scenery. lol Ohh and all Gaians, i want to hear what you thing of my idea as well. Ok, My_Soul_Has_Fallen signing out! smile haha
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How old do I have to be to do some sort of work for you guise? emotion_kirakira

Except Moderating. Mods are pricks. >3>


You need to be at least 18 years of age to be an Admin.

( And, psssst.... just an FYI, all of the current Admin team started out as mods, so you might want to re-think your "Mods are pricks" strategy. Just saying... xd )

- Sisky

In all truth, we actually highly value our mod team and know them to be doing good work for this community biggrin

How do you apply to be a mod if you have had a reverse ban? When the application first came out I was disqualified due to that fact. My account was banned, because it had been hacked and that was the quickest way for the mod I contacted to lock it since it was a hacking in progress. Any ideas how to circumnavigate the system so that one is still eligible?

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