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whats the fastest way to get gold
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Hi, guys! Thanks as always for taking our questions. I have a couple regarding Gaia's favorite holiday, Halloween.

1. Were you aware that in a recent thread discussing the next halloween event, the word "robot" was mentioned 74 times in a mere 9 pages?
It seems that they are a quite a hot topic at the moment, and many of us would like to see them featured in a future plotline. Any comment?


The Iron Magus

2. Are there any plans to update or utilize Halloweentown in any way? Or is it doomed to forever remain a forgotten and purely decorative part of the world map?

Really enjoyed the Rejected Olympics, guys. Keep up the good work!

When we complete the primary towns we'll further consider what we plan to do with Halloween town. smile
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I've noticed quite a few bugs with the achievements lately.
I for one am dealing with an alchemy achievement glitch that for all I can tell is pretty much being ignored.
I posted in the Bug Report thread for July 30th through August 5th, and after August 1st, the Developer in charge of the thread just stopped responding to people.
I've noticed other achievement problems too for other people.
But are achievements having issues?
And are they going to be fixed soon?
I keep getting told to just try to get to level 4 in alchemy.
But I shouldn't have to spend more gold to get Alchemy levels 2 and 3 achievements, which I already earned.
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Hey Gaia staff.
I was just wondering if you guys are aware of the problems with the Outfit Market.

1. The ABP's are not always the actual ABP's.
2. Giving users the OPTION to show their equipped items, gives users the RIGHT to scam people who aren't very item savvy.

I think personally the equipped list needs to be manual.
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I have a question well more of a suggestion you guys should have an art shop where users can buy art from the trained professionals that make the monthly collectible art
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I hope there's going to be a fix to the cash tree soon. I can't get any access to the sponsors. I'm getting a time-out error message just like many others.
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When i roll dice or random number in forums, the statement showing which number i or someone else rolled doesnt show. it only shows it guilds sweatdrop you know why?
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Katyy Perryy
Hello! Good afternoon everyone!

I have a short zOMG related question today.
When the whole ring farm fiasco was solved, all players with a level
10 ring were given a ring grant. The people who abused the glitch
for ring farming were given "abuse", while the ones who didn't
were given "integrity". A friend & I were never given our integrity
rings, and we never abused the system. We had a whole set of lv 10
rings when they were granted. We've also PM'd with [ J K ] and spoke
with former zOMG Dev, Mavdoc.

If you could give us insight on what can be done, and if we will be
able to get our rings, that would be great. Thank you and have a
nice day.

Thanks for the question! Sorry if you didn't get a ring you were supposed to receive. I'll be happy to look into this matter and try and get everything sorted out for you. If you want to shoot me a pm with more details about the issue, that would be great! biggrin

Take care,
Hello everyone!

How many of you got to catch the Mars rover landing yesterday? As a science fiction fan I was all over the news and event went to a local event in at the NASA research center. Go Curiosity!

The Olympics continues this week, I can't wait to watch more track and field races. Is anyone here still excited about the Olympics? biggrin

Welcome to ATA!

um do any admins have dream avi? and do they donate? if they do i like some gold pls? sweatdrop
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wouldnt it be cool if you guys made clothes to look like minecraft mods. that would be pretty awesome!
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Yeata Zi
Oh! Is the Community Spotlight a dead feature?

It's something that we can think about adding to the blog like the Featured Avatar, but currently (as far as I know), there are no plans for it to return to the homepage like it was.
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Can you fix ZOMG? It's been having a lot of lags lately. heart GAIA!!
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Drop Dead Andy V2
Why is the Chatterbox the best forum?
it's not lol.
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Pizza for sure;3
F r o z e n J e I I o
Should I eat lasagna or pizza for dinner?

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Ooooh, so that's what my friend meant by landing on Mars... Huh..
I thought it was a metaphor or something. =w=

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