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How are those Animated Eyes coming along?

...or has that been dropped?

Added / Edit: For Reference,.. this was Spring Cleaning of Last Year. One of the select items that was being considered. Thread was created by reapersun.

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Thanks for the monkey Ridley! I've equipped it on my avi already!

Happy ya like it, yo!
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Hello! I hope it's not too hot there with the AC turned off - sweatdrop

Might the devs consider a search by achievement title, so we can see who else is a [Whatever]?

Oh yeah. Monster Galaxy is still broken for some. Their neighbor list never loads, which means several other features of the game are unusable.
Question - Why did you make the new backwings so difficult to craft? No offense.
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I was wondering how much success Monster Galaxy was having on the site!

Did a lot of people switch over, and how many are playing?

And i heard that a new game is coming out soon. Any thing to say about that?
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It's ATA again.
So... my post was ignored last week, so I'm reposting it.
Can we please have more updates in Fishing!? For example, there can be a Candy Striper Gown made from five Candy Stripers and [insert item here]? eek
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Good evening, guys.

Let me cut to the chase here. What's the holdup on facial hair for guys? My site feedback link here offers up a few suggestions as to how facial hair on this site could work.

We have a ton of wigs and hair replacements, but not very many at all for facial hair. Why can't we have beards that can be equipped and unequipped like a wig can? That might be a lot more simple than having base changes to the avatar the way salon shop hairstyles are currently.
Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

I was wondering if there will be a Gaia Convention in Australia any time?

I live in Sydney and thought it would be awesome.

Thanks again ^_^
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Why are the Zomg Servers So Laggy and buggy ?
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Ridley Starsmore

I propose a change to the TOS. If an account is not unbanned in 3 years, or not logged into in 5 years, the account is changed to a user ID number, and the inventory used for another feature (IE dumpster dive or maybe a daily 'pay 1k and pull the handle' trinket game.). I mean, it is your site after all, I am assuming you can add a new rule, can't you? This solves the issue of many older items becoming extinct on the MP and exchange, and allows you to free up older items and names without issues.

wahmbulance can of worms have just opened wahmbulance

wahmbulance can of worms have just opened wahmbulance

I know some people who are deceased, I wouldn't want their accounts plundered after 5 years just because they're no longer in this world to log into their accounts...
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Question: Has Viximo and you guys fixed the problem with the friends not showing up in Monster Galaxy? I would seriously like to know, cause I still can't see my friends on my other two accounts.

Question 2: When will you guys make a new evolution for Bunnihilation?
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Favorite olympic athelete?

Favorite new item?

Favorite old item?
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Gaia has been around for so long so tell me this,
Why ahvent we gotten a good phone app.
It would be nice to have a real app that we can use.
I think that would increase gaia users.

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