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Anne Packrat
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Anne Packrat

Discord is best pony.

i'm a huge derpy fan, but i do love discord as well. :3
domokun stargate

I love Discord so much I cosplayed him.

Which reminds me, any chance of getting single leg / arm replacement items so we can create chimera avatars like Discord?

pics? owo

that would be epic. X3
domokun stargate
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Feral Lover

I would like to know about the achievement points, specifically, will anything more happen with them(i.e. earn gold through them, or items). They seem like a pretty useless thing any other away, thank you!


Achievement points are a way for you to show off your experience on Gaia since they can't be bought (just earned). Achievements themselves also now unlock Forum Titles for users to play with too.

I love the new forum titles! Do you know how many achievements there are in total at this point in time? Or how many points in total?
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA thread. Have fun at the Olympic games and we'll see you all next week!
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Dapper Dabbler

Thanks again to everyone for showing up today! Sorry to everyone who didn't get their question answered, so hopefully you'll join us again next week.

Have a great rest of the week - and go Durem!
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Dapper Dabbler

I have a bit of a request-ish question for the admins -- would it be possible to make the server rotation for zOMG a biweekly thing that's scheduled?

I ask because I just got back into it last week, and on the zOMG forums noticed quite a bit of vitriol sloshing around about how people were finding it hard to play this weekend due to lack of a server rotation -- and that this was a regular thing.

If it would be possible to make it so that it's guaranteed that the servers are rotated every Monday and either Thursday or Friday, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciated it, but if it's not feasible then I can totally understand.

Hi Marrowhchan,

I actually addressed this at the beginning of the thread, but we are looking into whether we can cycle the servers automatically. Doesn't mean we'll be able to do so, but we're at least officially exploring it.
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Cain The Cannibal
Just curious, were the winners for the second Wii contest already chosen? I don't recall a notice ever being sent out like with the first one. ^^;

Yup - we'll be announcing them soon, along with a new contest for August.
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Dapper Dabbler

Holy Hamburgers on a bun! I have never been to one of these before, so please excuse my intrusion.

I was wondering, I try to search multiple times for that new FANTASY game mentioned in an announcement but I can't seem to find any info about it. I was wondering if it's still in the works?

Not the Cat game but the one where it has those animations like dragons and demons and such...

I actually wanted to clarify something to see whether or not it's illegal, loophole or legal.

There's a thread in a forum, that posts about giftboxes, has lots of links that lead to the Main Page, and I noticed some of the links provide a link to the archaic inventory arranger. The one previous to the really really really old one or whatever it's called.

Finally a question (sorry for being so lengthy btw! sweatdrop ) about the taboo.

Within the Topics Blocked under certain Subscribed Threads. Is there a way to find out which threads are blocked? Or is it the case that they were not to be seen again by anyone even if I wanted to get rid of them from my Subscribed Thread collections?

I appreciate and thank you for reading this. I have been a fan for many years, hence my name BalancedFan!


Hi BalancedFan,

I'll take a crack at these.

1) Yup, the Fantasy game is getting close - in fact our limited beta period should be starting very soon (that's the one for the people we picked to do some very early testing). After that's over, we'll release it more widely, likely both here on Gaia and on Facebook.

2) Nope, no problem going to the old Arranger.

3) This I actually don't know the answer to - I'll have to ask around.

Thanks for joining us yesterday!
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Dapper Dabbler

Excuse me
But Im on Team Durem
And almost /none/ of us can get 20s in paintball splat because of the sheer amount of durem players playing. We outnumber other players so that theres only 3-4 other team members at a time. Then you lot went and fixed the glitch that allowed us to get our 20s. Now we have next to 0 chance.
So, I was wondering if theres a way to allow it so that we can hit our team members? Or hit people more then once? Because its quite unfair at this point.

Hi Hi-Potion,

Yup, I understand the issue. The problem is that the solution introduces other problems (if you can hit your own players, it's extremely easy to game the game - pardon the phrase). We're trying to think of a reasonable way to help remedy the situation, but haven't hit on one yet.
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Dapper Dabbler

~Black Petals~
Hi Gaia Team!

My two cents on the Olympics is that they seem to be going wonderfully this year. It was nice to see team spirit and teamwork on some of the games (such as bacon bowling). smile

As for questions, I wanted to check in and see where Gaia was at with guilds and clans. At current they seem very similar, except for the fact clans are for zOMG. Will there be any updates made to either categories (especially clans to differentiate them more from guilds)?

Thanks for your continual work in making Gaia great. smile

Thanks Black Petals!

We're probably not going to do too much work to differentiate the two, at least in the short term. We do have some improvements to Guilds that we'd like to get to at some point, and those could spill over to Clans. But there's nothing definitive that I can really share right now. Sorry about that!
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Dapper Dabbler

First and sadly I am not liking the rejected Olympics this year. I hope this is the last year Gaia does a Rejected Olympics. The games have been unbalanced and unfair. Massive glitches and poorly thought out layouts have led to massive user frustration. On top of that the competitive nature of Gaia's user base has made this a very ugly event.

That being said....as far as events go this isn't the worst. Also as a side not I knew from the begining that joining Durem would mean joining the losing side.

So my questions for the mods are simple.

In the future will there be better patrol for event areas. Such as general team areas like in thing lift and bowling?

Can we go back to the event style like for Halloween where everyone could switch teams get all the items and everyone felt like winners at the end of the day?

Can we not use towns as the soul place for event participation?

Hi ChibiRodan,

I'm sorry you're not enjoying the event. But overall we're pretty pleased with the feedback we've gotten, especially since we tried a few new things this time (emphasis on teamwork with some games, redoing several of our Flash spaces, etc). Every event is different and we'll keep experimenting to see what works (and what doesn't) so I can't promise how any particular event will be structured.
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Dapper Dabbler

Hey devs! Hope your monday evening is going well.
So, did anybody expect Aekea to be doing so well in the Olympics? surprised

~ Also, how far is Buccaneer Boardwalk away from being 100% complete enough (for beta atleast).

Most of the hard work was done years ago, and I have no idea how many devs, if any devs, are even working on it anymore.

~ One last thing, has anybody ever thought about converting PVP on facebook, as a side-game, connecting stats to zOMG?

- It could give the devs the reconstructing edge they weren't able to do on zOMG.

- It could prove easy access to fighting pvp against friends, though if they're not online, one could fight against others.

- It could encourage new users to PVP game to explore zOMG, and that means more income

Realistically, does it sound plausable guys?

Hi Tinsaafl,

Figures that Aekea starts dominating after I switch over (I was Aekea all the way during the Harry Potter event, and then changed to Durem for the RO) smile

We're unfortunately not going to be doing any real major work on zOMG going forward. We are however going to keep the game up and running and will do bug fixes and small improvements where we can (such as potentially cycling the servers more efficiently).

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