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Would gaia someday uplift permanent banned accounts preferably the ones that doesn't involve hacking/phising or maybe change it into a year or so ban?

Lol, no.

how rude smile
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I just wanted to stop in and say hi. Because I usually miss these things for some reason.
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Hi I was just wondering when The Rejected Olympics event ends?
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You are sickened by the weakness... Of a heart that's filled with fear.
And if the world won't understand you... You can make it disappear.
Cuz there's a dark secret... You carry with you. You carry with you.

Just a few queries, seeing as I actually caught you guys finally.

1. Orb shop? (zOMG!)

Not my idea, actually, but I saw this queried elsewhere. You see, once you've gotten all the zOMG! rings and charged them up, what do you do with all the regular purple orbs? Maybe you could take them down to Nikolai and swap them for items? No, I don't mean rings cuz people would abuse that, but just some regular items, like the ones available for tickets.

2. Moar ringz?

Would be nice to see some more rings in the game. I know this is very unlikely, but still throwing it out there; a couple of ideas: a) an ice ring, where you shoot at an enemy and freeze them into an icicle then you can either leg it or hit them; b) spear ring, well, we have arrows and bullets so why not spears? c) love ring, where you kill your enemies with kindness by shooting pink hearts at them. XD

3. What's your favourite dessert?

The people need to know. XD

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The quest formulas, is there any chance that these will be released en masse?
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Lately, like once every 5 times, when I change the page in a thread, it is stuck loading. Is this an issue everyone else is facing, or just me? o3on
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Hey guys, nice to see you taking measures to better the site and listening to us. 3nodding

This question is more of a personal issue, although I'm sure many others would be happy to see it happen as well.

What am I talking about?

This item: Bullet Belts
User Image

While it's great that we have the item to begin with, I've always been a little curious as to why there isn't an option to simply wear it around the waist as a belt accessory.

I have one in real life that I'll wear sometimes, and it'd be great to have the option to do that with this item, if not a completely new bullet belt item.

Please take this into consideration since it would make my Gaian life complete. razz

Thanks for your time.
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Would you like an extra tester for your upcoming features?
( I've already "tested" most of your features *cough* ;D )
( Harmful Haze )
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Uncle Kenny
Hi, Admins.
I was wondering are we going to have a new batch of achievements coming our way anytime soon?

At least one? I'm not part of plans for others currently so there could be more but there's at least one. When? Soon.

This pleases me.

Unless it's tied to ALCHEMY.
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I liked the last Olympic games' ceremony and liked this years' one too. I'm enjoying the event a lot and got all the achievements. The items are pretty nice from it too. It's a lot easier even than the Easter one and more entertaining, so nice job.

1) My zOMG! inventory bar has a pack of revives not showing in the game zOMG!, so could this glitch be fixed since I've had the problem 6 months?

2) When the contract for halzy ends, will there be any devs or anyone still caring about zOMG!?

3) What is your favorite sport in the Olympic games?
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Will you guys every make hunger game items like the walking dead items? emotion_kirakira
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We did look at this -- the difficult is the age verification. The age verification services we looked at all require some nominal fee (say, $3 - $5) to verify age.

Ridley Starsmore
1.) What is he possibility of an 'adults only forum? Not to do naughty things, but there are some subject that I am not up for discussing with kids (could be a number of things. Parenting issues, job issues, marital questions).

Maybe something like the Heaven forum, but age specific. Still bound by the rules on Gaia, but where more 'adult' subject matter can be discussed?

Well...That's crappy. sweatdrop

Couldn't you just ask users to tell the relationship between a pencil and a cassette tape is?

(No spoilers ppl....the youngin's won't get it.)
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Firstly I'm experiencing difficulty when I try and go through pages in the forums and the guilds. Each time I press a page, it freezes while it's on loading. And also when I try to type in the number in the search bar, that does not work. I hear many people are experiencing this too. I started a thread about it in here, clicky this sweatdrop
I'm trying to evaluate the best course of action here. It might be an opt-out or I might turn it into a labs (opt-in). I really don't have enough information yet to be able to reproduce the issue. We've only seen it once here in Gaia HQ in the ~ 4 weeks it's been enabled.

Secondly, Is there any way to exceed the limited amount of friends we can add? For eg: If we have 500 friends or more, we can't send out any more friends requests, but people can send it to me. Is there a reason why it stops at this amount? This means that I can't add you as a friend. Because your rules don't allow it. rofl
The limit is there because the friends list doesn't scale well. We can't just raise the limit to 2500 and expect that the servers won't slow down and that none of the pages will break. It's probably a larger project.
The simple way to bypass that limit is to have users with less than the limit friendrequest you. You can accept an inbound freidnreq if you are at the limit, but you can't make new outbound friendreqs.
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Krissim Klaw
Some of us users that have been hoarding away our wing stickers in hopes there might be some big ticket items down the line. Is there any chance you plan to release some items that might cost 100+ tickets in the future? It could be a another opportunity to say release old event skins like the overseer or grombie skins that users have been lusting for. Since the tickets are soulbound it makes the saving process special and could be a great way to reward loyal, active members who show up for all the events.

Another option would be perhaps having alternative pathways on say the backwing formulas that use massive amounts of wing stickers over alchemy components. It could create another way for users to quest the wings that would take time yet wouldn’t require tons of gold.

Hi Krissim,

Since we're early, I thought of you this weekend. I was on a very short family trip, and we passed a nursery that had a giant mantis on the top of their building. I immediately thought "That's freaky but Krissim would like it."

Interesting idea - we'll file that one away. In general I'd say that adding some big-ticket items there could be cool, and we'd just have to figure out what exactly we want to offer.
i was seting up a new privet place in gaia by going in to friend chat and i wanted to make a new place for 20,000g and 7 days but what happen is that it got the gold out of my account and didnt make the place so im asking gaia staff to see y didnt i get the place that i payed for??
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Any plans for a full scale RPG style Gaia game? Like what ZOMG! offered, except actually going of stats and exp. I would love to use my avi and grind senselessly to level up. I love ZOMG! but I want exp and character levels that increase as such. A engine similar to Dragon Quest would be great. Where gaining levels would require a lot of effort. Perhaps, crossing ZOMG! into it could work to. Such as Rings offering access to special skills and/or abilities. So that they could be linked at least in some way. To make both worth playing together, to truly have your character grow.

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