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I don't know if it's just mine...but whenever I check my tank to feed my fishies and get the overseer stuff, it's extremely laggy.

Other than that, how are you guys? 3nodding
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Will a new inventory arranger be released anytime soon? My inventory is a huge mess and it cries for a proper cleaning...
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And here is a little teaser from the manga, just so you know we're actually working on it smile

User Image

Any word on when we will get this update?

It's been what...three weeks now?
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Hi to all the staffers/admin who are here today and hi to those on vacation too....so nobody feels left out.
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Hi, Admins.
I was wondering are we going to have a new batch of achievements coming our way anytime soon?

At least one? I'm not part of plans for others currently so there could be more but there's at least one. When? Soon.
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Ive never been to an ATA when its just starting emotion_kirakira Im always at work.
Is it just as ungodly hot in Cali as it is in minnesota? gonk
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Eye Laws Dug Aim
What is the feasibility of implementing a customizable layout, including but not limited to previous layouts used by Gaia Online?

I loved the site layout we had in late 2005, and I would love to see it's return.

Your signature emotion_brofist
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Lankyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, did you have to send it? gonk
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Krissim Klaw

Hi Krissim,

Since we're early, I thought of you this weekend. I was on a very short family trip, and we passed a nursery that had a giant mantis on the top of their building. I immediately thought "That's freaky but Krissim would like it."

Interesting idea - we'll file that one away. In general I'd say that adding some big-ticket items there could be cool, and we'd just have to figure out what exactly we want to offer.
Err... yes... that mantis so wasn't one of my minions sent to spy on you... I mean, I'm glad you thought of me. I love spreading the mantis love. I do hope however you had an extra pair of pants with you. wink

Awesome, glad it will be taken into consideration. By file it away, I assume you mean I should staple the idea to your forehead so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. *Prepares her staple gun.* Just think of happy thoughts like adorable mantises and you will hardly feel the sting. emotion_kirakira

Thinking of mantis' (did we ever determine the proper plural term for Mantiseseses?) will make me less likely to remember your suggestion, as I'll be more worried about where to procure more undergarments.
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Hi, Admins.
I was wondering are we going to have a new batch of achievements coming our way anytime soon?

I'd like to do more achievements and more titles. We're in the middle of prioritization and don't have it scheduled yet.
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Someone told me before that wearing the item called "Box of Totally Innocent Objects" can get you banned. Is that true? or just someone freaking me out?

That is not true, we wouldn't have made it otherwise! However, if you intentionally create an avatar that is sexually explicit using our items, then we might have to resave your avatar and ask you not to do it.
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Hi Mods!
How are everyone doing?
I was wondering, can we have an update in Fishing! More items please, perhaps a Candy Striper Gown? emotion_kirakira
Also, can we please have an update for Junk in the Trunk? Carl needs some love, you know. ^.^
Random question:

Is there ever going to be an update for the guilds? I'm a captain in a well-known guild and I can see there are things that I would like seeing done within the guild itself.
Hope to get a reply heart
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gaia_kittenstar Hello! I have some questions~
1.How much could one make doing 1 round of DMS? Im wondering if I should buy a bloodstone....unsure. emotion_kirakira

2.I've been speaking with a mod on a hacking incident that happened to a mule of mine, they said they granted the items back, my invo on the mule still does not have the items, an they wont PM back, did they just stop helping because they thought it was solved? emotion_8c

3. Why does the beginning of smob make me lag so badly, yet when it gets to middle im fine?
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So the real Olympics is finally under way, and I must say that the opening ceremony was less than spectacular, or maybe the last Olympics set the bar just a little too high. How many of you remember the last Olympics ceremony?

On the Gaia side, looks like Barton and Aekea are neck to neck. How are you liking the Gaia Olympic games?

I completely agree. London's opening ceremony wasn't that great. Beijing's opening was spectacular and I was hoping that London would live up to it's reputation but they didn't. Also, the torch ceremony was crap in my opinion. I expected a huge torch with symbolic meaning to London which again they didn't live up to. In all, I think I would of done just fine if I didn't watch the opening ceremony in the 2012 London Olympic games. -my opinion.

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