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i was just curious if you guys ever thought about a sponsorship with nintendo?
idk how it all works but i would definitely like to see nintendo items around the site, take gaia back to it's japanesy roots lol
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When can we get a new Rejected Olympics type of event? It was very fun.
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Just wanted to say that you guys did a great job with the event.
I really like the games that involved teamwork. 3nodding
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I've got a stupidly personal question, but it's been bugging me for years now. About fifteen or more years ago I was part of a website called Knights of the Anime Round on Geocities. I was the only out of state one, everyone else was in San Jose, California and went to the anime club there.

I know it's a huge longshot, but given it's the same area, the same age range, and how creative those guys were and tech savvy I was wondering if Lanzer, Fleep or any of the other founders of Gaia are the same guys I knew back then? I'd love to catch up if you are.

Anyway, thank you for entertaining such a silly question. sweatdrop
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What is the feasibility of implementing a customizable layout, including but not limited to previous layouts used by Gaia Online?

I loved the site layout we had in late 2005, and I would love to see it's return.
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Hi everyone! My question for the admins this week is will we be seeing the drop rates of rare formulas go up? Some of the most requested formulas (such as the angelic, demonic, celestial etc) still remain virtually missing in the market.

Are the changes to alchemy happening as quickly and effeciently as you had hoped? And if not, what further plans do you have to make it work better?

Also, will we be seeing Gaian's Gone Wild again this year =) ?
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Completely random question, but I was wondering if Gaia will be making more Moga's available for purchase (like with Moga Huey, etc.), because I was really looking forward to a few. Kinda random, but I've just started with Monster Galaxy, so I figured I'd ask now.
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Lurk, lurk, lurk.
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This is in the decided issues thread, I think. An interest-bearing bank isn't something we're considering.

Any possibility of a Gaia bank?
Someone told me before that wearing the item called "Box of Totally Innocent Objects" can get you banned. Is that true? or just someone freaking me out?
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Would gaia someday uplift permanent banned accounts preferably the ones that doesn't involve hacking/phising or maybe change it into a year or so ban?

Lol, no.
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Anyways, while we're all waiting for our replies, I'd like to introduce everyone to Boo. He is so cute, and he has his own secretary and written his own book. He even has his own Facebook Page, with around 2 million followers thus far.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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The music in Towns 2.0 ain't working for a lot of people. I think it's been broken since Paint Splat was released.

I just want to hear the Paint Splat music before the event ends... smile smile smile
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ELLO staffers!

i had a BLAST at otakon this past weekend, and i had to leave the panel a little early, but i wanted to possibly know (i didnt remember if it was said) but when can we expect "HOC" to appear?

i am completely stoked for this game it looks amazing
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Would gaia someday uplift permanent banned accounts preferably the ones that doesn't involve hacking/phising or maybe change it into a year or so ban?

Not any time in the future, if you did something to violate the Terms of Service to the point you earned yourself a permanent ban from the site, then odds are the accounts will stay permanently banned.

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