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And here is a little teaser from the manga, just so you know we're actually working on it smile

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Spoilers!!! Thank you so much!

i was just about to ask something related to manga...

such as: why the storyline wasn't linked to this year's Rejected Olympics...?

or rather, maybe why a side story was not made for it?

But just the same, thank you and i hope to see a conclusion manga or mini-comic for this year's Rejected Olympics

Hi CioccoLatte,

Honestly, the manga storyline and the Olympics weren't going to go together all that well, and we really didn't want to just cram them together for the sake of doing so. That's why we left it as an independent event. That said, we definitely are looking to tie big events into the story whenever we can, so hopefully in the future they'll go (mostly) hand in hand.
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Any possibility of a Gaia bank?
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Hi, Admins.
I was wondering are we going to have a new batch of achievements coming our way anytime soon?
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        Cake, pie, or cheesecake? emotion_dowant

        anywho, hi~ biggrin
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Hello! :3

Thank you for the Rejected Olympics, it really has been a lot of fun. I am a little QQ about Durem being last, but there is always next time! emotion_awesome

3nodding I will take this slow opening to AtA to just thank the Developers, Admin, and Gaia Staff for their efforts! I know we don't always make it easy for you, sweatdrop but I imagine it is because we all love being on Gaia so much... And just want to continue to enjoy the site for a long, long time.

Thank you again!

Thanks ValKyrie! We really, really appreciate it.

And I'm on Durem too, so I'm bummed as well smile
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I was wondering if there could be a clarification on the difference between cosplay arena and originals arena. Thanks.
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srr is the astra s bug repared last few week they can t move so i wanna know if now they can?
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Since zOMG is indefinitely in maintenance mode, would you mind sharing a few of the plans for zOMG's development and storyline?
I heard they were going to be awesome... ninja

Great job on the Rejected Olympics. Despite some of the mishaps and glitches along the way, I had a really great time. Also, the team scarves are really awesome items. ^^
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Would gaia someday uplift permanent banned accounts preferably the ones that doesn't involve hacking/phising or maybe change it into a year or so ban?
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Yo admins will we ever get a Vampire related event/storyline again?
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Thanks for looking into the zOMG issue.

People are starting to post this around.
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Saving Space for a future question, pardon.


Hello gaian admins, staffs and stuff! :3
So, my friend has got some issues, since he has made an e-mail for his Gaia account, and can't remember it and it's password. Same for his Gaia account, may I have some help so I can help him? c:
Hope that you answer me. Thanks, K.G.
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Will some users get a chance at the integrity ring?
For example... those who joined Gaia after the event.

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