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Can you guys release more guy items/unisex items. I'm fine with all the girl items, but it's a lot harder to make a nice looking guy avi than girl avi, as we're a lot more limited. >.<

Also, for MCs, don't like the one guy item/one girl item system. Can't both be used for both genders? I liked the blue in devoted spica, but I couldn't use it at all. ;-;

Next up is agape. I love the haircut pose, but the supply is running out, and the price is getting way out of reach. Is a 3rd gen. coming out, and if not, could there be an item release of just the scissors?
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Hey guys,

I was just wondering about the Towns 2.0, if it will look like the towns we enter with the R.O., will we be able to enter places there? There are a load of buildings, which all look great, but it would be even greater if we could actually enter them! Would that be possible?
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Good evening, Everyone.

I have loved the rejected Olympics. My team is Aekea and I think we are currently winning! biggrin I just wish I had my old account back. It just got stolen yesterday. If anymod could inform me if they are working on it. I would be happy.
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*pokes you*
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Do you think we will get new items in the mecha neko anytime soon..?
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Dear admins, I am a bit frustrated. Two weeks ago during the ask an admin I posted a story regarding a friend of mine that had been hacked and asked questions in regards to her hack report in attempt to help retrieve her account and items back for her due to the emotional distress it was causing her (mind you this is still relevent due to there has been a two week lapse without anything being done.)

I was replied graciously by an admin who I won't name due to respect for them even hearing me out in the first place. My issue comes in however with the way this was handled. They requested for her to PM them directly and give a bit of information and insight on the hacking and that they would personally look into the event themselves and try to resolve things. I had sent them two pm's and exchanged with them in the thread in regards to what had happened and both of my PM's had gone unread as well as the PM's she had sent as well.

At that time I wasn't looking for special attention specifically into her case just asking what was being done to speed up these processes as well as prevent hacking in the future despite the normal security tips we are given standerdly as we join. (I have had two friends have their account and items taken away from them in less than a month so I saw an issue with it.) Yet I was assured that an admin would look at the hacking report right away and work togeather with her to get her items back as well as her account due to "Hack processing speed being fairly fast" and that it was unusual for it to go very long before being resolved. She was hacked around 4 or so weeks ago and has yet to hear a single word from any admin or GM to help resolve her case, despite being promised that someone would look at the report personally.

This is not an attack at the GM's or admins and im sorry if it comes off as such. I think Gaia has a great staff and a great game, I personally love it. However it doesn't look very good on the staff when someone says that they will help and look into an issue and then ignore every PM sent regarding the said issue. I know all staff members are more than likely very busy and handle more than enough issues every day and I can respect that, but if time doesn't allow something to be handled then don't assure us of such and get our hopes up. I still have all the orignal comments and information that might be needed. She has been a well dedicated player on this website for all of 6 years and has been a great friend aside that. With issues like this I can only imagine the longer they take to resolve the harder the process would be.

As I said before, I do not mean to sound as if I am upset or attack the staff in any way, this game has been nothing but entertaining and nearly all of my experiences on here have been positive and a great overall game. I appreciate all the hard work you all put into this game and hope everything keeps going as well as it has and that im here to play for years to come.

My qustion is this: Can someone please give me the help I was told I would recieve for my friend to retrieve her account and items?

TL;DR: Friend gets hacked. Files hack report. 2 weeks ago in ATA thread admin promised support. Ignored all PM's thereafter trying to resolve issues. Hence im here and asking for the same help without being blown off this time.

(And yes I had this all pretyped x.x)

Thanks for the post! We're sorry if your friend hasn't received help in a timely manner. While we try our best to get to all pm's as quickly as possible, sometimes we have lots of pm's and it takes a while to get to them. If your friend filed a hacking report, it will get processed and resolved when it comes up in our queue, so not to worry about that. At any rate, if you'd like to message me about this, I'd be happy to look into the matter further.

Take care biggrin
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I sent out a message July 15th as well, telling everyone that we had been delayed a bit but that we would be coming out soon -- you should have gotten that message.

Can you tell us what the current odds are for the formulas and quests in the alchemist's case?

Also, what happened to the fantasy game beta testing? I got a PM from Panagrammic late June that it would be coming within a week of that message, but I haven't gotten anything yet.

Does anyone here play Team Fortress 2? I've been playing it a lot lately instead of working on alchemy.
Oh, well I didn't get it.
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I have to admit that I don't get the game. redface
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I think the Olympics in gaia are cool, and I'm going to watch the actual Olympics.

I have a question - actually two.

When putting in your urls for your profile, why is anything that isn't the basic url or autoplay cut off? Some people want to hide their youtube videos and loop them because of this. Do you think this might be looked into or changed?

This is probably a bug, but I'll take a crack at it anyway - for some people the emoticons are now just words for some gaians, for example sweatdrop is looked at like this (excuse the space, i do not have one, but you will as an example) : sweat:.

I am using Internet Explorer.
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Hi Uesugi,

Thanks! We appreciate it - like you said, we know the system isn't perfect, but we're trying to make it better.

We are kicking around some ideas on the fail system, but there's nothing very concrete at the moment. We definitely do get the frustration though.

I believe they're all the same odds, but I'm not 100% sure on that (since I don't set them myself). I can ask around though.

And I hear you about the pancakes (Sisky's solution is nice, but not exactly scalable). We've gotta figure something out for that at some point too.

Thanks for the reply. biggrin

Saw a thread earlier where someone failed 37 times on an Inari's Beads formula, so would be great to see an update on the craft chances. xd

As for the quest formulas, if you want to know what has been found so far after the update, I've seen at least three of Angelic/Risen formulas, and one Demonic formula. The other three have been MIA for a long time. emo

Would be great if we can buy them in bulk directly from the shop. 3nodding
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Heya Gaia peeps!

Ok...I have come to an important observation.

Alchemy is Disney Evil. Looks pretty, fun to watch, will steal your soul and wallet.

No question there. Just making the statement. The whole thing is just....rant inducing. Seriously, this was me yesterday:

Crank the volume and share with the office.

You wanna fix Alchemy? Put the actual case and cache in Bifrost. As is. 10k for a cache, 25k for a Case. Do that and people will FLOCK to Alchemy. And it'll no longer be one of those features that was broken and never fixed.

Plus, it's a nice midrange gold sink that way too.

Anyway, I'm better now, so here is my questions:

One) Can We have a muffin button for our avvies? Press the button, AWESOME stuff happens. Just sayin'.

Two) Did Waffles eat the real Diedrich or a clone again? Because if he ate the real one, that would just be fantastic.

Three) I finally got around to watching the nerf war and duels you guys had back in...April? Anyway, that looked like a lot of fun, and glad you all had a great time, but here is my question:

I am just wondering...I know DJ helsing is kind of the 'mouthpiece" for Gaia at events. Would he like a color commentater? I'm good with a mic, and on rare occasions, I can be funny.

Sometimes even haha funny. Depends on how much Red Bull I've had that day.

Oh, and on a side note, Dude, how tall are you, Lanky? Or is the art staff just that ...ummm...'vertically challenged'?

Cause ya look like you tower over most anyone...

Well, that's enough out of me for one post.

Everyone, have some cake.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


And glad your rage is over smile

The muffin button would be hilarious if we could figure out a cool way to pull it off. And DJ Helsing does a pretty good job of getting the word out himself, but if there's ever an opening, we'll let you know smile

And I'm 6'4. Our art team is generally, um, not so tall, so I look enormous by comparison.
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Regarding the Rejected Olympics 2012, I have enjoyed it thoroughly, and find it to be far more team oriented than the 2008 Rejected Olympics. This event shows that everyone plays a part and you can hurt or help your team based on your participation. That said, I'd love to see some active links to the old minigames just for entertainment.

I'm afraid there are not any link to the old games. There are some videos on youtube.

I'm glad you are enjoying the RO, still more to come.
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Diablo en Musica 92
Do you admins like my avatar?
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Is there going to be some way for those of us who weren't around and/or weren't interested in the original achievement system to obtain titles that are now unavailable? I understand the allure of them being 'exclusive' and whatnot, but since the new title system came out so long after the achievement system I never had a chance to make up for my initial lack of interest. Perhaps we could use achievement points to 'buy' expired words? Also, I think the words should be interchangeable, IE, you may click and drag so that the noun comes first or you can use adjective only. Customize it to your liking. That would be excellent incentive, I think. And would soothe my disappointment.
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Odd Cinderella
Can you guys re-release Blue and Pink Heartstrings? ninja

i don't think the pink one was ever released. but that would be nice if they were.

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