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Since, we truly lost monster galaxy, how many games are you planning to introduce before the end of this year? So far, it seems we lost more games in the course of this year.
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Hello Lanzer,

I am absolutely loving the event! Team Gambino all the way, for Johnny K! Really amazing event you guys have. I do have to ask, is Waffles a Scottish Fold and if not, what breed is he or she?

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Diablo en Musica 92
Do you admins like my avatar?
The event items aren't exactly correlated to the number of events, or else the last olympics would have dozens of mini items! biggrin

We'll announce the winners in about a month or so

We re-worked the BBcode system a while back and the number system might be taken away. Sorry.

Profiles are still on the wishlist of features to update, but not at the immediate moment.

Crystal Sparda
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            Hey admin, I'm baaack! ^o^
            I've been having fun and taking my time on the event!
            All is nice so far, including the user-menu update!
            Can't wait for this new game to come out so Durem can rightfully claim another place other than 4th. emotion_awesome
            Anyways, on to the questions!

          • Why are there 4 items when there are 5 games for the Oympics? ;___;

          • When are the winners of Stein's hat contest going to be revealed? emotion_kirakira
            I'm dying for the just right theme to be chosen so I can submit my first idea!

          • I have to give a little thanks for this random burst of philosopher's caches that I've gotten!
            I've gotten 3 recently from Daily Chance, but I've sold two, as I'm only looking for the chicken fletchlings...
            Anyone wanna buy a Sapphire cache from me?

          • Just a small question, but why doesn't the [list=1] tags not work for numbering?
            It used to number things, but now it doesn't. '~';

          • Can we remove the bomber sticky from the Q&A now please? emotion_kirakira

          • Has there been any talk of updating profiles? Like, just some ideas thrown out?
            V2 profiles are beginning to get a bit buggy when wishlist items are clicked.~
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A few questions.

1.) Would Gaia ever hire an out-of-office developer? If not, would they accept beta testers, people that could help with snippets of code, or other things of the like? I'm just wondering.

2.) Would GAIA Interactive ever let in a moderator under the age of 18, with parental permission or something of the like? Because I know its illegal for a minor to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

3.) Is Gaia ever planning on upgrading Sunshine? I notice lots of activities that appear to be bots, i.e. people playing slots, inhumanly fast, without talking. They also play for ~6-10 hours. Is it just that you've come to the line where you can't tell the difference between humans and bots for some things, or have you just not put too many resources into discovering bots?

Thanks, I'm just hoping to get my questions answered this ATA after being ignored last ATA.

~SUSHI Multiuser Server
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Already on 5 pages. rolleyes
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Good evening gaia staff:

1) the olympics event was a great idea I am surely enjoying it mrgreen

2) this may be a bit irreverent, but I have requested that try and unbanned my old gaia account "IPaui" I just find it unfair that other users have gained their old accounts back and yet I haven't obtained mine. I was innocently banned because of a user that had purchased my item and I was accused of possession of hacked gold.
Is there any chance that I can retrieve my old account back that was wrongfully banned?? confused I find it rather unfair that others obtained theirs, but I have not obtained mine [yes I spoke to a MOD and that didnt help sweatdrop ]

3) I also wanted to mention that zOMG is an amazing game haha good job one it!
4) TOWNS 2.0 was an awesome idea cool once again, good job!
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Have there been any changes to the odds in the Alchemist's case after the dev alert was made about adding lots of formulas to the shop and changing the odds of the formulas which are still in the case? Rare formulas like the quest formulas are of particularly high interest to hear about. Speculation has gone on about the possibility of another change since the first day or so people were getting much better stuff much more often than what has been popping out of cases after those first couple days or so.

Not that I'm aware of!
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5 Things~

1. The event is wonderful, but the 5000 point achievement seems kind of easy since the points are easy to rack up. I was hoping for a challenging achievement like with the Pie Hard Event or the Easter Event.

2. Are there plans to fix the space gap after smileys? heart Like this. It's not a big issue, but it does tend to stop me from using the emoticons as much as I used to.


4. Will we see more Gold Shop Item Updates in the near future instead of the recent flood of Cash Shop ones?

5. Hi~ xD
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What are the sacred keys for?
Why are the alchemy components so hard to get?
And when can we expect new achievements?
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I've been pumped up for this years gaia olympics !
I like it more than the real one LOL

What team do you prefer more , anyone can answer 4laugh

I'm with durem right now, proud as ever, but I also like all the others.. I was barton last year
Thought I'd change it up this year 4laugh
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hi biggrin DDD <33
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Ow i had 37 tries to get an Inaris Beads! On Alchemy
Its wrong! I know that is Low the chance,i lost more than 2m!
it would be nice if they capped out the Failure rate on low & very low recipes (well, all recipes, but the others normally work with no real hassles). If you knew it was x crafting cost per attempt up to a total of y gold. Of course on some of the higher stuff, you'd probably have people freaking out when they see that they can sink 10 mil + into maybe getting something to work.
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No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              Hey guys! Just popping by to say HAY! yum_puddi

Moriarty was REAL!
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Can the Halloween Event be a robot overlord invasion?

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