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Death Dealer Kayako
Oh, will there be any update for the Mecha Neko shop?

Yup, at some point we'll have another update for it.

emotion_kirakira Oh thank you
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Contest and Guild
Tippet v2
Are the admins working on getting through the ticket queue?

I hear there's a lot in the banned account information tickets.
Some people said they waited to get their account back at least a year!
Are the admins working on the stacks of tickets that are waiting?
Can u tell me where your getting this from then i may be able to help u if one of the admins do not get back to u in time.

Well I myself am in the queue, and no one has gotten to me. I submitted my ticket 06/06/12 No one has gotten to me and I asked a moderator about who to contact and they told me that there are a lot of tickets in that queue. And my boyfriend told me that one of his friends got their account back a year after they submitted their ticket. So I'm just wondering if the admins are working on the ticket queue.
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Have a good night all!
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Time for the super glue to start taking some effect. 4laugh

No thank you! I'm already on cold meds. Mixing super-glue with that would be crazy-making! eek
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I'd really like to be able to pose like this with my arms so will we ever get an arms pose like Jessica Rabbit?

User Image
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Its All Gleek To Me
Its All Gleek To Me

I miss you smile User Image

Lol I was thinking of you the other day, when I found all those Double Down images I made for you.

funny thing is I'm starting that project up again smile We should catch up soon smile User Image

Haha nice~! Yes we should! :3
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Is it okay to bump your unanswered questions after 5 pages of not being seen?
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My Charcoal curiosity isn't working... So I was wondering if something went wrong with the animated object, or if it had to do with the equips that I've got..? I just was wondering, in case somebody else had problems. Also, I was wondering if there will ever be a way to sell zOMG rings? Like, if you wind up with two of one ring, you can sell the extra..?
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I was going to PM you, but you have it disabled. xD;
I wanted to compliment the art in your signature... it's really beautiful! Did you make it? (:


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how to a to Deadmans in Zomg?
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Accckkk!! My feeds are all messed up.. rofl
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Why is there a age limit on being a mod or a artist? Im 15 and wanna be either one. I really enjoy the site but am sad bc there is a limit gonk

Heya Hurpes,

Great question about the age issue. I can speak for why moderators have to be 18 to, well, be mods! This is for 2 reasons, both legal:

1) Mods have to be able to sign an NDA document in order to be on the team, and this requires one to be 18 to sign.

2) Most importantly, some of the content moderators have to handle is, unfortunately, not appropriate for Gaia, let alone people under the age of 18. We cannot, in good conscious (or legally) ask members under 18 to be responsible for removing/handling content.

Hope this makes sense why the age limit is in place for mods. In the meantime, please report any inappropriate content you find on the site. Reporting is actually a great way to learn how to tell violations apart, and prepare yourself for when you are old enough to apply for being a mod biggrin

Be well,

Many thanks Sisky! I will be aware and report all bad issues.
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Soul of Kyr
1. Why'd you have to go and make the games easier now?? Those of us who played the games when they were harder are kinda pissed about this....I mean we worked our tails off to get the scores we did and newcomers can just do it easily....

2. Also....When will we have long double pigtails in colors such as purple or orange or green?? What do you have against those who don't like pink or white or red or blue??

I'll take any Admin/Dev/Gaian Worker to answer me!!
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Rain Heartbeat

3. How come it's so impossible to get 20 points on Frog Leap? I know it's just luck.

Any ways, I love you guys~ emotion_bigheart You make grey, boring, rainy days fun!

Thank you~! emotion_yatta

Try again, they recently put out a fix to make frog jump more forgiving, it's less luck and far easier.

I know I'm no mod but check out the guides, I'm sure they've updated by now as well to help you.
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How are the leaders on the team boards calculated? I have several screenshots taken after they updated where I had higher scores than the leaders and I know several people have experienced the same.

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