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I know it's brought up at least once every session, but I'm a diehard for applicable information:
Do you have any plans to, at the very least, update Guilds BBC to match the Public Forums'? Perhaps develop a method to have the two coding networks share a setup? Aheh, well, thank you for reading, and even more thanks if you respond.
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Hey guys just had a few question this round. smile

1. How come durems score is so much lower then the others and is there a chance to bring the score up?

2. is the security code on booty grab just to protect from bots or is it used for scammers also?

Your first question doe =.=
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xxxHello staff.. this is the first time I've gone to something like this in my 4 years of membership.. weird sweatdrop

I'm enjoying the Olympics event well enough.. Space drop is the most fun but as someone who is part of "the cause", I have to play games that end quicker and give out more points in a short amount of time. I only remember the opening ceremonies from the last Olympics and have no real interest in sports so I guess you won't really catch me watching it ;(

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Are we ever going to get Sam's hair for our avatars?
Just wondering how our avi bases would rock that out haha!
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I sent out a message July 15th as well, telling everyone that we had been delayed a bit but that we would be coming out soon -- you should have gotten that message.

Can you tell us what the current odds are for the formulas and quests in the alchemist's case?

Also, what happened to the fantasy game beta testing? I got a PM from Panagrammic late June that it would be coming within a week of that message, but I haven't gotten anything yet.

Does anyone here play Team Fortress 2? I've been playing it a lot lately instead of working on alchemy.
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B r i t a i n N u t
How are our team points converted?
And when is the new game coming?
Are the rumors true, that itll benefit large teams?

The new game will be out tomorrow.

I think it will benefit large teams, but that's only my opinion.

You can not play it alone, and if you only have two or three people it won't score very high.

The ideal team is 11.

Not sure about the conversion. Narumi?
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Zero Omega - My message to you is still sitting in my outbox.
Did you skip it to get back to it later or did my message not reach you?
It was sent July 9th...
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Its okay? xD
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Castiel Lover
Hello all. I had a good birthday. How about you, Zero?

arrow Waffles companion. And when it finally is released, I hope there will be a pose with him laying on his back sleeping emotion_bigheart

arrow Cat game. Can you tell us anything about it? What kind of game? Is it a face book style game?

arrow So, you often answer much-requested things with "it's on our list, but we have more important things to do, first." Why not make a list (or lists, based on the type of person that does each thing: artist, dev, admin, etc) that shows what is being worked on now, what is next, and all the way down to what is last on the list of things that will be done. It would help with the whole "when are you going to update inventory arranger??" type of questions you get every ATA. Frankly, I dont know what could be higher on a list than that, since EVERYONE uses their inventories. But maybe if we could all see the list, we'd be a lot more patient and understanding of what needs to be done.

arrow On a similar note, instead of a "spring cleaning," that feels like it is never finished, why not have us rank our priorities of what we want finished first, out of a list of, say, twenty things that are pre-approved as something that will some day get done. I think Gaia could really use this information on what it's users want first. Perhaps a couple different polls based on who does what type of work, like I mentioned above this. Prioritizing based on what the users want would keep a majority of the users happy.

Hi Castiel,

Ha - we'll see on Waffles.

The cat game is going to be a mobile game, but that's about all I can say about it now, other than the fact that it should be available for beta test sooner rather than later.

I like your idea on the list in theory, but it's a double-edged sword. Priorities change all the time based on a large variety of factors, and simply keeping a list like that updated and maintained is work in itself. And even if we do keep up with it, it can be a source of misinformation because we might punch something small out that's less important than something else simply b/c it won't take much time, or any number other examples.

However, that said, I think that we could do a better job of talking about the big stuff we're working on so that people know - for example, we are officially starting work on an Android App smile
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B r i t a i n N u t
have the winners from the june contest been chosen?
or am i just very far behind..? D':

OhHai Lookin Sexay Dere.

awwe, stop you. redface
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Hey ^^

I'm not usually online for ATA but I've had something I've been wondering for a while now. Are there any plans to improve on the App? Its nice right now, being able to check things easily when you're away from a computer, but it still feels really lacking. I DON'T mean in ways like the noobs say who keep asking for towns and stuff to be on it. I know thats not going to happen. What I mean is things like push notifications. It would be really nice to be able to get notices when you're quoted or when you have PMs and stuff pushed to your phone when you're not logged into the full site. 3nodding

and please fix the app PM glitch already... Its been how long now?
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Hello everyone :3

Do you think the old Cash System page will be returning? The new one now isn't very good, I can barely get any cash from the videos, and some of the videos don't even give out the cash when I watch them. Not to mention that when I go to the free cash page, some of them even involve paying for. Most of them require downloading, and many say that I have already completed the offer when I have not. It's very frustrating. :c
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I was pondering.....
Can you guys possibly make a change in the size of the media player for Gaia profiles?
Currently, it is too small to play some of the Youtube media (according to their new regulations) I believe anything smaller than 200x200 is denied.
Your response is highly valued!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
e ~e
It can get overwhelming with all the questions you must weed through.
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On an unrelated topic to the events, I would like to see improvements in the Guild Forums and see the forums in guilds brought to the same updated version that we use in the public forums. The post rate is far more limited, and the formatting is now outdated compared to the other versions available. I want to see updates and improvements in the guilds.

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