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have the winners from the june contest been chosen?
or am i just very far behind..? D':
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I have feedback regarding the recently-fixed zOMG! glitches. according to research done by people in this thread, 3 glitches are still broken.

arrow The Alastor quest is still broken. The only way to activate Kamila's first form now is by getting somebody who does not have the quest yet.

arrow Unless something has changed, the normal and hard difficulties for the Gnome general are still broken. however, it used to be broken for full crews, but now it's the exact opposite; i'm not sure if the amount matters, but as far as i've heard, normal/hard still glitches for a crew less than 6. sweatdrop

arrow (not in the thread, but have heard this from others) Unless something has changed, the clutch fly-by event is still broken; as in, neither the clutches nor purses spawn.

I would appreciate it if you could please look into these glitches. thank you 3nodding

To answer your questions:
> I'm on team Gambino; people are really nice there and nobody takes it too seriously, so we have a lot of fun.
> Love the event, i mostly do Frog Jump now. it's a bit difficult to land a 20; i've earned almost 10,000 poitns off of it and only gotten 5 20s. this could be an issue to people wanting the achievements for the event. other than that, i would LOVE an option to turn off the commentators. at first its funny, but after a while you just want to kill them. stressed
> eh, i probably won't end up watching the real olympics much. sweatdrop
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So is there going to be a special prize for the wining team this year?
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Can you guys re-release Blue and Pink Heartstrings? ninja
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This event is my favorite since joining Gaia over 3 years ago not counting the zOMG! events. I am looking forward to watching the Olympics too. Sorry following questions are mostly glitch questions:

1) Can anything be done to reduce the lag in flash games? Ex. Moga, Resort World, zOMG!, Booty Grab, and Fishing

2) I've had a pack of powerup revives stuck in my inventory for 6 months and haven't been able to use them, so could someone fix that glitch please?

3) I keep getting stuck at the frog leap game below the frog's tongue, can glitch be fixed?

1. Are you have lag problems in the new towns too?

2. I'm not sure about this, does it show as locked. Was it in your house before the update?

3. Really? Can I get a screen shot please?
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How are our team points converted?
And when is the new game coming?
Are the rumors true, that itll benefit large teams?
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Any chance of new bidblast items coming out soon?
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To bad I have no questions to ask. D:
BUT! I wish the Gaia team, mods, all that on their best luck with the site. emotion_c8
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I'm Team Barton. The event is great, but there aren't very many rewards for it. But I'm content.

And this shouldn't really be directed towards Lanzer, but when the housing system updated ages ago, it ate all my items that were inside my house and stuff. I legit cried when I found out because I had at least 20 Water Meats in there. Which I earned in the actual zurg xmas event.
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We're dooomed. gonk the Announcement... sweatdrop

Can't wait for the real Olympics to begin. It's gonna be a blast. biggrin
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Got one. When posting a youtube vid, why does the vid not pop back up on the refreshed page?
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:3 Question - why are messages from Monster Galaxy not showing up properly when clicked in the Mail system? I get all these random symbols and numbers... sweatdrop
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Hello. How are you?
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Love the Rejected Olympics <3

Really anything to do with the towns to be honest!

So glad I'm not subjected to washing Liam's abs this year XD

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