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TEAM DUREM. emotion_awesome
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As usual, who wants cookie?
Too much sad stuff happened lately sad
Professor Sally Ride just die, Aurora shooting, Beijing flood

Not really excited about London 2012, not a sport person
BTW, may I ask, how do you guys celebrate Gaia staff's birthday?
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This event is my favorite since joining Gaia over 3 years ago not counting the zOMG! events. I'm team Gambino since I was born in beach city. I am looking forward to watching the Olympics too. I love watching the swimming and gymnastics and snowboarding. Sorry following questions are mostly glitch questions:

1) Can anything be done to reduce the lag in flash games? Ex. Moga, Resort World, zOMG!, Booty Grab, and Fishing

2) I've had a pack of powerup revives stuck in my inventory for 6 months and haven't been able to use them, so could someone fix that glitch please?

3) I keep getting stuck at the frog leap game below the frog's tongue, can glitch be fixed?
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Hello admins and devs,

I think I have had gold glitches happen to me in the past. One time, I was selling an item in a shop and I remember the gold I got back from selling the item added up more than the sell back price of the item itself. And another time, I received 50 gold from daily chance and I remember it adding up more than 50 gold to my gold. I don't know if I read the adding up of gold wrong in both of these situations or if these were glitches that happened to me. I am just wondering if it still okay to spend the gold that I received that might have contributed to these possible glitches that happened to me.

Also, some of my fish I think died too early so I was wondering if it was okay to open up the drops they left behind anyway?

I am asking about these issues because I am just concerned is all. sad

Thank you!
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Question from Constipated Trillionaire, he couldn't make it today. ninja

Want to thank you guys for several things. biggrin

-Thanks a bunch for getting all the Cri items back into the shop, will make it a lot easier for those who continue to work on the back wing quest.

-Additionally, I want to thank you for the case change! Really helps out immensely having those formulas in the shop and it helps making some of those formulas that were impossible to find, like the quest formulas, a little easier for people to get a hold of.

Couple things I want to bring up too:

-Would it be possible to change how failing a formula in the crafting process works? Make it so each time you fail at crafting it increases your odds of succeeding the next time on that particular formula. I imagine that would be more difficult to implement than how you have it currently set up, but would really be nice. Failing 10+ times on a low formula that cost 1,000,000g a try is pretty painful!

-Pankcakes, can we just remove them from the caches/case formulas? Add in some extra grade a fish baits if you want. But when you have an Admin setting up a shop so they can grant you a large number of pancakes at one time it kinda makes it obvious that there is something wrong with how things currently are.

-As far as the quest formula odds in the cases, is there a reason that Risen and Angelic seem to be the most common ones pulled? Do all 6 quest have an equal chance of being gotten from a case, and currently people are just pulling angelic/risen more than the others, or are those two suppose to be more common?

Overall though, alchemy has vastly improved from where it was months ago. Now it is much more accessible to everyone, the wealthy and those that don't have much gold but want to put the time and effort into it can all access it. It's not perfect by any means, and I don't think anyone expects it to be. However, it really has came a long way. Thanks again!

Hi Uesugi,

Thanks! We appreciate it - like you said, we know the system isn't perfect, but we're trying to make it better.

We are kicking around some ideas on the fail system, but there's nothing very concrete at the moment. We definitely do get the frustration though.

I believe they're all the same odds, but I'm not 100% sure on that (since I don't set them myself). I can ask around though.

And I hear you about the pancakes (Sisky's solution is nice, but not exactly scalable). We've gotta figure something out for that at some point too.
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when is the next real gold shop update? (none contest wise?)
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Do you admins like my avatar?
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Any chance of a saxophone item being released soon?
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Oh, I gotta ask a question?




Can I have a hug? 8D
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''Zero Omega"
I'd really appreciate a reply to my PM. I know you're swamped, and I've been patiently waiting for you to get back to me. Just want to make sure I have a chance of being noticed.
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Hi! Wondering if we'll ever get some more snake items, like a lovely snake I AM pose


Also, good job on Towns 2.0 it's friggen gorgeous!
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lurking like a bawss ninja
            Nice nice ; u;

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