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Okay so I've never been to one of these before. Do I just post questions here?
Well I'm in Durem, and I love the items.

So my question is when do you think the CrosStitch Hat Contest results will be in?

Most likely next month.
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when is the next real gold shop update? (none contest wise?)



I switched to Red Bull. Now I'll be awake for years.
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when is the next real gold shop update? (none contest wise?)

PLEASE! gonk More Towns Memorabilia? wink
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Is there any chance some of the higher (like Monochrome Keido and Keido) or any of the rare items will be re-sold in Cash Shop?
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Yes I'm loving the Rejected Olympics, I missed the last because of band camp. Team Durem!
I love Waffles the Cat!
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Hi all you sexy people . blaugh I made it to the AtA today. whee

Just a few questions today.

1 .. I know I've probably asked this before, or if it wasn't me, it may have been someone else. But can we please have more storage savers? 20 just isn't enough for people who change their Avi so often. sweatdrop It's craziness I tell you! gonk

2. ... Favorite all time movie? You can put the 'why' in there if you have time.

3.. ..Sexiest person on the planet, and why do you chose this person?

4.. Loved the comics and the Pizza Mum. rofl That was awesome.

PS. Lanky or whoever this is meant for. . Dun do it, don't sent out the Announcement. We'll be doomed. gonk

Thankies. biggrin

Hi Alyssa smile

1) It's probably going to stay at 20 for now, but maybe more in the future.

2) Star Wars. Easy.

3) Alyssa Milano and Gina Gershon tie. But both from 10 years ago. Today, maybe Mila Kunis.

4) smile

5) Too late.

Lankyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long uh? gonk
Great taste, Mila is a sexy little thing. Why do you read my post too late? Haha. rofl
Have there been any changes to the odds in the Alchemist's case after the dev alert was made about adding lots of formulas to the shop and changing the odds of the formulas which are still in the case? Rare formulas like the quest formulas are of particularly high interest to hear about. Speculation has gone on about the possibility of another change since the first day or so people were getting much better stuff much more often than what has been popping out of cases after those first couple days or so.

Not that I'm aware of!

Is work on the alchemy system something you are pretty well informed on? :3 (Wondering if the fact that you've heard of no such thing carries much weight or if you don't hear much about the alchemy behind the scenes stuff in general.)

By the way, side note, my proposal thread in my sig now has over 7000 cookies. emotion_dealwithit
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Have you tried contacting Aniplex? They're releasing a lot of series this year and probably wouldn't mind a promotion... especially since this site is largely their target audience. Oh, and maybe you could try contacting Atlus too. They have a new fighting game for Persona 4 coming out soon, as well as a port for the Vita.

Finally, can the Halloween event be a robot overlord invasion that takes place in Aekea?
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To bad I have no questions to ask. D:
BUT! I wish the Gaia team, mods, all that on their best luck with the site. emotion_c8

Thank you for the kind wishes! biggrin

- Sisky
No problem! I hope one day, (When I am older) I can be apart of the Gaia team. wink
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Any chance of new bidblast items coming out soon?

Yes - hopefully very soon.
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when is the next real gold shop update? (none contest wise?)

... *takes a shot of sake*
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Good afternoon Devs and Mods. I have two outstanding issues that have yet to be resolved:
1. I can't seem to add my moble phone number to my account again.
2. Why can't crew members send out guild announcements, when we have them approved to do so?

Both of these issues have been forwarded up the chain, but there has been no progress on either.
Thank you for your time.


Thanks for the post. Have you filed a billing ticket about your mobile phone issue? If not, you can file one through our Help Center and our billing team can help you out.


Hey Sisky! No one told me to do that until now. As for my 2nd question, do you think one of the Devs will address it? Nana_Wing said she was going to forward to one back on the 3rd of this month.
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Artificial Shadows
Hey ^^

I'm not usually online for ATA but I've had something I've been wondering for a while now. Are there any plans to improve on the App? Its nice right now, being able to check things easily when you're away from a computer, but it still feels really lacking. I DON'T mean in ways like the noobs say who keep asking for towns and stuff to be on it. I know thats not going to happen. What I mean is things like push notifications. It would be really nice to be able to get notices when you're quoted or when you have PMs and stuff pushed to your phone when you're not logged into the full site. 3nodding

and please fix the app PM glitch already... Its been how long now?
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Contest and Guild
Death Dealer Kayako
Hey. I got a question to ask. Will there be an event to help Louie restore the H&R Weasley?
This sounds like a great idea i hope the admins and devs do something with this i would love to see it my self.
Thanks smile

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