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Hello everyone! How are you enjoying the Olympics event? Which town are you a part of? We'd love to hear more feedback about the event, as we have more events to come. Meanwhile, the actual Olympics is coming this Friday. How many of you are more excited about the actual Olympics? biggrin
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Question from Constipated Trillionaire, he couldn't make it today. ninja

Want to thank you guys for several things. biggrin

-Thanks a bunch for getting all the Cri items back into the shop, will make it a lot easier for those who continue to work on the back wing quest.

-Additionally, I want to thank you for the case change! Really helps out immensely having those formulas in the shop and it helps making some of those formulas that were impossible to find, like the quest formulas, a little easier for people to get a hold of.

Couple things I want to bring up too:

-Would it be possible to change how failing a formula in the crafting process works? Make it so each time you fail at crafting it increases your odds of succeeding the next time on that particular formula. I imagine that would be more difficult to implement than how you have it currently set up, but would really be nice. Failing 10+ times on a low formula that cost 1,000,000g a try is pretty painful!

-Pankcakes, can we just remove them from the caches/case formulas? Add in some extra grade a fish baits if you want. But when you have an Admin setting up a shop so they can grant you a large number of pancakes at one time it kinda makes it obvious that there is something wrong with how things currently are.

-As far as the quest formula odds in the cases, is there a reason that Risen and Angelic seem to be the most common ones pulled? Do all 6 quest have an equal chance of being gotten from a case, and currently people are just pulling angelic/risen more than the others, or are those two suppose to be more common?

Overall though, alchemy has vastly improved from where it was months ago. Now it is much more accessible to everyone, the wealthy and those that don't have much gold but want to put the time and effort into it can all access it. It's not perfect by any means, and I don't think anyone expects it to be. However, it really has came a long way. Thanks again!
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            Hey admin, I'm baaack! ^o^
            I've been having fun and taking my time on the event!
            All is nice so far, including the user-menu update!
            Can't wait for this new game to come out so Durem can rightfully claim another place other than 4th. emotion_awesome
            Anyways, on to the questions!

          • Why are there 4 items when there are 5 games for the Oympics? ;___;

          • When are the winners of Stein's hat contest going to be revealed? emotion_kirakira
            I'm dying for the just right theme to be chosen so I can submit my first idea!

          • I have to give a little thanks for this random burst of philosopher's caches that I've gotten!
            I've gotten 3 recently from Daily Chance, but I've sold two, as I'm only looking for the chicken fletchlings...
            Anyone wanna buy a Sapphire cache from me?

          • Just a small question, but why doesn't the [list=1] tags not work for numbering?
            It used to number things, but now it doesn't. '~';

          • Can we remove the bomber sticky from the Q&A now please? emotion_kirakira

          • Has there been any talk of updating profiles? Like, just some ideas thrown out?
            V2 profiles are beginning to get a bit buggy when wishlist items are clicked.~
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Evening, Lanzer and staff.

- Rejected Olympics: So far, the event has been fun. The games are easy to understand and gaining points isn’t a pain in the a**. Good job.

- Rejected Olympics Uniforms: Love the uniforms. But why did you make the Barton uniforms brown and not yellow/gold? On top of that, instead of admitting you made a mistake, you created another uniform in the correct colors and passed it off as an additional item. That just seems like bad customer service and makes some users less likely to spend money on this site.

- The New Cash Offers Page: Not really liking the new offers. Some days, I either get a few videos or no videos at all. I preferred the old cash offers page. The old one provided more videos, which gave me more gaia cash. Can something be done about this?

- The Angelic/Demonic Alchemy Achievement: With all the angelic and nitemare/demonic items on this site, why only link this achievement with the back-wings quest? Considering how difficult this particular quest is, I feel like that was a jerk move.

- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: What’s the word? Did you get around to re-fixing those glitches that you said were fixed, but are still broken?
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Hello all. I had a good birthday. How about you, Zero?

arrow Waffles companion. And when it finally is released, I hope there will be a pose with him laying on his back sleeping emotion_bigheart

arrow Cat game. Can you tell us anything about it? What kind of game? Is it a face book style game?

arrow So, you often answer much-requested things with "it's on our list, but we have more important things to do, first." Why not make a list (or lists, based on the type of person that does each thing: artist, dev, admin, etc) that shows what is being worked on now, what is next, and all the way down to what is last on the list of things that will be done. It would help with the whole "when are you going to update inventory arranger??" type of questions you get every ATA. Frankly, I dont know what could be higher on a list than that, since EVERYONE uses their inventories. But maybe if we could all see the list, we'd be a lot more patient and understanding of what needs to be done.

arrow On a similar note, instead of a "spring cleaning," that feels like it is never finished, why not have us rank our priorities of what we want finished first, out of a list of, say, twenty things that are pre-approved as something that will some day get done. I think Gaia could really use this information on what it's users want first. Perhaps a couple different polls based on who does what type of work, like I mentioned above this. Prioritizing based on what the users want would keep a majority of the users happy.
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Dear admins, I am a bit frustrated. Two weeks ago during the ask an admin I posted a story regarding a friend of mine that had been hacked and asked questions in regards to her hack report in attempt to help retrieve her account and items back for her due to the emotional distress it was causing her (mind you this is still relevent due to there has been a two week lapse without anything being done.)

I was replied graciously by an admin who I won't name due to respect for them even hearing me out in the first place. My issue comes in however with the way this was handled. They requested for her to PM them directly and give a bit of information and insight on the hacking and that they would personally look into the event themselves and try to resolve things. I had sent them two pm's and exchanged with them in the thread in regards to what had happened and both of my PM's had gone unread as well as the PM's she had sent as well.

At that time I wasn't looking for special attention specifically into her case just asking what was being done to speed up these processes as well as prevent hacking in the future despite the normal security tips we are given standerdly as we join. (I have had two friends have their account and items taken away from them in less than a month so I saw an issue with it.) Yet I was assured that an admin would look at the hacking report right away and work togeather with her to get her items back as well as her account due to "Hack processing speed being fairly fast" and that it was unusual for it to go very long before being resolved. She was hacked around 4 or so weeks ago and has yet to hear a single word from any admin or GM to help resolve her case, despite being promised that someone would look at the report personally.

This is not an attack at the GM's or admins and im sorry if it comes off as such. I think Gaia has a great staff and a great game, I personally love it. However it doesn't look very good on the staff when someone says that they will help and look into an issue and then ignore every PM sent regarding the said issue. I know all staff members are more than likely very busy and handle more than enough issues every day and I can respect that, but if time doesn't allow something to be handled then don't assure us of such and get our hopes up. I still have all the orignal comments and information that might be needed. She has been a well dedicated player on this website for all of 6 years and has been a great friend aside that. With issues like this I can only imagine the longer they take to resolve the harder the process would be.

As I said before, I do not mean to sound as if I am upset or attack the staff in any way, this game has been nothing but entertaining and nearly all of my experiences on here have been positive and a great overall game. I appreciate all the hard work you all put into this game and hope everything keeps going as well as it has and that im here to play for years to come.

My qustion is this: Can someone please give me the help I was told I would recieve for my friend to retrieve her account and items?

TL;DR: Friend gets hacked. Files hack report. 2 weeks ago in ATA thread admin promised support. Ignored all PM's thereafter trying to resolve issues. Hence im here and asking for the same help without being blown off this time.

(And yes I had this all pretyped x.x)
Have there been any changes to the odds in the Alchemist's case after the dev alert was made about adding lots of formulas to the shop and changing the odds of the formulas which are still in the case? Rare formulas like the quest formulas are of particularly high interest to hear about. Speculation has gone on about the possibility of another change since the first day or so people were getting much better stuff much more often than what has been popping out of cases after those first couple days or so.
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Heya Gaia peeps!

Ok...I have come to an important observation.

Alchemy is Disney Evil. Looks pretty, fun to watch, will steal your soul and wallet.

No question there. Just making the statement. The whole thing is just....rant inducing. Seriously, this was me yesterday:

Crank the volume and share with the office.

You wanna fix Alchemy? Put the actual case and cache in Bifrost. As is. 10k for a cache, 25k for a Case. Do that and people will FLOCK to Alchemy. And it'll no longer be one of those features that was broken and never fixed.

Plus, it's a nice midrange gold sink that way too.

Anyway, I'm better now, so here is my questions:

One) Can We have a muffin button for our avvies? Press the button, AWESOME stuff happens. Just sayin'.

Two) Did Waffles eat the real Diedrich or a clone again? Because if he ate the real one, that would just be fantastic.

Three) I finally got around to watching the nerf war and duels you guys had back in...April? Anyway, that looked like a lot of fun, and glad you all had a great time, but here is my question:

I am just wondering...I know DJ helsing is kind of the 'mouthpiece" for Gaia at events. Would he like a color commentater? I'm good with a mic, and on rare occasions, I can be funny.

Sometimes even haha funny. Depends on how much Red Bull I've had that day.

Oh, and on a side note, Dude, how tall are you, Lanky? Or is the art staff just that ...ummm...'vertically challenged'?

Cause ya look like you tower over most anyone...

Well, that's enough out of me for one post.

Everyone, have some cake.

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Hi all you sexy people . blaugh I made it to the AtA today. whee

Just a few questions today.

1 .. I know I've probably asked this before, or if it wasn't me, it may have been someone else. But can we please have more storage savers? 20 just isn't enough for people who change their Avi so often. sweatdrop It's craziness I tell you! gonk

2. ... Favorite all time movie? You can put the 'why' in there if you have time.

3.. ..Sexiest person on the planet, and why do you chose this person?

4.. Loved the comics and the Pizza Mum. rofl That was awesome.

PS. Lanky or whoever this is meant for. . Dun do it, don't sent out the Announcement. We'll be doomed. gonk

Thankies. biggrin
What i would like to know from the admins in this weeks ask the admin is this.Have u forgotten about the AnimePlayer is there any thing new coming to it ever,do u have any plans to bring more shows to it.

If u want to bring more shows to the player and cant fit the titles on the list begin with making the titles box that u have all ready a bit longer so the ones all ready there fit.Then i do not know if u can but if u can make a second page to the player or the list like after u fix the box size.Then there can be a page 2 button under Noein on the title list that will then bring u to the same page layout as page 1 but that title box will have like 1-2 shows if u can get the rights to new shows that is.

I have more questions my next question is one i asked last week but never had one of the admins or dev say any thing about but it is an easy question.
I would like to know if there is any plans ever to get the rights to halo and the rights from roosterteeth to make some red vs blue items but not in the cash shop more like in the gold but only for a limited time but u can iron out the details.This is where i stand on this if u were to make it a cash shop i would most like want to buy it.

i look forward to what the admins and devs can share on this topic
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Question some time ago I remember during ATA, someones mentioned that the SDplus Rigel and Mintaka dolls were not done... that we were suppose to get another pose for, What Im saying when shall this get done if ever?
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Can you tell us what the current odds are for the formulas and quests in the alchemist's case?

Also, what happened to the fantasy game beta testing? I got a PM from Panagrammic late June that it would be coming within a week of that message, but I haven't gotten anything yet.

Does anyone here play Team Fortress 2? I've been playing it a lot lately instead of working on alchemy.
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hi guys!

go team barton! might as well stick with tried and true. xd and i am excited about the london olympics. who all going to watch every event? okay, maybe not every event.. >>

also, gaia it is awesome you made the redbubble shop. i ordered a tee and it came in today. it's so much win. biggrin

oh and, can we have more zomg related sdplus dolls? i want a marshall doll. or how about a swarf doll?
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Hello everyone! How are you enjoying the Olympics event? Which town are you a part of? We'd love to hear more feedback about the event, as we have more events to come. Meanwhile, the actual Olympics is coming this Friday. How many of you are more excited about the actual Olympics? biggrin

cat_ninja I'm an Aekean to the end, not particularly concerned about the "real" Olympics. cat_xp

cat_stare Now, then......The horse seems to be dead & buried, but I'm going to keep punching & kicking it & whacking it with bats, clubs, and lead pipes until I get some results, dammit. cat_whee cat_scream

Here's a little update on the zOMG bug fixes done so far:
* Broken badge grant for The Lawnshark badge

1. Will the above be granted retroactively, or is it impossible to determine exactly who amongst us has already obtained enough points to actually get the badge? cat_whee

2. When can users start getting facial hair (beards, mustaches, goatees, etc.,) that isn't included within an MC, EI, or RIG-based item (i.e., another purchasable feature in Salon Durem)? cat_ninja

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