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Hello everyone!

It was great meeting some of you at SDCC last week, it was also fun to be a part of the convention that celebrates pop culture. Although I wouldn't recommend going to any convention that has more than 150 thousand attendees. sweatdrop

How's everyone doing this week? We're getting close to releasing the Favorites feature, though we have a nice feature change so we'll be ready in about 2 more weeks. Other features are also on their way.

Welcome to ATA!
Since anyone who is anyone is going to be asking questions about Verge, I'm instead going to ask a question for my mantises Pandora and Tempest. They want to know what you are going to do to insure they can have their own private club that does not allow the other in? As you can see by this picture they like to keep at the very least a thin layer of plastic between them.

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So when will you be implementing a rewards program for mantises that denies the other mantises form entering... and potentially eating them?
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So how did you guys come up with the prices for the club verge items? I feel that the prices for some of those items is crazy expensive. It's like thanks for spendin' money on Gaia you get to join a new club. Btw we want even more money from you. I mean I really don't mind donatin' money to Gaia, I been donatin' almost every month since 2005. ( I really like it here.) It's just I have my bills to pay, and to dish that kind of money out is somethin' I can't do.

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Hi Admins/Staff!

I just wanted to thank you for trying to reward your users in a unique way.. and I'm sorry that you're
getting a lot of flack for it. I do understand that you guys need money to run.. but perhaps you can make
the prices just a tinnyy bit cheaper? sweatdrop If not, I'm sure you'll figure out a way to please most the
userbase anyways.. lol.

And Sisky! I love how you treat the community so well even when there's so many people who are upset over
club verge and other things. You have lots of patience and understanding, I really admire that! heart
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Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I have come with a few questions.
1. Will we see some more older RIG NPCs again in RIGS? (I guess you can say I'm half wondering if Ciro would return in a RIG someday since he was MIA since Famestar Masquerade was the last time we saw him,) I mean with a lot of newer NPCs popping out, I'd like to see some more of the older ones pop in
2. This one is a just for fun question for any of the NPCs.
If by following the Zodiac Sign, which NPC fits for which sign according to the western zodiac and any of the NPCs (be it RIG, R/EI NPCs, regular NPCs, etc. )

Also, I hold no qualms against Club Verge, and I look forward for the December stuff there~!
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Hello Admins and Dev's how was your guys weekend I got more fan art for codemonkey and sisky this time and my avatar is suppoed to look like codemonkey if he was a girl o3o.
this week I ask for hugs from you admins and dev's so hug me and give me candy o3o.

zero is a girl and lanzer is a bus and codemonkey is a verb(that what google says you guys can blame google.)
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ninja heart

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!
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♥ ♥

Happy Monday, guys. biggrin

I have to say that I really enjoyed when you revealed Club Verge.
I am looking forward to awesome stuff from it.. I hope there will be a
cycle of awesome new items in there. >3<

Will there ever be items less than $25 in there? I'd like to see
things in the $15-20 range since those are prices not usually in
the regular cash shop, and it would give a good range from
relatively inexpensive to high end so we can still enjoy the
exclusiveness of the club.

Also, will you be going to NY Comic Con? I might cry
if Gaia doesn't go. >.>

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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- zOMG!: Have you thought about doing a kickstarter for it?

- Club Verge: The idea of thanking people who spent $100 or more over a year’s time is nice. However, the prices for those items are ridiculous. Especially since most of the items in the shop only contain one pose. Also, why does the animated halo recolor cost so much more than the original? This idea wasn’t thought out too well.
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Just a lil' reminder that you should do something about informing people of HoC's current "shelved" status and stuff :U
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

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