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mods tells me now why is gaia going wild?
if you ask me mods arnt doing enough and yes chech my ip all my accounts donated atleast 100euro each and i have 5 accounts so ye and all i get is crap on the forums sersuly i pay my part gaia staff need to do theres and ban the hackers and read thru the reports faster if you cant il be gladly able to read reports 24/4 but sersuly gaia get your act together theres trolls and hackers/scammers everywhere and you do nothing about it
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Since Gaia has had a previous promotion with the Harry Potter franchise/Warner Brothers Pictures, would it be possible for the Harry Potter items already released(as well as future items?) to be released in the colours of the other houses? I'd much rather be in Ravenclaw robes than Gryffindor, and I know others in the Harry Potter Hot Topic forum feel the same way.
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RANDOM COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin
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3nodding Hello again, Gaian staff. It kind of annoys me that this particular event was a goldsink, but I eventually got over it. What annoys me considerably more than that about it, is that the people who are more than likely responsible for its necessity believe themselves not only exempt from participation, but also entitled to getting any items from it without having to work or put in a single shred of effort for them. whee

stare Being that this is the case with some people *cough*sEB-ers/glitch abusers/etc.*cough*, would it be possible to make all future "goldsink-based" event items soulbound or locked to a user's inventory (a la Demonbusters skins), so that the only way to get them IS to participate? neutral
Lil Cupcayke
Hi Admins, this is my first time in one of these threads.
How are you all today?
Just a few questions.

1. I was wondering why you laid off some of the zOMG staff.

2. Can you make some more blonde wigs? I need a better wig for my Princess Peach cosplay.

3. Do you like my cosplay? o3o

It was not just the zOMG team alone that was affected. Some others in the team needed to focus on other features, as almost all developers on Gaia do so.

I'll help ask.

Nice princess outfit.
hi there this question is for Lanzer.

1.will you guys consider making more anime / manga realted items from diffrent series or movies or games?
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I love you guys!! biggrin <3
thanks for making gaia so awesome heart
Daryn Woods

On the subject of the new outfit marketplace, I was wondering if there could be some clarification as to why we have the option not to display the item information for the outfit being sold?

By hiding the outfit information, a user could easily claim that an the outfit is worth 2 million when it is really worth 400k. As more items are being created, there are more instances where poses may be similar, but one of the items creating the pose is worth a significantly different amount.

I can easily see where this will lead to scamming, and that makes me feel uncomfortable about using the feature at all.

Your question has been answered in this thread:

That does not change the fact that hiding the equipped items still leaves the huge potential for scamming. It is considered a ToS violation to misrepresent the worth of an item, or mispresent an item altogether. However, again, it is easy to claim that the outfit has one item equipped when it is wearing something else. Rather than feeling protected from this as well as I do on the rest of the site, I am getting the impression that this feature is "buy at your own risk," and again I do not feel comfortable using it.
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Hello Lanzer et al.

A while ago I questioned whether we will have a summer event for zOMG. The response I got was that there weren't enough resources. This made me hope for a christmas event for zOMG and with this in mind I got a idea.

Why not modify gnome from zOMG to look like santa

User Image

This lead me to do a quick recolour and the result is amazing in my opinion. When I showed this to [JK] he was in favour of this. Now I'm wondering if you guys would approve of such thing.

To Pan,will you ever get round to reading my message concerning the gold distribution in zOMG?

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Barton Hollow
Any Admin:

How is the Gaia Online iPhone app coming along? I don't believe it has had an update for a while. Would love to see forum surfing capabilities!

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Any Admin:

Derp, forgot this in my earlier comment.

Will we see more from Flynn? She is, seriously, my favorite NPC. Having her make an appearance in the manga, etc. would be amazing. Or adding her into towns with the other NPCs? Even better. She just got so jipped!

Is there going to be a zOMG! update soon? One of the screenshots on the Facebook page sure looks nice and flashy!

What are you planning to do when Frontier Skies comes back? The Jellyfish has already been saved, so does that mean that the whole game is getting re-worked?

I have so many questions for you guys. I'm sorry. heart
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- the iPhone app is coming along nicely. It is amazingly cool to be able to browse forums on the iPhone.
- there is some more stuff planned for guilds soon.
- we're going to be experimenting with different interfaces for new users first, and then roll it out to the Gaia population at large after we try it out.

Barton Hollow
How is the Gaia Online iPhone app coming along? I don't believe it has had an update for a while. Would love to see forum surfing capabilities!

Any news on House updates? Honestly, telling me "we're done with houses, abandoning them, and moving on" would even make me happy. I've just not heard anything about them in SO long! Anything at all? I love, love the houses feature.

So, a while back Guilds were getting revamped. Then it kind of just ended. Is there going to be any more progress on that in the future?

The first Fireside Chat I was in was talking about new landing page concepts. Where are they?! They were incredibly, incredibly cool! I would love to know if those are still being worked on or not, and when about we could expect to see them.

Thank you so much for the time, admins!
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Lanzer, you mentioned "item alchemy". What is that? Is it like the recipes feature?
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You know Lanzer, I can't help but think this:

1. Is it just me, or are Monthly Collectible getting a bit duller as time passes?

For real, I think I can vouch for most people when I saw the past few MCs have been less than enjoyable (Such as Ascended Demon or Imperial Guardian) But who knows, that could just be my stupid opinion.

2. Would it kill you to have more Dinosaur things?

For srs, I look up dinosaurs and like 22things show up, most of them the same EI. I think as a kid's (and adults I guess) site, I would think people would love to see cute little Dinos everywhere.

3. I have to wonder: Will there be any games you guys make yourselves?

All I've seen are OMGPOP and Monster Galaxy stuff .c. I understand you guys get sponsored from those websites, but I'd like to see YOUR guys' gaming ideas c:

4. I see you have a few items from video games, but I think there should be more video game items

Like I've said before, I think a ton of people would freak out if you did that. I've seen like one item from Mario, a few from LOZ, and a few from other games, but other than that, nothing .c.

5. I doubt you guys will read this.

Seriously, who cares what I think.

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