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So how are the wife and kids?

And what's the most random thing that happened in the office this month? Or ever.

Will anyone answer this before my sims game loads up?

Hmm. Well we had the fire marshall in the office last week.

Apparently our in-office 4th of July weenie roast and firework display didn't go over so well.

Yes...good good...
Did anyone blow up?

P.S. Sims still hasn't loaded so you guys won.

The fire marshal blew up, but not in the way you mean.

I guess that works well enough
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When will the Monster Galaxy loading issue be fixed? I won't load for me on Firefox and safari.
Yet Google Chrome and IE work fine.
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Hello Admins~

• Where might I apply to work for Gaia as an artist?
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Why do you have to have so many reports what if there arent any to be made but you want to be a moderator?

We want our moderators to be a dedicated part of their communities and show that they have a passion for wanting to help the site. I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find enough to report in six months!
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Zero Omega
yes i know im sexy
Has anyone ever gotten the 3 halos in a row in slots?

Yup! Many times!

What is the possibility of getting the 3 halos in a row?
What are the possibilies of catching a rare fish these days?
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Are there any extra requirements for being Featured Avatar?
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Oh dear XD. I'm back with more awkward questions XD. -coughs- Back to tutorial in zOMG.

We were getting a lot of people dropping out during the tutorial -- when we removed it, we actually had a higher percentage of users play the game.

Thank you for the answer cat_4laugh

I am not meaning to be disrespectful, just curious. Do older player are expected to serve as that tutorial cat_4laugh ? I just fail to see how they will learn to use rage or know some things that were used in that tutorial after you stopped the train (Sewers Quests).

I have to admit, I don't really remember old tutorial that well. I just remember it was good for me cat_4laugh

P.S, ty for fixing some bugs cat_4laugh
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It took you guys two weeks to make two pages?

Geez, you guys are slow.

Would it go faster if every page had sherlock on it?
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I must know this and now...
when is the next CI coming?
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Just one small question. Is it possible to appeal a very old ban for an innocent account, as a special circumstance sort of thing?

I've had some bad experiences with the entire ticket/ban system.

Entirely possible. Shoot me a PM with the information.
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thanks fir the update about the zOMG glitches!

Two questions,
Why can I only wear a few leg mods using the Gimpi skin?
Will there EVER be a DEV alert for when DMS is open?
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I have a couple questions.

1. When will guilds get all the cool things that the forums have? Youtube tags, quick reply, things like that?
2. Would the CEO ever be involved in future ATA's? I could be wrong, but I've not seen him do much with the userbase.
3. I had a ton of fun at the meet-up a little less than a year ago in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Any plans on having anymore meet-ups? Looking forward to the next one if there is one!
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Will the forums ever go back to the way they originally loaded?
When Booty Grabbing it makes the analyzers and Booty Grab Glow Indicator load incorrectly. And when browsing the forums I like to watch my gold go up. Now I can't fully enjoy my riches.
I have a question
Are the aquarium fish (Memphis, Turtle, etc) coming back to Phin Phang or is Phin Phang (and maybe the other Gaia shops) going to have a makeover with new items?

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knight of peace

2)what are future plans for money as for it is hard for some player

Money in what way? Gaia Cash or Gaia gold? Because if we're talking gold...it's far too easy to make gold now a days, even without the help of the Cash shop.

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."

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