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I hope this hasn't been answered already,
but can we expect a bigger better inventory arranger / organizer?
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Just one small question. Is it possible to appeal a very old ban for an innocent account, as a special circumstance sort of thing?

I've had some bad experiences with the entire ticket/ban system.
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How many signatures does it take to get a petition passed by gaia?
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Ridley Starsmore
Ridley Starsmore
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Hello folks! I'm just here to lurk...may have a question. How are you doing today, Admin and Developers...and how can I forget biglanky?

I don't know. How can you forget bigLanky?

Really? Anyone?

Gratuitous amounts of scotch? sweatdrop

I could try that, but if it worked, I'd have no idea who it was firing me for being intoxicated at work.

Yes, but with enough, you won't care.-lol-
If you drink enough, will you imagine that your ears are white? eek

Possibly. I'd be more likely to just hold a convo with them.

"hello left ear, how are you?"
'fine, fine, just hanging out, and you?'
"Pretty hammered. How about you right ear?"

"....ok, right ear is off his nut..."
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Will we ever get a facial hair shop? crying
Never. We don't believe in manly things. mrgreen

Well I Never!

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."
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Thanks for your commitment to your fans, this thread will be spammed with tons of questions

Take good care of yourselves alright? ^__~

One question tho....what games will be here IF backyard monsters, resort world and soul crash is gone?
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will gaia's scripts ever be optimized for 64-bit systems and the browsers installed on them? everyone i know who gets nonresponsive script errors and crashes on gaia only has a 64 bit system. firefox, chrome, opera. all don't work right.
browsers on 32 bit systems work fine.
domokun stargate

I'm running a 64 bit system, as are many of the devs in the office. I haven't had any issues.

What parts of the site are you having trouble with?
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your probably not here but my friend reported about a Trade hacking a long while back and he has yet to get his item's back or even someone to speak with him about the problem that I had him report... i know your probably not here right now since i am late to posting. But i just thought it should be brought back to your attention. Only reason i am so worked up about it was the fact i had given them to him and now there gone. you know kind of meant something to him. : (
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i ask the admin to watch my profile for 20 seconds
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Is it true that some alchemy formulas like candy mountain aren't in cases anymore?
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I Need my Galaxy monsters game reset to the beginning because I want to start of at 0 now. Can you do this for me?
Hello there!
I've been meaning to ask,how old is Waffles?
Also can we get some more fluffy/fat cat items in the near future?
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Will we ever get a facial hair shop? crying
Never. We don't believe in manly things. mrgreen


How about in certain RIGS? Can the artists look into it?

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Sweet Angelic Kitten
Since faustine's bottle and faust's bottle have poses that fausto's bottle doesn't have, will we ever see those extra poses in a purple/blue color scheme of the original?

Can we get the headers for various chance and events as artwork to use for facebook covers? I love the headers and I'd like to be able to use them.

Hi Kitty,

I will never say never.

As for the extra artwork, we are trying to gather a bunch of stuff we've put out and make it available for download. Don't know when we'll get that finished though.

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