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Hey, admins!

I was wondering if there will be any more animated items lined up for the future. I would really love to see more animated animals.

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I hope this isn't sounding too self centered or mean. But can us Gaians get better clothing and hairstyles? because I dont wanna sell my clothes if there is nothing awesome to wear. JJust think of the noobs.They have too wear these ugly clothes sad (no offense)
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How's the beta testing for the new game going? We hadn't heard anything about it ever since you last mentioned about the new game. I know it's not soul crasher nor summer brings, but a totally new action mmorpg. Has it been tested, canceled or is it slow in development?
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Zero Omega
I sent you a PM about an old account ban about 5 days ago, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at it
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Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?
Is august soon? XD
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Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?

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Ridley Starsmore
Ridley Starsmore
Heylo, Gaia Staff!

Lanky thinks he's funny. Writing 'no' on a whiteboard.





Occasionally... stare

You are also a great source for a drinking game. NOT THAT MYSELF OR GAIA ONLINE CONDONES THAT SORT OF THING.

We'll have to look into whether we condone that thing. I may not time to do so now but it's something we'd like to do eventually smile

So...Soon, then?
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Why is it impossible for you guys to give back an account that has been hacked?
It isn't. My mule was hacked once, and I was able to get it back.
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Herro, everyone! biggrin

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I don't have any questions right now. But stopping by to say hi to everyone and
perhaps bring in some freshly baked Aussie biscuits. whee

Hi - I love biscuits. Especially with jelly.

I think she mean cookies, Big Lanky.

I think you guys call them cookies, but we call them Biscuits. 3nodding

Yep, I know you do. But Lanky doesn't get out much. What we call a biscuit, can really only be described as a fluffy scone. We have them for breakfast either with meat or as Big Lanky said, with jelly or butter.
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Im a Floppy Hemroid
Ok well, about three weeks ago, my account Floppy Potatoes was hacked the only thing I had that was good on that account then was Wingding(phase one) 4th gen. and 800,000 gold I was saving for a toned keido. I would really like it if you replied to the report.

Could you send me a PM with some information related to your case? I can check the status of your report.
When will the winners of the June Giveaway be announced?
redface redface can i still submit designs to become items?
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Are Gaia moderators allowed to vaguely and loosely use the TOS to reprimand Users?

Is this generally frowned upon or encouraged by administrators?
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Hello admins! ♥

I have one simple request. I would like, along with many others, to have a Garden forum included- perhaps an extension to the Health & Fitness or the LifeStyle Discussion forum. It can have sub forums such as: Growing Fruits, vegetables, pest control, show off your garden, tips and techniques, tools/ DIY greenhouse/ raised beds, flowers, trees, Different gardening systems such as Hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhousing, raised beds, etc.

What do you all think of this idea?

It would certainly reinforce the message and events of the previous Earth Day event. And I think it would help others to get involved in helping our planet thrive abundantly.

After all .. This website wasn't named Gaia for nothing, right? Why not show some True Gaian Spirit by reflecting it for our love of our precious Earth by creating this wonderful addition! biggrin

Here are some comments from other Gaians who are very interested in this idea.

Strega Mama
I would be all over this if it happened. This would be lovely, to have someplace besides this thread and my one guild (neonascence) to discuss gardening

I'd be totally all up in that hydroponics forum if there was one. XD

Haven't tried it but just really curious. o uo

I'd love a forum or sub-forum dedicated to gardening. Some of the sub-forum titles could be, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables, Mushroom Cultivation, Aquatic Plants, Container Gardening, and Hydroponics. A separate gardening forum would be great.
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Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?

Happy Birthday! yum_pie yum_icecreampie yum_pumpkinpie


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