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Happy Independence Day everyone! Got any celebration parties or BBQ lined up?

cat_stare I don't like to barbecue, and people in this city are almost ALWAYS playing around with firecrackers. Still, I'm hoping to set off my own kind of favorite explosions (i.e., with virtual high explosives & missiles). cat_twisted

Now, then......>.>

1. Why is it that only certain kinds of avatar items grant us entry into the event area, but other aquatic and/or beach-related items, such as "Aquatica" or any of the gold shop items released last summer, do not? cat_whee

That's all I have.....for now, at least. cat_xp

There are a couple items that we missed while making the list (Full List) and I have a thread for users to post the missed items here. Mainly, we tried to make it so you have to be wearing an article of beach clothing, swimming trunks, bikini, etc. and not just something aquatic or beach related.
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Hello, everyone.

It appears the hotlinking today for the dev notices are acting iffy redface
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Magnificent Moonbeam
Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I'm not sure what I want to ask as of now, but to answer your own questions, I have to work into a job assessment for 4 weeks to see if I can get a better job on Independence Day. But other than that, I've been fine, wanting to see more fireworks since last night for a game in my town where they had fireworks at the beginning of the game.

Hi MM,

Baseball game fireworks are the best!
Yeah, I was able to see them from my backyard. 3nodding That's the only thing I like really about summer is the fireworks. emotion_dowant
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Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?
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Waffles companion item w/ I AM pose! Please?

So, I just got my braces off today after almost two years. What should I eat? biggrin Had beef nacho chips for dinner. Feels so weird to chew, now.
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Ok well, about three weeks ago, my account Floppy Potatoes was hacked the only thing I had that was good on that account then was Wingding(phase one) 4th gen. and 800,000 gold I was saving for a toned keido. I would really like it if you replied to the report.
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main squeeze
To whom it may concern:

I was wondering when the fantasy game with the cats will be ready for us to play.

Also, why do red snuggle tables turn into green steel tables when you place them in your home?

Thank you for your time.

etc., etc...

The tables are my fault. I do know about it, and I'm going to get to it as soon as I can.
If you're too busy, it's okay. Maybe someone else can fix it.
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*waves hello to all*
*answers everything with SOON*

job done here.

-loves on joo-

Can I has Bunnihilation hungover bunny pose?

The fan thread loves the idea. whee
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Ridley Starsmore

Two: I notice you have the ability to turn off the upvote/downvote feature on the admin threads. Why exactly can we not have this feature? Just a little check box when making a thread. "Would you like to turn off voting for this thread?" Because I don't want votes, I want discussion. Plus, let's face it, the feature doesn't exactly get used the way it was intended in a lot of the forums. I mean, take the GCD...you guys know Winter puts a lot of time and effort into making the monthly rig list for the users. Why downvote hard work and helping others?

YET IT HAPPENS. By people doing so to be jerks. Winter doesn't deserve that, and neither do a lot of other users. All joking aside. is it really so hard to impliment?

We're currently in the process of rethinking how the voting system works for forums. We have a more powerful ranking system that we can use which I believe will be less prone to the type of abuse that bothers people. As to whether or not we allow opting out, that's still up in the air. With the trolling issues mostly solved there may not be a strong motivation to opt-out and it may make sense to cultivate an environment where feedback becomes an integral part of the experience.
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Hello everyone:

Happy Independence Day everyone! Got any celebration parties or BBQ lined up?

It was great meeting many of you at Anime Expo last weekend. Hope to see those of you at the east coast at Otakon!

Welcome to Ask The Admin!

Hi heart xd
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I haven't been able to make one of these since they first started. I had some questions in my mind last night, but they all seem to have vanished. gonk

How's the weather? If you could have any unconventional power, what would it be? Is this is a question?

{Personally, I'd like to be able to smell the future.}
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Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?
Same here :3
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Why is it impossible for you guys to give back an account that has been hacked?
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Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?

Two weeks from tomorrow.
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I feel like Monster Galaxy won't be supported or updated anymore...Especially since it's been taken off of Facebook.
What was the reason for that anyways?
I can't even get it to work on Gaia (even after transfering my acc) but anyways, why do you keep making these flash games (zOMG!, Moga) and then...You seem to just ditch them.
Is it because there aren't enough users playing it? Not making enough money?
It seems like a lot of money goes into making them and then you just ditch it...

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