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"I'm just here to say thank you Admins for taking care of Gaia, and for your hard work on the site. Keep up the good work."

Art Page

Questing: 120,000g/630,000g
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Zero Omega
Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?

Two weeks from tomorrow.
You don't say....

I say, therefore I am!
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How Come there aren't many centuar items. Like horse shoes, fur dye etc.
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Waffles says hi
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I feel like Monster Galaxy won't be supported or updated anymore...Especially since it's been taken off of Facebook.
What was the reason for that anyways?
I can't even get it to work on Gaia (even after transfering my acc) but anyways, why do you keep making these flash games (zOMG!, Moga) and then...You seem to just ditch them.
Is it because there aren't enough users playing it? Not making enough money?
It seems like a lot of money goes into making them and then you just ditch it...

Monster Galaxy is still going strong. There was fraud going on with the fb connection version and, after looking at the numbers, we decided that it was easiest to turn it off an encourage people to move to the Gaia/Viximo version if they wanted to get gold, etc. You can access the FB version of Monster Galaxy directly from facebook or do the migration into Viximo. Not sure what you mean when you say it isn't working for you on Gaia. Do the migration and it should work.
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Is the shop for irl items from gaia shutdown? owo I can't find a link to it anymore. The plushies and t-shirts, and stuffs. >w< <3
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it's my birthday today! I'm so thankful for the wishes the users gave to me, but I kind of miss those friendly reminders back when I was a n00b. I think we should have a birthday item for the users that have their birthdays! Whaddya think?

Happy Birthday! It's certainly an interesting idea smile
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Hello Everyone! :3 I have a few questions i'd like to ask.

1. will there be more animated items?

2. do you like my avi?

3. are you going to see fireworks for the 4th of july?
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Prelude to Hell
I have no questions. Gaia is great as it is. cool

Btw, I enjoyed that little bit with the live artist drawings and whatnot.
You guys are hilarious. xD

I do live art screening myself and it's really, really fun.

Anyway, do carry on with all your awesome.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the art walk/live artist drawings! We'd like to see some of your live art drawings sometime too! :0

- Sisky
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I am bringing up this issue again, because I have not heard back from the Dev who it was sent to by Zero Omega back in May.

Zero Omega
Shanra the Dragon Bard
Zero Omega
Shanra the Dragon Bard
Here is what I put in my bug report:

I'd like to enable texting again on this account. Can someone please help me?

Computer Specs:
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Google Chrome 18.0.1025.168

Alerts page

Clicking on this:
Did you disable alerts, and you want to re-enable them? Click here
I get this error message:
General Error
Something went wrong trying to communicate with one of our servers. Maybe rats are chewing on the cables again.

Could you give me the phone number that is being used?

number removed for privacy

I'll go ahead and send this along to a dev so they can look into it.
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

It has been a good month since I made an AtA. My mind is burnt right now and I am about to make things explode from frustration due to a select few people on this end, so no major questions from me tonight.

I am still wishing for some Rocky Horror inspired items on site just because substitutes I am using for Magenta are not as accurate as I would like. I am so a**l retentive about this, even for my Magenta costumes in real life. xp

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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it's my birthday today! I'm so thankful for the wishes the users gave to me, but I kind of miss those friendly reminders back when I was a n00b. I think we should have a birthday item for the users that have their birthdays! Whaddya think?


I love the idea, although it would take a bit of work. How about some Amigo Pants? smile
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crying I was so sad..I tried to watch the live art stream thingy but all of a sudden it stopped!! :U Then the video thingy went black AND I DIDN'T GET TO SEE ANYTHING!! Hoshina out.

(always wanted to say that.. >_> wink
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I'm new to this. What is this?
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So, how are you guys doing on a wonderful day?
OH OH OH, You guys, should make.... A Wario item. emotion_awesome

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