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Why is it impossible for you guys to give back an account that has been hacked?

Our turn around for hacking reports is actually quite fast these days, most users get their accounts and items back. There are some situations where we are unable to return the account or items due to various issues that come up during the report though. If you have a case that you weren't happy with, send me a PM with the information and I can look into it.
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He keeps me functioning each and every day. Without Him, I will be nothing.

gaia_angelleft Good evening! gaia_angelright

But, with Christ, HE strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)

Good evening! biggrin

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.:The Sentinel has deemed you worthy of her words, mortal...

Are there any plans for The Sentinel to be involved in any site events in the future?

If not, I'm afraid you may fall victim to some conveniently-placed death portals.

"I think I'd still rather devour this world in flames while legions
of demons poke at the few remaining survivors with tridents.
That sounds more my speed."
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Will you ever release an API for sections of the site?

Specifically useful would be one for the inventory -- it's a mess (no offense) and I've had a sketch of a redesign for a while now but implementing it as it stands would require a lot of server calls, and I'd rather not risk my users getting banned for botting.

An API wouldn't be too hard for you all to implement (assuming your backend isn't a total mess), and the benefits you'd reap from, essentially, other people doing work for you would more than pay off.
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Castiel Lover
Waffles companion item w/ I AM pose! Please?

So, I just got my braces off today after almost two years. What should I eat? biggrin Had beef nacho chips for dinner. Feels so weird to chew, now.

Pizzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa. blaugh
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Ridley Starsmore

Two: I notice you have the ability to turn off the upvote/downvote feature on the admin threads. Why exactly can we not have this feature? Just a little check box when making a thread. "Would you like to turn off voting for this thread?" Because I don't want votes, I want discussion. Plus, let's face it, the feature doesn't exactly get used the way it was intended in a lot of the forums. I mean, take the GCD...you guys know Winter puts a lot of time and effort into making the monthly rig list for the users. Why downvote hard work and helping others?

YET IT HAPPENS. By people doing so to be jerks. Winter doesn't deserve that, and neither do a lot of other users. All joking aside. is it really so hard to impliment?

We're currently in the process of rethinking how the voting system works for forums. We have a more powerful ranking system that we can use which I believe will be less prone to the type of abuse that bothers people. As to whether or not we allow opting out, that's still up in the air. With the trolling issues mostly solved there may not be a strong motivation to opt-out and it may make sense to cultivate an environment where feedback becomes an integral part of the experience.

Nifty. A better system would work too. Reason I keep bringing it up, is because a lot of forums thrive on discussion, such as the GCD...but it's happening less and less when folks just click a button and leave.
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Just dropping by to say: Thank you for that Live Artist Stream!!!

I wasn't able to catch it live, but i was able to watch the recording...

It was so much fun to see the artists (plus those-others-who-dont-have-the-artist-designation-but-can-draw-really-good-as-well) being spontaneously creative!

I just wished they drew more of the human NPCs though. Seeing the NPC as sailorscouts was a real treat!

Also, a present to Zero Omega: http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc273/mizzi_md/ciopoo/bronyking.jpg
rofl That is perfect, so true to life. Needs to be printed, framed and placed on his desk.
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I have a question directed towards Uncle Kenny.

A few months ago I asked about when we could possibly see the Angelic Rod PLUS since this is the only real update for fishing that we can imagine and have to look forward to. I was just wondering if we can expect it anytime soon. whee

Also, thank you for having a poll put up for us fishers and asking what we, as a fishing community, thought about keeping trophies soulbound or un-soulbounding them, just lets us know you still do care. heart
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Are you going to fix all the bugs the arenas are having?

Like not being able to go to your favorites entry or not being able to edit your avatar?
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- On the reply/edit post page, can you add a spoiler button?
Will do!
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Zero Omega
Today is my birthday guys and gals
Any staff birthdays coming up soon?

Two weeks from tomorrow.
You don't say....
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Dose Gaia have any plans on warning the members of Gaia that Meebo is shutting down its messenger? as the members of Gaia should be warned.
Waffles says hi
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Herro, everyone! biggrin

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I don't have any questions right now. But stopping by to say hi to everyone and
perhaps bring in some freshly baked Aussie biscuits. whee
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Hey guys. c: Any possibility of adding the Aekea River to Gaia Fishing? It's always been my favorite Gaia game. <3
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Constipated Trillionaire
Just wanted to check and see if you had a new time frame for when you expected the cri items that are needed in the quest to be back in the shops since it's not June anymore ninja

Also, as far as the case issue goes. Is it possible for you to generate something like a thousand of them and open them yourself, think it would give you a way to see what is in them, or what isn't in them? Really seems like they are broken right now. Back in the early part of the year when the cases were given out extensively through the daily chance you had a lot of the formulas that are now no where to be seen popping up often. Even the quest were somewhat find able; however still really rare. Now the cases aren't in the daily chance(at least no where as common) but they are easier to make than they were back then so there is still a large number of them being made and opened. However, you still have pretty much no quest formulas popping up and a lot of the formulas that are needed to craft components seem to be missing from them and are only gotten directly from the daily chance.

Hi CT,

Thanks for the reminder. Yup, we're behind on getting Dernier Cri stuff back out there, so we'll hopefully we be getting that done soon.

Nothing we see indicates that the Case is broken, but we do have an independent change that we think will address the formula rarity issue. It's not going to solve everything, of course, but I think it'll be a good step in the right direction like the Cache issue was. We're aiming to get this out in the next couple weeks.

They certainly seem broken from our(alchemist community) point of view, but it's great to hear that something is being done.

Thanks again for your time! biggrin

Sure. We can check into the Case in the meantime as well to see if we can find anything funky, but right now we're not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Thanks for the heads-up.

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