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Hello everyone!

Summer is right around the corner, and we're happy to say that the summer event is coming along nicely. How many of you get to have a summer vacation? Got any plans for the summer?

I've got myself a water rafting trip in two weeks, hope I don't fall off the raft this time sweatdrop

Welcome to ATA everyone!
Legalize marijuana?
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Again, just wondering about CrosStich... I'm dying for "soon" to come ):
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Sandwich event , yes? emotion_kirakira
Hello there admins!
I was wondering if there would be any hamster items that would sit next to avis,be able to hold or the "I am" pose.Also DAT WAFFLES! <3
Im having trouble with the Rally quest of hanging out in Rally for 30 minutes I cant get the timer to start................ question mrgreen and yesterday ZOMG was freezing and lagging and shooting me across the screen and I got stuck up in corners sweatdrop
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For any developer out there:

There are many of us that have a glitch with the quest where you use orbs on a ring and then return to talk to Elizabeth in zOMG. It's one of the first quests to be done and it's required to do any other quests beyond that. I'm stuck in Village Greens because I can't get past this quest. I've been told this glitch has been around for a very long time and only happens to some people. Is there any way you guys can look into this and possibly get it fixed? I've seen several topics about it in Site Feedback.
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I loved how you had an event involving your kitty Lanzer. It was a very creative idea. Hope Waffles returns for future events. So far I just plan on going fishing, to the beach, and to the lake and I'm going to California for a funeral. Anyway my 3 questions:

1) Could zOMG! rings be used as ingredients for future alchemy recipes to encourage gaians to play the game?
2) I've met a lot of fellow gaians who also love minecraft. Could Minecraft be a sponsor and gaia have some minecraft inspired items if they agree?
3) A lot of friends love to sing on skype and play instruments. Would it be possible for gaia to have a game or flash space for gaians to perform in front of friends?

1. I would need to ask around. I don't think there's any specific reason why we can't do that.

2. Minecraft is pretty neat. Haven't played it in a while. It's certainly possible, but I'm not currently aware of any interest they might have. I'll bug the relevant sales people because I think it would be really cool!

3. We don't have anything like that planned. We experimented with voip stuff a few times with mixed results. We don't have that technology so it would have to be third party. Am I to understand that you are playing instruments and singing together on skype? I don't see how this works because latency would ruin timing, so maybe you're just proposing a way for a single person to broadcast their performance - sort of like a podcast or streaming radio. Can you explain more about how this would work and how it would be used? Like a flash space with a audio stream attached? Sounds interesting.
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Hi Biglanky

I am formally asking you a SUPER IMPORTANT QUESTION

in a formal format

Get ready for this question

its a doozy


y do u have a cat hed?
Hello administrators, how are you tonight?!

I have, only, one question.
Do you guys have any summer events planned for Gaia? zOMG related, or just related to the whole community?
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Good evening admins heart

1: First, thanks for getting a developer on fixing Deadman's Shadow! The current quest line bug (Alastor's "meet me in the crypt" quest) has been worked on, and now the player can accept this quest, which was the problem....

However, people that have accepted this quest can now not activate the first form of Kamila. This creates an even more game breaking problem- now crews also have to make sure at least one person doesn't have this quest before they start Kam. Few people know the problem it makes to accept this quest, so few people know not to accept it. At least with the old can't-accept-this-quest glitch it didn't impede gameplay, just storyline.

Can this be reverted to its original state until this issue is resolved?

2: Please post (at least) a dev notice when Deadman's Shadow opens to the public.

3: Update the "Open access until November 18th" nonsense on the forum page. People are starting to think it's open until now to November.

4: Update the "Dec 23rd to Dec 28th" marquee on the launch page

5: Add a banner for DMS in the "Gaia ads" that show when a user has supporter status. You advertise gold shops to your own userbase, but you don't advertise your mmo. Really?

6: Remove this from the FAQ.

How much are rings worth?

That's up to you. zOMG! Rings are fairly rare loot drops, but there will be enough of them that you may eventually find yourself with a surplus of rings. Watch the Marketplace and figure out what those rings are selling for...and then sell them for around that much, if you so desire.

Alternatively, you can gift those rings to friends or teammates, or even salvage your rings to upgrade your other rings instead. It's up to you.



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Dear Lanzer:

Are you a brony?

Sincerely, Wintre.
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Bunnyfish Queen
Hello ladies/gents I have a question regarding bans :3
If someone reopens a ticket after the year is up (or has reopened it a couple of times) will a mod look into it? Or just overlook the ticket?

We try to answer every ticket that we receive, for a ticket re-opened after a year we will do what we can to investigate the ban itself, however after so long sometimes it can be very difficult to review the situation. We will do our best though!
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Hello ATA~ I'm dropping in to say hi and hang out for tonight's session, heh.

Question for Lanzer!> Do you still like Eyeshield 21? If so, who's your favorite character?

Question for everyone!> Do you like the new meebo bar? Why or why not? (Personally I don't really like it...)
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What IS the Summer Event?
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I don't have many questions. c:

1. Is there an exact date we can expect the event to come out?

2. What do you think of the event-anons?

3. Whats going to happen to zOMG?

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