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Oh, god, you did the Dev Alert.

sad There goes the rest of my night.
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When is the last time you guys cleaned the Zomg servers? Because they lagg with a passion
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I'm glad you found your cat Lanzer
I have school in the summer (only June)
Classes are going by fast, too fast!
I can't wait for the summer event.
It's going to be Olympics related, right?
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Dear Admins,

How much can you bench press?

Sincerely, I'm random. biggrin
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It would be nice if I could get an answer this month, as I've asked this question for the last three months and have been ignored each month at the Ask the Admin.

Has there been any progress with the Android App?
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Lanzer, where are you water rifting at confused
When will you guy's be doing applications for new Mod's and such!?

I've been waiting a while to see you guy's say your accepting applications for Mod's


p.s. My Capacha(Typo feel free to corret) says - "pipe down" lol
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I have a suggestion for the Cash Shop, I would like for we who buy there to be able to basically purchase all we want at one time.

You know when you buy something from a place online and it puts it in a cart and asks, "Purchase now?" or "Continue Shopping?" and that way you can click on all the items you want to buy and do it on one transaction.
Hi there

Thanks for a bit more diversity in the hair last update. Honestly, it wasn't much as I'd hoped BUT I was very happy to see some diversity in texture nonetheless. The loss of bluenoodle has been pretty noticeable for me as it gave me 10 GC that really added up over the months. Are there short/long term solutions that can cover for users the loss of video supplies of GC like bluenoodle? I guess I really did take it for granted back then..

Are bangs for salon styles in the works or will ever be? Some styles (especially afro textured ones) are growing popular with them, so I thought to ask.

Got a few more but I'll wait.
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I know I asked this last ATA, but, any Animated Items on the horizon? Been quite a while since any have come out!
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Uncle Kenny
Rainbow Beans
Can you open the pools earlier in towns?

The pools should already be available in the middle block of every Town zipcode.

oh yay! I didn't notice! it's been about a week since I have been in there!
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i've got a question about Meebo, the IMing thing most of us use.

Do you guys know what happened to it? Or is something up with the whole ownership switch or whatever with Google?

And do you know if it's going to be back? If so, when?
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1) Perhaps review the warnings to her? Are they legitimate?

2) Any of the Gaia staff allergic to cats?

3) Even though it is super early, is there a chance of a Halloween Event for zOMG! this year, even a recycled one?

Hi jonjon,

1) Yup, someone on our team is looking into it.

2) Yup, unfortunately. But it's only one or two.

3) This I don't know. It'll depend on how much bandwidth our devs have around Halloween. But we'd certainly like to if we can.
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So about those Epic recipes. Since zOMG is in maintenance mode and the rare loot has been taken out of the area events, is it safe to assume that there is a very low chance of ever actually seeing the Epic items that were promised to revive interest and add challenge to zOMG?

An observation. I created a thread back in January to inform users passing through GCD of the new games zOMG has been pushed aside in favor of. Myself and others are noticing a distinct lack of interest already in these games. Now that the con season is well-underway and Pan has started sending out invitations for the closed beta of your "high fantasy" game, I would expect to see a little more enthusiasm, but so far, nothing.

I would also like to know just how much information I can post about said games, since I'm apparently running the default thread for them.

Finally, are we ever going to see changes to the GGB formula, and the way the Case functions? The all or nothing aspect of the Case makes it extremely unattractive to craft.
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is there going to be a midummer swirl 2

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