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Can you open the pools earlier in towns?

The pools should already be available in the middle block of every Town zipcode.
Is someone working on the glitch where at the end of editing a post, I'm always taken to the end of the thread as opposed to the post I edited?
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arrow Waffles Compainion! ... Lanzer, you haz one! Y U NO SHARE? cat_cry

arrow Artists: Update on the years-old eye glitch I brought up weeks ago? "Suspicious Eyes" is the name.

For example: Dream Town's red car; both Valentines Kissing booths; Grave Danger Funeral Frame; secret retreat's mirror; Reve Rouille (diving in); Little Lucie (Empty Eyes); Many other eye mods, etc. etc.

Example: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

arrow What kind of animal is this RIG's rare animal supposed to be? (The one in the header)
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Are there any plans yet for the mini-event loot from zOMG? Re-releasing, using as alchemy components? ( '-')
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When will the next 'Bid Blast' take place? Are there any plans to revamp it?
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Can I have waffles? emotion_kirakira
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Hello admins!

I have one simple request. I would like, along with many others, to have a Garden forum included- perhaps an extension to the Health & Fitness or the LifeStyle Discussion forum. It can have sub forums such as: Growing Fruits, vegetables, pest control, show off your garden, tips and techniques, tools/ DIY greenhouse/ raised beds, flowers, trees, Different gardening systems such as Hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhousing, raised beds, etc.

What do you all think of this idea?

It would certainly reinforce the message and events of the previous Earth Day event. And I think it would help others to get involved in helping our planet thrive abundantly.

After all .. This website wasn't named Gaia for nothing, right? Why not show some True Gaian Spirit by reflecting it for our love of our precious Earth by creating this wonderful addition! biggrin

Here are some comments from other Gaians who are very interested in this idea.

Strega Mama
I would be all over this if it happened. This would be lovely, to have someplace besides this thread and my one guild (neonascence) to discuss gardening

I'd be totally all up in that hydroponics forum if there was one. XD

Haven't tried it but just really curious. o uo

I'd love a forum or sub-forum dedicated to gardening. Some of the sub-forum titles could be, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables, Mushroom Cultivation, Aquatic Plants, Container Gardening, and Hydroponics. A separate gardening forum would be great.
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Hi CioccoLatte,

I'm excited about the summer event. I wake up thinking about what I have to do on it everyday now.

I love to travel. I was lucky enough to live and work in Thailand for about 2 years. So that is my favorite place. I also got to go to Loas, Burma, Cambodia and Singapore while I was there. My favorite food is Panang curry, from this little place on the river Ping in the northern city of Chiangmai.

Thank you for replying!!!

I'm sure the summer event will be great!!!

I love Thai cuisine!

My favorite is that rice with the green mangoes, pork satay (love that peanut sauce!), and the chicken wrapped in pandan leaves.

My kids love satay as well, my wife is Thai and she makes it for them often. When I was there, someone just down the street was selling a stick of pork satay for 1 bath (3 cents) each. I would go and order 100 sticks.
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Dear Admins,

Two things.

First) You said you'd be putting the needed quest items back into D*C, it has been almost a month since this announcement, are we going to get this update soon? I believe some of the items are actually extinct now... and so unless they are put back will not be able to be gotten at all...

Second) You need to MASSIVELY up the drop rates for the Daily Chance formulas, it should not cost 10M+ for a single formula that is needed in a quantity higher than 10... So if you could really hurry up and just make formulas like Ectoplasm and Candy Mountain as common as Amigo Pants and Summer Tops in Daily Chance, right now we're at a rate of MAYBE (if we're lucky) ONE showing up every 2 weeks to 2 months... as someone who does all 6 of my daily chances every day, and has done them for the last year since alchemy began, I should have gotten at least one if not way more than one formula from Daily Chance by now... so please just do it, don't give us the "we'll look into it" or "we'll get on that", just actually increase the drop rates 10 fold so they become as common as they NEED to be... and that will heavily fix alchemy as a whole.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

Hi Animal,

Thanks for the feedback on the drop rates. And I'm sorry to give you an answer that you don't want to hear, but I can't promise we're going to do that. But we are taking a close look at formula availability in general - where we'll land on it, I can't say b/c I can't commit us to anything, but we are definitely taking a look.

Thanks for your patience on this.

You can reword it, but it still counts!-gets the shot glasses-

Glad that I can be part of the game!
Hello ladies/gents I have a question regarding bans :3
If someone reopens a ticket after the year is up (or has reopened it a couple of times) will a mod look into it? Or just overlook the ticket?
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Hi guys!
Just a couple questions regarding the Monster Galaxy Fan Art contest.
1. Are the winners really gonna be chosen randomly? The way you put that section is confusing. First you say it's random, then you say you'll pick ones that make you laugh..or something like that. xD
2. When will the winners be chosen? emotion_kirakira So excited to see who wins.
3. And this one is just for my personal curiosity, but will the prize mogas be giving at a specific level? I hope it's nothing like a level 1 or level 10 D:

Anyways! Thanks for being so awesome - still!
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I Want Football Online Arena!
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I was thinking about adding a new place: The beach. Which mean it'll only stay opened in the summer, I was thinking about this idea from a long time sweatdrop
Hello Admin!!!

gaia_star Non-gaia-related questions from me this time... gaia_star

1. Do you like to travel?

2. What places/countries have you been to?

3. Any favorite country/tourist spot?

4. What is your favorite foreign cuisine/dish? From what country did you taste it?

Thanks for your time!
Looking forward to this year's summer event!

Yup, my appetite for good food had led me to many countries smile

Canada, Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Finnland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, and of course, most states in the US. smile

Japan is still my favorite, too many toys and great food! Think I answered the last question too. Japan has sushi that I've never tasted elsewhere.

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