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Hi CioccoLatte,

I'm excited about the summer event. I wake up thinking about what I have to do on it everyday now.

I love to travel. I was lucky enough to live and work in Thailand for about 2 years. So that is my favorite place. I also got to go to Loas, Burma, Cambodia and Singapore while I was there. My favorite food is Panang curry, from this little place on the river Ping in the northern city of Chiangmai.

Thank you for replying!!!

I'm sure the summer event will be great!!!

I love Thai cuisine!

My favorite is that rice with the green mangoes, pork satay (love that peanut sauce!), and the chicken wrapped in pandan leaves.
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Hello everyone. I don't have any questions so far, but I will lurk around if I must and maybe talk.
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Any news from the Cash Tree yet?
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Were you all aware that Paul McCartney's birthday is today? User Image
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My summer plans are to stay cool and find a job. sweatdrop
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Can you open the pools earlier in towns?
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(hey, just a heads up that Meebo bar is being funky)

a good evening to all the staff and mods!
i asked my questions the other week but i would like to ask a semi-personal question to you -

Who was your biggest non-celebrity idol when growing up?
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Aw you have Waffles with you!
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Hello everyone!

Helllo! And I am sure this is out of line, but we have a very sad situation in the zOMG community, can you help?

Goodbye, zOMG

Hello! Thanks for letting us know about this - I'll look into the issue. biggrin

Take care!
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just trying to get my dream avi
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Dear admins,
.....Why are we no longer able to name towns?
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Dear Admins,
Are you having glitches on the jizsaw. My reason for asking is because every so often the severs are down or there is a security issue and it kicks me out of that sever. If so could you please fix this because it is very agravating at times.
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When are you guys updating the site to IPv6, unless it has already been updated o-o'
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are you guys planing on making an ipad app i know theres one for ipod but it looks so small on the ipad. Why cant we try on our clothes on the app in the MP? working on that or.... smile
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User ImageCan we please have the Zurg Flarn skin?

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