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Kunai Jones
And, can you please, pretty please move the Flaunt It and the Label Maker from the “Customize Me” page? I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been caught nekkid because I’ve accidentally hit the Flaunt It banner.

I’ve noticed that the multiple pose window is moveable, but most of the time it lands on top of the banner – and I’m sloppy when it comes to my mouse. It’s also annoying that when I select a pose, and need to choose another, I have to find the window and drag it to an appropriate spot and repeat the process. Is it possible to have the multiple pose item window load in one spot, instead of random places on the screen.
If you use Firefox, download an add-on called Ad-Block, and then you can block those links. I know I never use them, but always clumsily click on them.

And if you're not using Firefox...well, start. It's super good.

XD I use Safari. I downloaded Safari Block but for the life of me couldn't figure out how to install it. (First ever time since I started using a Mac in 2003.)
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hey Lanzer, and other admins, i have but two questions :
1) how do you get your inspirations for mc's, and evolving items...
2 have hyere ever been poses that were not included in an item that you wish were?
thanks for your time, animega
Cube B
crazy spork i am
Cube B
And Yes, I did.
Hi Sporkii!

hello hello :3

I love your outfit. The hair is lovely. ^^

it was given to me by a friendly donator... ninja

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crazy spork i am
Hello Lanzer and Spork,

Lanzer, due to the "renovations" of fishing, will we see any new lakes in the coming months? Are you guys fixing the problems that caused so many bots in fishing?

Spork, when are you going to get married? I saw the video of the convention, Kirby asked in a crazy way that was so original.

our plan is to try and hold it sometime next year. we have a venue in mind, now it's just about terms of finances (the squicky part!). :3

will you have a wedding in towns? Looks like your ready ^_^
Hello people working at Gaia! What do you like to do for fun besides answering my questions and working for Gaia?
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gonk gonk gonk

I was watching Forum Pulse like a hawk!! Cursed thing let me down!
Technically that's not against the rules. Though we're changing the system to favor Gaians who stick to one account versus many. Sagger is putting in a lot of his time in making significant changes so that there will be more gold to earn.

There isn't specifically a clause saying it's not okay (under the TOS), so that's why it's technically not against the rules. What's not okay are things like botting, which includes earning gold without you being in-front of the computer, generally speaking.

Is gathering daily chance on more than one account and then sending the gold to a main (all done without an automated program of course) against the rules?

And if so may I have a link to where this rule is written so that I may reference it and link it to others?

Edit: First user post, booya! ^^

Thank you very much for responding to my question. There have been a lot of people saying a lot of different things on the topic and it was getting confusing. I had often heard it said that profiting from multiple accounts in a way that you cannot profit from one was against the rules, possibly meaning drawing gold from multiple accounts. There was also concern of people who regularly traded gold from mules being mistaken for botters.

Anyways thank you again.
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Dear Lanzer/Crazy/Any other developer answering tonight:

How do you feel about having two kinds of Avatar Arena, one for cosplay purposes, and one for 'original character' (color scheme, etc) purposes? I've noted a lot of anger at the rising number of cosplays winning the arena, and have heard people expressing wishes that there were actually two arenas.
Hi everyone~
I don't know if this has been asked before but..
When you got Christian Siriano to make items for Gaia, did he do it for free or did you have to pay him?
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crazy spork i am
Cube B
crazy spork i am
Cube B
And Yes, I did.
Hi Sporkii!

hello hello :3

I love your outfit. The hair is lovely. ^^

it was given to me by a friendly donator... ninja

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generic superhero name
User Image

Couple questions that have come to mind recently, can you answer them please 3nodding

1. when will the guilds get a much needed face lift?
2. I remmeber you saying something about adding a clubs feature? Any ETA for that?
3. Will battle clans for the MMO recive a special guild like club thing when the MMO is released?
4. I remember seeing a pic of you at the New York Comic Con sporting a G-pin. You guys going to add that to the Shop? I would love to have one biggrin
Oh holy crap I want a G Pin! *supports idea*
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happy monday!
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like the Avi ^^
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Hello people working at Gaia! What do you like to do for fun besides answering my questions and working for Gaia?

dyeing my hair all sorts of crazy colors~!
If my question on "unisexing has apparently been put on the back burner" won't be answered, then an alternate - how often do the admins or artists go into the Petitions forum in regards to EI/MC/new store items? i'll admit i have a good idea or two that have been lauded by a certain developer, but i'd rather be modest. xD

i mean, i have seen VERY good ideas get lots of signatures, but it seems taboo that developers or artists (or god forbid ADMINISTRATORS) can sign a petition or two, just to show their personal support.
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Okay, what is up with your Gaia Virtual Lounge? It has changed it's name, and it's ways to gain items/gold (which doesn't work for me, and hasn't since it's been changed), but not a thing has been announced about it. Are you guys keeping it seperate from the actual site? I just want to know why it doesnt seem to work for some (though others have said it still works for them), and why it seems to have been forgotten here completely.

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