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Making a difference...

Yesterday's MCs were nice <3 But the halo is a little light x_o Still, nice job I must admit. 4laugh

And... I've heard of people who have been hacked getting their accounts/items back after a few months. Thas good to hear but... some people have been waiting a year or so and heard nothing? D:
(Lol can I has Katrica back? ;-; Silly hackers)

And have you named the owl on yur head? :3 If not, call it Gizmo! XD

By whatever means necessary

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crazy spork i am

heart heart how are you???
Cube B

And Yes, I did.

Hi Sporkii!

hello hello :3
crazy spork i am

Hello! What do you do at Gaia! surprised
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Hey Lanzer, Kirby, and Spork,

I've posted about this and made a thread in Site Feedback, but I figured I'd bring it to your attention here in AtA. I was wondering if we could get a pose adjustment to the Prism allowing for the head aura to be used without wearing the crown. Like so...

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(With a little somethin' for the laaaa-diiiieeees.)

This item would be much more versatile if we could get the behind-the-head aura split from the crown. The crown's gorgeous, don't get me wrong! Love the crown! But this adjustment would enter this item into the beauty ranks of Masterpieces and Biancamella. Elite company to be sure. Not to mention that the illustration for this item in the museum features just such a pose. No crown in sight. The item would also be more guy friendly, and the pixels are already done. You just need to arrange a separate pose for this one.

I know MCs don't traditionally get changed after release, but since the promotion for this item includes this requested pose it would be a huge boost to actually have access to such a look.
Were did you get the names for the NPCs. How did you chose gold as our money and why call Gaia, Gaia?

Were you surprised that Kiki and Grunny became runaway hit mascot characters?

Another thing, why don’t NPCs post more? It would be nice if some one’s only job was to lurk in forums and make posts but it seems like the zurg and Elftechs are the only ones who ever went to towns, posted in forums or answered PMs I really get a kick out of talking to NPCs in the hopes of influencing plot points. Ever since the GIB and the believers got in to the Zurg plot I been obsessed with it. I actually feel bad for accidentally deleting one of my elf tech PMs. But I still have him as a friend so its ok. I refuse to accept my Elf friend is dead!. Any how thing is I love giving NPCs letters and gifts we could use more of that. In fact I volunteer to be an NPC. Even if it was a lemur or a Zombie Nietzsche I would totally do it!

Will we be seeing Zombie Nietzsche any time soon?

When and how will new NPCs be introduced to Gaia?


What is a Opinion Primate, why have the poll mascot as a monkey and why does it look like Mooninite?
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Dear Gaia Admins,

1. Would it be at all possible to have a MMO Battle Clan featured on the main page like you do with members profiles?

2. How long do you expect the Beta Testing to run for?

You are all doing a great job by the way and i thank you on be half of The League of Gaian Assassins for all your heard work!

Sacred Demon ~ Leader of LoGA
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Hello Lanzer and Spork,

Lanzer, due to the "renovations" of fishing, will we see any new lakes in the coming months? Are you guys fixing the problems that caused so many bots in fishing?

Spork, when are you going to get married? I saw the video of the convention, Kirby asked in a crazy way that was so original.
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Good evening Lanzer, artists, and fellow Gaians. <3 I hope your weekends went well; I was up at the Poconos with my family and spent most of my time helping my sister who is due to give birth anyday now. Did anyone see the new Hulk? It looked...iffy to say the least.

The MCs were beautiful -- not my style save for the security bot, but I love my Roro too much to get rid of him. ^_^

I am really hoping somebody be able to answer some of these questions. Half because I really do want to know, and half because I'd love to get some information for my guild's newspaper for tomorrow. ^_^; You had answered my question on guild, journal, and inventory updates last week, so I very much appreciate it. But here are a few coming from an Aekea Activist.

1. The robots of Aekea have a very interesting past, and their personalities are very diverse. Do you plan on integrating their history into any upcoming plots?
2. Aekea too hasn't been involved very much in the storyline. Will we ever see more of the great Aekea in the future? Liam set aside of course.
3. Any intentions of having more robotic items?
4. I remember when Durem and Aekea were discovered on Gaia; when will we be introduced to a new town?
5. Do you have plans to make a deal with www.tektek.org in order to give them their own subforum in the Avatar Talk?
6. Will Delageau ever make another dashing, beautiful, shining entrance?
7. Can you make Edy and robot underwear like you had with the other male NPCs? -fangirlsqueal-
8. It would make my life if Gaia attended Katsucon next year in Washington D.C. Hmm...I guess this isn't a question.
Dang I had some questions planned for Sagger.
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Man, I've been meaning to come to one of these since Valentine's Day. Let's see if I can remember any of my questions.

Is anyone at Gaia a fan of the game The World Ends With You? Because those Elemental Wings are perfect for a Reaper smile Also it's a superfun game.

EDIT: Also ICO and Shadow of the Colossus? No particular reason, they're just like my favorite games evar.

What's your favorite Pokemon?

Do you have a favorite love song? (Like I said, I meant to ask this in February xD )

Finally, why won't the Opinion Primate accept my friend requests? ;o; I just want to love him.
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ooo sporkii, congrats on getting engaged

those weekly polls, since we sometimes get questions about specific gaia related features like the prom game or post styles, will it lead to having those be peramanent parts of gaia if it's popular enough?
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OH! By the way, when you have time, would you mind looking at my latest crazy idea?


It's basically a dating sim style NPC interaction system. A bit complex, yes. But totally cool. XD
Good way to add depth to the characters too.
crazy spork i am

heart heart how are you???

exceptionally busy! both here and outside of gaia D: i traveled down to LA last weekend to participate in a party to do some promotional stuffs (not gaia related) :3
happy monday!

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