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Mermaid Eater
Hey Lanzer can we gave some more Principal Mills please?
cat_smile *Waffles runs away*
The code broke when I removed all of the (6?) Voice Fonts so I restored one of them. I submitted a patch to our testing team to fix the underlying issue -- when that code is ready, I'll remove the last VoiceFont.

Okay! Thank you! heart
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☪ Zero omega best mod ever heart
Second this.

D'aww, thanks you two. heart

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Will Rigel and Mintaka dolls ever receive their extra poses?

Not sure when.
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Hello everyone!

Thank you for participating the Waffles event! Here's a Waffles pic for you all

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Aw! Waffles is so adorable!
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I was wondering, how do you guys pick your staff? I'm not interested in being one, but I was just wondering.

We pick staff just like any other company and try to get the most qualified person for the job.
Lesbian In Denial
Hi Lanzer! 4laugh
so, I must ask: What made you come up with the Waffles event? How did you come into a discussion, even, of the owner of Waffles, about posting them on Gaia? surprised
cat_blaugh *Waffles runs away*
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A question for the Admin Lead Crew! When is the Calender thing Gonna be put up? 1 more question are u guys deciding on putting any new stuff in zomg like new maps?
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Any plans to have any more meet-ups at Gameworks? I'm from the Cincinnati area and loved attending them! (And being able to walk to the Gameworks in the Cincinnati-area was a major perk for me!)
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Hey admin, one thing I want to suggest and ask is, are there any plans to make a Following/Followers option on Gaia in addition to being able to friend people?
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Thanks for the Waffles mini-event :3 I'm curious as to how it came to be.. Was it sparked from my ATA questions for a Waffles Companion (which I still want), or was it already planned?

Also, my captcha = Dust Bunny. I guess that means I should ask for the white dander ear recolor? lol
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Since I'm currently watching RAW, I'm gonna say that I'd like to see more wrestling related things on Gaia.

This is the special edition three hour one? Sooooooo~ hoping they kill the Laurinitis (sp) storyline.
Yep or should I say... Yes! Yes! Yes!
[NPC] Waffles the Cat
is waffles related to bibbles?
cat_pirate *Waffles runs away*

it's you again! dramallama
Are we going to get a waffles item that isn't a shirt or a head? It would be nice to have that cute little cat as a cat to hold or have on the head.
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Fun question for the lurking admins for the hell of it:

What is your favorite game? Could be a board game, word game, PC game, or video console type game.

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