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when are you going to bring edy back?
how old is nicu?
and will there be any backstory to edy , lex or nicu?

I like to know more about them please and thankies 8D
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First time at an ATA, but I was wondering... is there any thoughts going into updating the Guild posting? So that it has the same coding as the forum (or at least coding like the [list*][/list*] coding? It would be really convenient, so I'm curious...
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Ridley Starsmore
Hi, I was wondering who writes your announcements? Do you have a writer who does those or is it different people? Some of them are really funny.

Yes we have wonderful writers to help make our announcements.

Writers who occasionally forget Firefox has spell check. mrgreen

What's spelchek?

That thing that neither one of us knows how to use right.

Or is that the clock on the VCR, cause i can't get that one to work either.

(Weird, my captcha is 'patience, child')
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[NPC] Waffles the Cat
[NPC] Lanzer
techno engel
Lanzer, do you really take waffles out for walks? Because that is just so.....CUTE!

Waffles is an indoor cat, he likes staying at home all day and napping. smile
cat_surprised *Waffles runs away*

No one will every convince me you told a lie.

              Running away from your owner?! Waffles you silly little scottish fold!

Moriarty was REAL!
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[NPC] Waffles the Cat

cat_whee *Waffles runs away*

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heart itll be okay waffles im sure darknrgy will come to his senses eventually
[NPC] Lanzer? eek When did this happen? surprised
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Wouldn't want to upset the artists lol x]
I've seen quite a lot of talk about Towns 2.0 should resemble zOMG! to an extent (hopefully with less lag because I get stuck in weird places due to lag there), but how much of that is true? Are you using zOMG! as inspiration or are you using somewhat the same coding and layout?

Well, I'd have to say none of that is true. The inspiration for the art comes from the artist, I don't think they are using zOMG! as inspiration, but you'd have to ask them. I think it looks quite different. I'm not using any zOMG code or layout, everything is brand new. It should have less lag.

Hi, will the new towns 2.0 be like Hollywood/Rally? Any similarities? mrgreen

Hmm, that's a good question. Yes and no. It will have unique areas instead of just many many chessboards. So in that way it is like that, but you won't pick/create a hangout like you do in Hollywood. The new towns may feel a bit small at first, but it will grow as we add each town into towns. Durem, Gambino, Barton, etc.

When you refer to "It will have unique areas instead of just many many chessboards." What unique areas do you refer to, as in where each chessboard is placed, there will be a new unique place? surprised

No, I mean in that way, it is like Hollywood or Rally. If we do put a chessboard in new towns there will be only one. You can't just keep walking forever. Does that make sense?
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Zero Omega
i reported my account missing when i got hacked. and i even said who hacked it. why havent i gotten the password and stuff back?

Hacking reports can take up to 7 to 10 business days to reply to, if it's been longer than that, then send me a PM with the information related to the hacked account.
I've had a hacking report since 2004 and it was never answered on my main account; twice. Are you suuuuuuuure?

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IIx Sin xII
Oh yeah, got one, I had problems with Daily Chance, where when I clicked on it, I think on the Shops tabs. It says something like a Permission error or something. I can't Remember what it says exactly, but It gives me trouble and I have to keep click DC, a few times before it goes through. Any idea what's going on with that?

I think I can answer that. I don't know what specifically is going on with that, but I've had the same problem. I've noticed that I click on the daily chance before the page loads. Someone how that messes up the daily chance. I would say to watch the page loading and be sure it loads before you click on it. That may help you too.

No the page is fully loaded when I click on it.
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awww lanzer's avi has waffles with it. cuuuuuuuuuuute. *random post*
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Zero Omega

AVAST! The flames of anarchy hath cometh. dramallama

Lakers rule.

I like the Celtics.

I like the Dodgers.

the Boston Red Sox.

(Seriously, I'm having fun with this!)

San Francisco 49ers.

The New England Patriots.
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For anyone whos asking about equiptsble wigs from the salon, i was pointed to this bit of info. It saddens me but it is what it is.
~~~Making current hairstyles into wigs~~~
We have wigs available in many different equipable forms. Wigs are meant to be hairstyles that fit well with a theme that can be changed at will, and the Salon hairstyles are meant to be more semi-permanent so it is more realistic!
Threads asking for this will be recycled.
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How's the progress on that new card game?
Coming along nicely - beta should start soon smile
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What conventions are you planning on going to next? Because I went to QC Anime-zing here in Davenport, IA and all they had Gaia wise was flyers with codes for last year's con items. The reason why I'm asking is because I'm going to be part of staff next year and it would be wonderful to have flyers with next year's con item to keep up to date smile

Also great job with everything you have done on the site! Been a proud member since 2005 and Gaia never gets old! Keep up the fantastic work!

P.S. - Sneak in some more Doctor Who items... Like a companion item with various companions or aliens from the series or even different incarnations of the Doctor himself! With permission from BBC of course XD Don't want you to end up going to court for legal stuff lol

Hi there,

Definitely PM DJ Helsing - he can get you some stuff for the con at least. And thanks for sticking with us so long! smile

Great! I'll keep that in mind!

.... But what about the Doctor Who item suggestion? XD

Hi Sarah Jane,

I hope we do get some more items. They seem to keep disappearing soon after being made. I think it has something to do with the polarity of the neutron flow.

XD Nice reference there! Just wanted to ask for the sake of all the Whovians out there! It would make some of us that roleplay or cosplay Doctor Who here on Gaia happy to have a companion item of some of the aliens or even the Doctor to tag along with our avatars!
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MY rusty h a l o
First time at an ATA, but I was wondering... is there any thoughts going into updating the Guild posting? So that it has the same coding as the forum (or at least coding like the [list*][/list*] coding? It would be really convenient, so I'm curious...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

list coding? ive neva heard of that.
but yes fo cods sake it needs to be updated it's horrible.
I hope it wouldnt mess anything up because i just made a guild lol

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