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is waffles related to bibbles?
cat_pirate *Waffles runs away*
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Waffles is adorable!
Three questions!

1. Is there any update from carbonphyber on the wishlist issue? I know I posted about it 2 weeks ago but haven't heard a darn thing back :/ And his journal is private. Why don't dev's have more public blogs!? Arghhh.

2. What’s going on with the </3s? I can’t stand seeing people downvote my threads and not tell me why! I noticed someone say they were working on a way that would still keep them but just avoid the trolling aspect. Are they really necessary to be kept? Non-trolled </3's are still discouraging to me!

3.Why is the booty grab captcha different from the forum captchas? My Feedback Thread

4. Any reveals for what you're doing with games (with OMGPOP being gone)?

Annnddd I think that's it. I'll take any answers you can provide wink
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Since I'm currently watching RAW, I'm gonna say that I'd like to see more wrestling related things on Gaia.

This is the special edition three hour one? Sooooooo~ hoping they kill the Laurinitis (sp) storyline.
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What do you guys do to celebrate a special occasion?

Depends on the occasion! Sometimes we eat ice cream; other times we throw pies at Zero. Sometimes we combine the two and throw ice cream pies at Zero!

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Are you going to extend Zomg like add some more areas to train solo and party?

Furthermore, is the beta testing for the new game comming out on gaia? Are you still backed up?
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9 out of 10 times when I try to send PM,
It doesn't go out and stays in my outbox,
But when I delete it, its like
"Psych! There is no message here. We may have deleted it because it was creepy."
I don't send creepy messages. emotion_eyebrow
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I would love to see a Waffles Companion pet and I would love to have Stein's hair. 3nodding
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Excellent, I see Waffles was found, I was quite worried.

I know he's a dev, not an admin, but do you think Swarf would like me? redface
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Hi Lanzer! 4laugh
so, I must ask: What made you come up with the Waffles event? How did you come into a discussion, even, of the owner of Waffles, about posting them on Gaia? surprised

Waffles is our boss ruler overlord so we have to follow his wishes.
Black Death Goddess
Hello everyone!

Thank you for participating the Waffles event! Here's a Waffles pic for you all

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
cat_3nodding *Waffles runs away*
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Did you find Waffles? cry
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omg. waffles is so cute o uo

unnn... notreallyaquestion.

i haven't been on gaia since the stone ages like some people, but i've been in several guilds and from what i've seen, guilds are behind. they just don't work as well as forums, if that makes sense, and i think i recall seeing a few old threads wandering around about wanting updates to guilds...
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Vintage Paperbag
This for ATA, I've been banned, because my brother put a playboy picture on my friends account. I feel stupid for leaving my computer on,so now im banned because of him. So is there any chance of you gettinhg my account back for me? My username: ''Magic Meat''

Have you first tried filing a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help?
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Ok. Um...

Will there ever be any cheap gold shop makeup that avatars can wear?

I'm not talking about the clown makeup, or the little makeup tubes that you can hold in your hand.

People have been buying up the masquerade items like crazy. I have a little over 100,000g, but it is still way not enough.

I'm not of a high enough level to make an alchemized version of it either.
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Any news from viximo about game updates?

Also, how is the new towns world development going?

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