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OMG Maureen Cox
Are we allowed to ask if the gaia staff is working out bugs for other things/recommend things that should be fixed?

*noob* emo

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Ren Orenji Doragon
Hi AtA. o3o;;

  • Thank you guys so much for removing the Voice Fonts from the in-game zOMG! shop!! heart Though uh... I think you missed one.
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The code broke when I removed all of the (6?) Voice Fonts so I restored one of them. I submitted a patch to our testing team to fix the underlying issue -- when that code is ready, I'll remove the last VoiceFont.
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1: Are there any new animated items on the way?

2: If so. Any hints, please?
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i had to sacrifice some items for it
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cat_razz -Wafflesss <3

Is there anyway for you to make more items along the lines of Fallen Wish? Cause I think it would be nice to have hair like Mintaka..
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Hi Lanzer! 4laugh
so, I must ask: What made you come up with the Waffles event? How did you come into a discussion, even, of the owner of Waffles, about posting them on Gaia? surprised
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            Hello Gaia Admins and Staff. Just stopping by to say hi, and thanking you all for the hard work you guys do. c:

            edit: Waffles is so cute!!! Q A Q
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Since I'm currently watching RAW, I'm gonna say that I'd like to see more wrestling related things on Gaia.
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Hey guys,

I've recently been reading about how you are working on updating towns to a 2.0 version, but I was wondering if there are any further updates?
Do you have a specific date where you can say that you will launch Towns 2.0?
And can you by any chance throw us a screenshot on how it will look? gonk
I'm really looking forward to an update to the "classic" hangout smile
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This for ATA, I've been banned, because my brother put a playboy picture on my friends account. I feel stupid for leaving my computer on,so now im banned because of him. So is there any chance of you gettinhg my account back for me? My username: ''Magic Meat''
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Hi, (waffles is adorable!) I was just wondering if there were going to be more items in crosstitch soon, or in any gold shops, for that matter...
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☪ Zero omega best mod ever heart
Second this.
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Oh nooo the Announcement has been sent, the pages are gonna fly and it's gonna be worse than our Pitt street Mall. rofl
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i had to sacrifice some items for it

Congrats! It looks lovely on you. wink heart

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