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The Omnitrix King
Question for DARKNRGY:

Will you d8 me? redface

You don't want to date me, I'm very high maintenance.

We could be high maintenance together. We could have it all.
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thanks so much for the Monster Galaxy update biggrin
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Hey admin smile is there anything you do outside of gaia(/coding?)
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Why Does The Marketplace Bid System Suck?
I Mean Seriously, I Was Selling My Shadowlegend 5th generation for 14 days ago and i wanted to cancel it but it says bids over 5mins cannot be canceled so i waited and when i tried to cancel it it said bids over 5 mins cannot be canceled and it had 3 mins left
It Costed 722,000 And The Bid Sold It For 305,999
I Kept Trying To Cancel But It Didnt Work
I Feel Like I Wasted My Life On Gaia When Ive Only Had MY Gaia For Less Than A Year -__-
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Hey Admins!

Always wanted to say you guys are doing a great job here around Gaia and we appericate all the things you do.

My question is on the EIs, so what gets everyone inspired to create these interstring EIs? Do you guys find stuff to inspire you to create more of these interstring items or they come out of the blue?
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The Omnitrix King
Question for DARKNRGY:

Will you d8 me? redface
Someone already proposed to him last time.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo emo
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what's up with the avatar glitch? like it keep turning and sitting really fast in flash area
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Hi there Gaia admins ^u^

Just a small request.

Can the front page features be actual threads that aren't closed? The Supermom thread is closed. Premade and custom art is also closed.

I mean, those are the same features from 2009 O____o

So can we have new features?
Like the way we have avi features everyday, but maybe thread features with a different one each week/each 2 weeks?

Thank you~

Something we can look into. ninja
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gaia_angelleft Hello to everyone!!! I hope everyone had a refreshingly enjoyable holiday! gaia_angelright

gaia_star I would just like to ask:
1. Around when can we expect the Summer Event/Olympics?
2. Will it be Barton vs. Aekea vs. Durem vs. Gambino again?
3. Can we expect more involvement from the other towns/NPCs? I feel that the event seems to be isolated to the Kuros vs. Gino/Edmund/Sen/Overseer/Louie.....
4. When can we get to play Rumble Kitties? gaia_kittenstar
5. Milk or Dark chocolate? emotion_omnomnom

Thank you in advance!

1. In the summer.
2. Something like that.
3. Not sure.
4. Late Summer.
5. If I have to choose, Milk.

Ahhh so the Olympics/Summer Event will come out first before kitties...
Can't wait!!! whee
Thank you again!
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Hello, everyone. I'm glad to see that the site was very able to be to be part of the plot again after the ordeal with H&R Wesley. I wonder if we'll get more like that site-plot related stuff in the near future?

Also. I wonder if a RIG NPC makes a debut, is there a limit on how many times they appear in different RIGs? I remember since I know Loyal, Mills, Kaede, Frederika, and Ciro for all I know made like 3-4 appearances in RIGs and it kinda gets more curious about this situation.

Hi MM,

Glad you liked it! We definitely want to do more stuff like that going forward.

I don't think there's any set limit, but that's really up to the artists smile
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Hi Gaia!

Two questions: Why does this Leader Clair person keep "answering" my questions?

And how do you admin people feel about the idea of you buy it, you keep it hair/eye petitions?
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zOMG by far is a more complicated project -- MMOs are always tough.

Not to say Nimbus doesn't have it's challenges, but it's probably a magnitude smaller, at least.

Who wants a free cookie?
Okay let me guess, none of you have a .gov homepage//forever alone

1) compare Nimbus to zOMG!, which one had the higher level of engineering?
2) think you guys are smarter than ames?
3) can Mecha Neko be access on international first class in-flight wifi that had just lift off from SFO?
4) did anyone stayed up late to watch the Spacex launch?
5) is HPR, GR, YM, Crypt, Null moon consider different areas under the same name?
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3. When is the Angelic Rod+ going to be released??

Thank you in advance admins. smile

Eventually. I have some bigger projects to work on first but whenever I get some time I hope to take care of this once and for all.
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What updates do you have planned for Summer Springs? And can you alter what we get as the free gifts? I've been seeing the same A,I,P and Q topiary for nearly two weeks now. Can't we have flowers and other fun decorations to send/receive (or at the least shuffle the letters more because it's far too slow as it is now)

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