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Hi there Gaia admins ^u^

Just a small request.

Can the front page features be actual threads that aren't closed? The Supermom thread is closed. Premade and custom art is also closed.

I mean, those are the same features from 2009 O____o

So can we have new features?
Like the way we have avi features everyday, but maybe thread features with a different one each week/each 2 weeks?

Thank you~
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*lurks around*
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Since I know you guys would miss me if I didn't bring up something about alchemy at least once a week, have a question about the formulas.

The formulas like ectoplasm, red mercury, sunstone, moonstone, and candy mountain are being given out through daily chance; however, they no longer have the tags "alchemist" and "case" in the marketplace. Does this mean they have been removed form the case? Everyone that list them in the marketplace says they have gotten them form the daily chance. I know people that have opened 100+ cases and not gotten one of those formulas.

I know a lot of people have been opening cases, spending tens of millions of gold trying to get these formulas from the cases. Would be pretty bad if these formulas, ones that were in the cases at one point, are not in there any more? Hope you can clear up the confusion.

These are some very vital formulas and the supply that is given out through the daily chance just isn't high enough to meet demand out there. Can you increase the amount given out through the daily chance or put them back in the case? (Assuming that they aren't still in there, and it certainly seems like that is the case.)

Hi CT,

I don't believe they've been removed from the Case. Our tagging system has some gremlins in there that like to remove tags randomly, so it's much more likely it's that. As for distribution, it's something we can check on as well.

Alright, be great if you could check the distribution of them. Worlds Suckiest Vendor has opened 121 in the past week or so and has not gotten one of those formulas I mentioned. He did manage to pull a nice suit for work, and I know those are really rare and used to be much rarer than all those craft-able component formulas like ectoplasm and sunstone.

Thanks again for your time!
Im Stefano And i just wanted to ask
I live in Jamaica and i have no offers for Gaia cash Can you do anything?
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hi! awesome admins and gaia staff! ~c:
may i ask if there will be some mini event connected to what happened at the H and R Wesley's shop? :9
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I was hacked about almost 2 weeks ago and I sent a report and I still haven't gotten a reply how long should it take for me to get a reply?
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Do you guys have any plans to add more achievements in the near future?

Or give more achievement awards?

I really liked how the Tycoon achievement unlocked more MP slots and would like to see more of that in the future.

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Magnificent Moonbeam
Hello, everyone. I'm glad to see that the site was very able to be to be part of the plot again after the ordeal with H&R Wesley. I wonder if we'll get more like that site-plot related stuff in the near future?

Also. I wonder if a RIG NPC makes a debut, is there a limit on how many times they appear in different RIGs? I remember since I know Loyal, Mills, Kaede, Frederika, and Ciro for all I know made like 3-4 appearances in RIGs and it kinda gets more curious about this situation.

Events tied to the manga story is something I've been saying for a while I wanted to do, as long as opportunities like the shop present themselves I'll do my best to take advantage of them.

No idea to NPC question sweatdrop
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Knight Yoshi
I was having a discussion with a moderator about the Marketplace avatar image that calls the current logged in session's avatar about why it's against the ToS to use it. But why not just set it so that if the image link for it is called anywhere but the Marketplace pages that it won't work and display an error? Because so many people use it on their profiles, and yes you can report them as you go. But just set it so that it can't used it in general.

That link misrepresents the items that you currently own which makes it a potential scamming vulnerability. You're right in that it should be enforced server side. Looks like we just missed that. I can keep it in mind but it's low priority.

Also what ever happened to getting a report button on profiles? I had addressed that several months ago, and I do believe it was UncleKenny who responded and said it'll be done. But I have yet to see anything, almost 5 months later. I have reported so many profiles to Rgood and Mcm in mass bulk at a single time...

It's still on the list but it isn't high on the list of projects that I have to tackle. When I get some time freed up I should hopefully be able to work on this and other smaller priority fixes.
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Ninja CupCakes
Its my birfday :3 what do i get biggrin ?

Happy birfday! Hope it's a great one! *sings "Happy Birthday" song to you and flings a cake in your general direction*

Enjoy! biggrin
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Zero Omega
Lurk lurk lurk

Mr. Zeeerooooooo!!!!!

Thank you so much for all your effort in trying to fix the sound during the Fanime stream!

Can i haz link to recorded video ploxx?

Not a problem!

You can find it here:
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If you own a piece of land, do you own it to the center of the earth? o_O
A gaia admin HAS to know, amirite?
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I'll be mostly lurking, but I thought I should say thanks to whatever artists worked on Bunnihilation and Keiko's Cake bunny apron smile
Evening, Lanzer/staff.

- Any updates on other glitches that are currently being worked on/fixed in zOMG!?

- Can you make it so that zOMG!'s servers can be automatically cycled?

Been busy last week so I haven't collected the list of fixes but I'll have an update for you next week. I'll also ask about the possibility of having automatic cycling of the server.
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The Omnitrix King
Question for DARKNRGY:

Will you d8 me? redface
Someone already proposed to him last time.

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