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Who wants a free cookie?
Okay let me guess, none of you have a .gov homepage//forever alone

1) compare Nimbus to zOMG!, which one had the higher level of engineering?
2) think you guys are smarter than ames?
3) can Mecha Neko be access on international first class in-flight wifi that had just lift off from SFO?
4) did anyone stayed up late to watch the Spacex launch?
5) is HPR, GR, YM, Crypt, Null moon consider different areas under the same name?
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Castiel Lover
Hello, Powers That Be.

arrow Wondering again if you would considering putting out an announcement separate from a Dev Alert with the most common topics/questions in ATA answered, so there isn't ten of the same questions in each ATA taking up space and time.

My list I mentioned before:
Current Events
Upcoming sponsors
Known big bugs being worked on
Features that need updating (towns 2.0, inventory arranger, old games)
New features coming up

Hi Castiel,

I believe they are aware of this, but I'll remind them. I have no idea on a fix though, unfortunately.

Thanks for the suggestion! That's all I can say.

Yes - this is something I've been meaning to do personally, and the time always sneaks up on me. It's probably not too likely we'd do a full-blown announcement, but we could at least put up an
FAQ at the beginning of ATA with some of the most common stuff.

The problem with this is not everyone will see it or open it. Especially those who don't come to ats every week qnd read all the posts. It needs to reach everyone to do any good.
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Zero Omega
Lurk lurk lurk


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Would it be possible to create a way in which we could alphabetize our Friends List?
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Hi Guys!
Hope you all had an excellent Memorial Day weekend! blaugh

And speaking of National Holidays... (how's that for a neat segue?), is there any chance of us seeing something new and neat for Canada Day, coming up on July 1st?
We Canuckleheads like to wave the flag every now and then, just like our American cousins, and something with which to display our National Pride on this, our 135th birthday, would be excellent eh?
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Lurk lurk lurk

Mr. Zeeerooooooo!!!!!

Thank you so much for all your effort in trying to fix the sound during the Fanime stream!

Can i haz link to recorded video ploxx?
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Hey you guys! How is everyone doing? Here are my questions for tonight:
1. Can we please have more items that are made from the flowers, papers, and junk collected from Towns? Sunflower dress, daisy necklace, carnation rings, etc.
2. Can we also have more fishing items from fish? Perhaps, a striper dress for the Candy Striper Helmet. The colors on this helmet are quite hard to match...
3. When is the Angelic Rod+ going to be released??

Thank you in advance admins. smile
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Question for DARKNRGY:

Will you d8 me? redface

You don't want to date me, I'm very high maintenance.
Could you please fix the Gaia app so I can hit reply to my pms instead of starting a new one each time to get it to show up?
Also why does that happen?
Existential Existence
1) Which gold shops sink the most gold each month? Can that gold shop NPC get a plaque/award for being awesome?
2) What does the "H & R" stand for in H&R Wesley? If they are first names how are they related to Edmund?
3) What's the difference between a demigod/god and a titan in the Gaia world?

alssso oommmmggg the arennasss ommgggggg ommg
can't wait to see it!

Our most popular store is Gambino Outfitters. Though the store that earns the most gold is Salon Durem

HR are initials for a name, but it escaped my head at the moment.

The Gaia world is different than Greek mythologies where demigod isn't half human/half god. In the Gaia world a demigod is more like a lesser god. It's much more similar to the world in Princess Mononoke.
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User ImageUser Image

                      Yo, admin & devs!
                      I hope you guys had a nice three day weekend!

                      1.) Any Skin Tyte tattoo updates on their way/being made?

                      2.) A: Is the summer event coming sooooon?
                      Are we going to get to keep the mini games after it is over? emotion_kirakira
                      I've really been wanting to play a casual mini Gaia game for sooo long!
                      MoGa just doesn't interest me since I got harassed by the game on facebook
                      by it begging for cash from me more than a newb here asks for valuable items.
                      B: Will we ever see new games that are similar to existing RL games in the future?
                      EX. Battleship, UNO, SORRY, etc.
                      All these hardcore expansive games just don't interest me. confused
                      Simple games are fun too!

                      3.) Cheap pastel rainbow items. They're coming. THEY ARE. RIGHT? >;]
                      Hint: The only right answer to the question is "YES!".

                      4.) Oh, can we start getting hints for the theme of CIs when the bundle comes out,
                      similar to how the MCs used to have hints given at the beginning of the month?

Who made that little peice of art in this post? 4laugh
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What you'll do about new Formulas with New Items on Alchemy?
We are needing more Formulas, On level 4,5,6 It's Much hard to pass for this levels! And Much Expensive. Thank You!
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Its my birfday :3 what do i get biggrin ?
Will there be new house items coming up?
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gaia_angelleft Hello to everyone!!! I hope everyone had a refreshingly enjoyable holiday! gaia_angelright
5. Milk or Dark chocolate? emotion_omnomnom

Thank you in advance!

This one I can answer - I prefer dark chocolate. Not too dark, but dark enough to have a bit of a bittersweet taste. Yummy! biggrin

- Sisky

They say it's healthier too :3

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