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Hello Everyone!

Next week is Fanime! How time flies! For those who are going, I look foward to seeing you this Saturday!

How many of you have seen the latest Star Trek movie? I'd love to know what all of you think!
My mantises Tempest and Pandora are taking bets on if their freshly laid oothecae will hatch first or Gaia will come out with a pixel praying mantis first.

So far they are winning.

Tempest's ootheca
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Pandora's ootheca
User Image
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Soooooooooo, what will happen to HoC? x P

And any Daft Punk fans working at Gaia?
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No funny pictures or joke posts this week. Lanzer, I first asked you about the facial hair system on Mon Jan 24, 2011 and here it is Mon May 20, 2013 and we still don't have a facial hair system. How many more years are we gonna have to wait? I'm not gonna give up, this is something I'm passionate about.
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I was very disappointed in Shad the dragon, because it has no animation in zomg. Is there any chance movement will ever be added to this item? Because otherwise I'll get rid of it, it was a waste of gc.
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I was wondering if anyone's heard from Panagrammic and how he is doing and whether he will ever come back and chat with us again? I really miss him.
I was under the impression that Crosstitch was supposed to be in Durem town, since they had a comic about it, while La Victorie was supposed to be in Gambino Town, just going off the premium/ ritzy aspect of the shop. But what I saw when i was going through the shops, according to the headers that changed with each store, was that going into Crosstitch had a Gambino town beach header, and La Victorie had a header that looked like it was in Aekea. So can anyone tell be if that's right or not? So I'd like to know from the staff where these shops are actually located, since it seems inconsistent.
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Hello Everyone!

cat_ninja *waves* I'm not sure if I got a reply for these questions last week, so here they are again... cat_whee

1. Why is it that certain items (i.e., items that most people would consider useless, or items that have a severely limited quantity in circulation) don't have a "Trash" option at all, and only have an option to be donated?

2. Is Gaia planning at all to improve and/or update its own footer bar so that it works better and/or has better functionality (for those who wish to use it, that is) than the now-defunct "Meebo" bar?
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Doing anything for Towel day this SATURDAY?

Edit: No The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy fans among the staff?
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*waves* Hi guys! How's everyone doing?

Is there any chance that the links to the hacking, scamming, and harassment reports could be moved up so that they sit where the my posts/my topics/my subscribed threads/safety tips links are? A lot of users don't notice the report links sitting at the bottom of the forum page. Bumping them up will help more users notice and find them.
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any chance moga will work again?
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I loved the latest Star Trek movie. ^^ Was never a fan of the older tv series but I did enjoy latest movies for them. 3nodding
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I don't really care to see the new Star Trek movie right away. I wouldn't mind renting it on redbox, since I'm more of a Star Trek Next Generation fan myself.

1) Why does Gaia keep having the reputation of never finishing their projects and leaving them with glitches after the games’ releases? Will Towns 2 and Hords of Nords suffer the same fate?

2) Would it be possible for me to eventually use my zOMG! summons in other flash spaces such as Towns 2?

3) Can we get a prunny iam and other grunny recolors?

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