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Lanzar, i was wondering, will there be something in the future of Gaiaonline that will so dramatically change the site?
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Lanzer, what are your thoughts on the abuse of power some mods have? Is there a possibility that some mods should just step down?
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Evening Lanzer.

Glad you had fun seeing "Thor".

I do have some items I'd love to see addressed:

A while back in CB,there was a Sticky that said that CB was a forum not just for spam posting.However,a few weeks ago,this was removed and it cannot be found.Where did this go and why?

Also,the 'Reg Listings'/Nudedrops/Namedrops/"U Mad"/"Haters Gonna Hate"/etc. in CB has gotten out of control and it is causing many users,such as myself to really stress that all of this end altogether.The 'Reg Listings' especially breach the ToS,given how this is just a giant block of text full of namedropping that inflicts drama along with making users feel left out on this site just because their names are not on there.

How are you going to be making this site a more friendly place,given how one section of this site has gotten to the state where you cannot post out of fear of being harassed by users who will be ruthless and torment you just for posting?

As far as the Arenas are,when will the new changes be implemented so one does not have to rely on popularity just to place?

Mainly in short,can you find a way to retune the site so popularity on here won't have to be a factor just to exist along with finding a way to stop cyberbulling on the site itself?

Do you guys plan to make any items based off the series "Moonlight"?
Is there a chance we might get some drag items/a drag themed RIG?
More cooking items/Iron Chef themed RIG?

Thank you for replying if possible.Sorry my post is long,but I had to get it off my chest.
Oh, and totally unrelated question: what's your favorite 5th generation Pokemon?
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Hello Lanzer im glad you liked Thor also User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

When do you plan to update towns?
Will it be the same type of system as Zomg?
If so will you be able to add the event decorations like the pool and Halloween design?

Do you plan on making more Marionette recolors?
Do you plan on making more brown items?
Did you know there are less brown items then any other clothing colors?

Is it intentional that every time there is a new item that costs millions with a cute hair pose that they release a look alike in the salon?
Not every time but i can pretty much name all of them.

Sorry if i make you want to skim this User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. but thank you for your time if you read this
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How many requests/petitions have you seen in regards to a "retro" Gaia Online? By retro, I mean, that it goes back to the old style and format of Gaia, from back in '04-'07.
Many thanks,
Clever Love
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Hi Lanzer:

1) What is with the lack of gold on the site? The only good sources of it are from zOMG and Booty Grab? The rest of the gold is only around 200 gold per game if played.

2) Are there any new areas being added to zOMG?

I left for a year but didn't see any new areas added to it.

3) What is your favourite Bruce Campbell movie?

4) Can you make it possible to not bring our cars into rally?

I keep clicking and have my car appear only to get challenges and some people don't take no for an answer.

5) Digimon is better? Non?

6) Perhaps a bit of a long shot but could it be that we can tip as much as want in a post? I mean if I want to tip someone, 25 gold does nothing and it doesn't show my appreciation for how good a post is.
Le Avant Garde
Oh, and totally unrelated question: what's your favorite 5th generation Pokemon?
I love you for this question!
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I was wonderin' if we could get some more achievements?
Maybe you could have ones for the games.
Will you ever update towns?
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Personally I'd like to know why the friggin hell no one has acknowledged my tickets through support or in the bug forum. It has been well over a week. It's ridiculous. I've already cancelled my Gaia cash subscription because of it. The same issue since May 4th. It's beyond frustrating at this point. Even Facebook respond faster. Lolz.
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Hi! blaugh
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Le Avant Garde
Oh, and totally unrelated question: what's your favorite 5th generation Pokemon?

Sewaddle! What's yours?
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Popular today ey Lanzer? For anyone who can answer?

Not really Gaia questions to ask first, but;
  1. What is your look on the Queen Elizabeth coming to visit Ireland?

  2. And then President Obama returning to Ireland in a weeks time?

    Great history as we're calling it, but some of negative feedback about.

  3. Anything exciting to expect over the Summer?

  4. Any new updates? Shop Updates? A new world? Guild / Forum updates?

At developers: I want to know: how is towns 2.0 coming along?

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