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Hello everyone!

Finally got to watch Thor last weekend, surprised at how great the CG and design was. Never though a movie about a guy with a big hammer can be this good. biggrin

Happy to be here to answer any questions or just to say hi. smile Let's get started!
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Evening, Lanzer.

- Custom Spaces: Instead of working on new hangout spaces, why not just update Towns and Homes? This new feature seems like a waste of resources.

- Put swarf and bron back on the zOMG! project. I want buddies to have abilities and Buccaneer Boardwalk and Undermountain to finally be released.

- The facebook "Like" button: I already liked Gaia on facebook. I don't need to see another "Like" button on this site. Don't twist my arm into making me "Like" this site. In my opinion, this approach makes you look desperate.

- Why doesn't the CEO make a better effort to communicate more with the users? Seems like all he cares about is facebook.
Hi Lanzer
Are you considering promiting monster galaxy here on Gaia any time soon?
There's some ideas for a Monster Galaxy Gacha with Moga items here
Dear Lanzer,

This will hopefully be my first ATA that my questions get replied to. Anyway, consider me?

1. I'm not sure if this has been brought up at previous ATAs, but is there any word if you'll guys be launching Towns 2.0?

2. Do you like the Harry Potter series? I think we could do with a bit more HP themed items. :3 If you do like it, are you excited for the release of HP7 Part 2? I know I am!

3. Do you know when you guys will be releasing the Outfit Marketplace? I'd definitely would like to see that come out. ^_^

4. I wasn't around for the last ATA and didn't feel like scrolling through the dozens of pages just to see if you were asked this, but how was your Easter? A bit late on that, I know. XD

5. Have you guys ever considered creating a CSS system for the guilds homepages? I know that would make a lot of guild owners, such as myself, really happy! ^_^

6. Can you give us anymore details on the new Custom Spaces we can rent and decorate? Does this mean we'll hopefully also get an update to towns?

First page! YES!
Is it a glitch that the Christian Siriano items were removed from H&R Wesley without any notice?
See here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/site-feedback/inform-us-when-you-remove-something-from-gold-shops/t.71763085/
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Why are the Cristian Siriano items gone from the gold shops?
Woot I was actually not at work this time around!

So lanzer, I know that we have animated items, and evolving items; are you thinking of releasing an evolving, animated item?

Also, with all of the new Chance Items/Random Item Generators we're getting, can ya give us a hint on what the next one's theme is? ^^

And one more quick question; With the Red Mini Devil wings, the winner is always announced really late, is there a reason for this, and do you think it will start to be released faster?

Edit: oh yes, sorry ONE more thing xD

I don't check it frequently at all, but I notice the omg hat isn't in the real life shop anymore (or maybe i'm just dumb and can't find it)

Any plans to put it back in there, or reason why it was taken out?
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I want to go see Thor so badly!! Dx
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hey lanzer biggrin

(yes, another zOMG! based question here):

any idea on when Undermountain will get coded into the game? im sure some of the userbase would be happy if you guys could give us that (and allow us to raise our CLs) while you guys finish site integration.

also, have you seen Battle: LA? it wasn't anywhere near as bad as everyone said it was, but it made skyline look even worse
Hey Lanzer!

1. Are you guys aware of the marketplace, that you can't see which user bought your items?

2. Are the Aquarium's (Watermeat, Dolphin, Momo) every going to be out of the cash shop. I bought my Watermeats for 410k+. Now, it's like 200k.
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Oh, Player VS Player would be so much fun in zOMG. =w =
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Dear Lanzer,
You should totally like,
Jump over an elephant.
It's funner than you would think.
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Why were are all of the Christian Siriano items removed from the CS and GS?

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