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Thanks for the 10 extra shop slots, very useful!

Are you going to be updating the Alchemist Case like you did for the Philosopher's cache?

I have to say there's nothing more frustrating than opening one and getting a formula that comes from another giftbox grant. sad

Hi Kiyo_Michan,

It's something we're considering, although we're looking at a couple of different options of what we could do next. Hopefully we'll have some more tweaks for you sooner rather than later.
Delightful! biggrin Thanks for the response!
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Narumi Misuhara
Sifen Yamishi
Hey Lanzer and company. Hope you guys are doing well.

Gaia Madness was fun and all, but I'd love to see you guys have a "Soul Calibur" and/or "Smash Bros" tournament one day. See who's the best at it.

Also, what can we expect for this year's summer event? Will it be another gold sink again with Alchemy on the side? Or will this be something new altogether?

Plus, has Louie been cast aside for more Gino-centric plot now? We last saw him in last year's Halloween event, but ever since then, he's been sparse on the radar.

Thank you for your time.

This summer event will be the return of the Olympics, details of which will be further released at a later time, probably through my journal.

Regarding Louie in the plot... no idea >.<

will nicolae be included? ninja /fangirls
laughed at you when he
Hello, and thank you for your hard work.

I have a question with regard to the Tycoon Achievement that allows 20 store slots. Why have you made the mark so low? 1 million in sales is easily achievable by new users using Gaia cash, and their inexperience on the mp causes them to rudely undercut by 1g, and now do it 20 times. Other aspects concern me as well. Have you put a lot of thought into this decision? Are you quite sure that the marketplace will benefit?

Respectfully yours,
total taxes paid to you via store sales so far: over 48 million gold.

I'm closing in on 200m in taxes between 3 accounts rofl

I want some achievements for us people with large store sales ninja
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Does one of you have an identical twin called "Carbon Copy"? biggrin

Carbon Soul
My long lost brother!
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Hello admins! I want to know, how can I fix my Quick Links thing? When I scroll to the bottom of pages it goes down as well, forcing me to scroll back up to access it. Help please!
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Hey Admins!

I was wondering when we might expect to see another EI bundle in the cash shop... Not rapid EI Bundle, I'm talking the originals...

Also wondering if we might see a sale weekend anytime soon on Fish in Phin Phang...
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Why can't we have nice things, honey? heart
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A while back I made accounts on Gaia and then something happened where I can no longer login or re-use the same email. I am also unable to reset the password. A week ago I invited a friend onto Gaia but I was told that it was impossible to make the account because the screen cuts off where the "next" button should be.
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Question: Will Rigel and Mintaka dolls ever receive their extra poses?
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                i felt the need to make an unnecessary post.
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Are there any plans to introduce more trash exchange items? If not, would you ever consider it?

AND WOOT, FINALLY CAUGHT ONE OF THESE! =D I always log on in the mornings and find out I'm too late. ;( I do love that you do this. ^^ I admire it. =)
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*strolls in*

Can we get some mass effect items? Maybe some stuff like this?

*strolls out*

*Stumbles in*
Wait, where am I?

*Stumbles out*

*Stumbles back in*

Oh yeah - maybe, as long as we don't get sued

*Falls over*
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Hey Gaia!
I was wondering, when are we getting another GC sponsor like BlueNoodle? I miss getting my 10 GC, and since I live in Canada I can't do any of the others. Thanks guys!
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Is there any way to lower the price of the blood stone gem? I just think that $6 is a bit much. Also, when are the beta testers for the new game going to be chosen?
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Did you all play the games before posting them?

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