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And since Ridley isn't here to mention it.

White recolor of Dander? xd
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Really? No way, that's extremely close to me. I live in Rockdale. We'll have to catch up one day and meet up. I've only ever met one other person from Gaia in the past. So if I do get to meet you, you'd be the second. whee

I go past Rockdale everyday on the train to work. I've actually never met another Gaian IRL, so you'd be the first if we do meet up xd
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Hi Everybody! blaugh

I just wanted to pop in and say "Thanks" to Sisky, and everyone else who has a hand in her Contest in the zOMG! Forum! heart

This is really wonderful of you to do, and I hope it geats an amazing response!

Awwww, you are most welcome! Glad you like the contest, and hope it is fun for the community. I'm super excited to see all the entries biggrin

- Sisky

I am too! blaugh
One thing about Gaia, is that there's an incredible amount of amzingly creative and talented people here, and despite the fact that their gifts constantly remind me of my own horrific inadequacies, I really love seeing them at work!

Hopefully a lot of them are thinking over their entries as we speak, and we'll see a flood of entries over the next couple of days. blaugh
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Hi everyone smile

Quick question to all:

How many took 1000 pictures of last nights super moon?

I know i did razz

Oh no! I spent all night playing ME3 multiplayer...

you missed a sight almost as amazing as a complete double rainbow emotion_kirakira eek
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Lanzer I got a question,

Can we have a gay themed story line involving to Npcs. D: PLLLLEEEEASE.
Show some gay love to the gay members D: .
The Omnitrix King
Question for Lanzer:

Will you d8 me? redface

I believe waffles is still available. He's quite a cutie
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hey everyone at Gaia HQ Sup? anyway 4 simple questions

1.) any chance we could see more animated items like the shadow gem but with different elements and placements of the gems on the avatar body or have some of the gems be part of accessories or whatnot

2.) are there gonna be more vehicle mounts like the motorcycle from gimpi, sure there have been other vehicle themed item mounts but some of them don't look all that great with the avatar being bigger then the vehicle

3.) anyone at gaia hq checking out Eureka Seven A.O. ?

4.) are all the items that'll be in mecha neko going to be gaia cash only or are there going to be some gaia gold items?
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And since Ridley isn't here to mention it.

White recolor of Dander? xd


You are so thoughtful! heart
It's 90 degrees at the Gaia office today. I think we're all gonna pass-out now. sweatdrop

Thank you for joining us this week. See you all next ATA!
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Alrighty gang - I have to head out now. I've got a gimpy leg from a pulled muscle, so I have to head home and have a hot bath and soak in minty water to soothe the ache! D'oh!

Thanks for showing up as always~! On a final note, just an FYI: I've got a couple of contests running right now that are paying out some sweet rewards. They are open to all Gaians, so feel free to enter! The more the merrier ^^

Health and Fitness Forum Contest:

zO-MAY-G! Meativersary Contest!:

Be well biggrin

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