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Hello everyone!

How many have watched Avengers over the weekend? It's definitely one of my favorite super hero movies so far. Either way I hope you took part of May 4th's mini event.

Get ready for the frat party on Friday, meanwhile, Moga's also getting ready for the Gaia launch. We'll have an announcement as soon as possible.

Biglanky's taking the weekend off, I suspect that he's secretly watching the Avengers while everyone's at work. smile

Welcome to ATA!
Couple alchemy related things:

First, to go into some more detail about the formula issue that I mentioned last week. The cases would greatly benefit from a change similar to the caches. I don't even attempt to open cases since I know there is about a 99.9% chance I won't get what I need. And half the stuff in them is more or less worthless since it's something like a formula for an old EIs that will cost 5 times as much to craft as just out right buy. Same for some of the RIG items in there. I understand you need some formulas in there that people can use to level up with. But some of them are just so expensive to craft it's pointless to even bother.

Changing them like the caches would greatly help in reducing the crazy odds you have in pulling something you need. Heck, you could even make it so there is a quest case that lets you choose which quest you want. That way if someone is lucky enough to open a case and actually get a quest they are able to choose which one the want to do as opposed to being stuck with the one they randomly got.

Secondly, I calculated how many different colored caches it would take to finish the demonic quest:

User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Diamond x221
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Emerald x213
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Amethyst x309
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Aquamarine x256
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Topaz x319
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Gold x271
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Garnet x289
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Platinum x39
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Ruby x360
User ImagePhilosopher's Cache: Sapphire x274

Not sure what this will look like for any of the other quest since none of them are near being completed yet as far as I know, but I can't imagine it being too different from the demonic. In my opinion it wouldn't hurt to make the gold cache a little more common. From the hundreds of caches I've opened I've found them to be just a little less rare than the platinum bags, a bag that isn't needed nearly as much in things. Especially the quest.
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User ImageUser Image

                      Just wondering, but what happened to converting the cash shop into the gold shop layout?

                      When will the Gaia Labs page be updated?
                      There are features on there that no longer need to be there
                      (Floating footer, Buy more outfit slots, Puri Gaia).

                      *noms on Robert Downey Jr/Starknekkid (it is a play on words)*
1: Are the Trash Exchange in Ruby's Rack, and the Flower Exchange in Buttercup Cafe ever get around to being updated with new items that we can make from trash and flowers? A lot of people proposed good ideas for additions to these features, and I don't think these the flower and trash exchanges should be abandoned, since not everyone favors alchemy.

2: Can we see more of Saiph and Hatsya again, sometime soon?

3: Currently, there's no way to opt out of achievements and prevent them from popping up and being a giant eyesore in the center of the screen. Unchecking the Achievement Ranking Progress box under the Gaia Notifications Settingsā€ tab doesn't work; nor does unchecking the box on the achievement, itself, when it pops up, to prevent people from seeing them, so clearly it's broken, and has been for a while. When is this issue going to be looked into?

4: There's also been a glitch with the Lucky Chests for some time now. I get the chest, on occasion, in my aquarium, or sometimes in the header, but when I click on it, the items don't show up, and I can only see the ad to get the key, and the countdown timer. Is this going to be looked into, sometime soon?
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

5: Is there an official Gaia mascot? We seem to have a lot of them; like Gaia-tan, Coco, Kiki, Rock Puppy, and I don't know whether to consider Diedrich one or not, but is there an actual official site mascot?
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Evening, staff.

- zOMG! glitch repairs: How goes it?

- Since the red devil mini wings raffle tickets are now useless, can you give users the ability to trash them?
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Good evening, Admins and Devs and Mods and Artists.

I've reported this bug many times, in all the correct spots. One is dated Feb 11th of 2011. I'd really like to know that the artists are aware of it and if they can fix it. Certain items mess up the Suspicious Eyes (that i'm wearing).

For example: Dream Town's red car; both Valentines Kissing booths; Grave Danger Funeral Frame; secret retreat's mirror; Reve Rouille (diving in); Little Lucie (Empty Eyes); Many other eye mods, etc. etc.

Example: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Good evening admins, I hope everything is going all right!

Quick, non-website related question! What is your favorite hand-held game?
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Just lurking today :3
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Hello everyone! biggrin

Just a few questions today from me.

1 .. Although Alchemy is fun to do and a great way to spend a boring moment . However, with the prices of some of the crafting items needed, it's hard to actually purchase what is needed. I'm just wondering is there a way to lower the quantity of items needed? Which would make it so much more affordable for most people, and also easier to obtain. For eg; Rather than having 30 or even 50 of something. Can that be lowered so it's no more than say 5? It's the quantity amount that is needed that's not only time consuming, but very pricey. sweatdrop

2.. I'm also finding that in regards to the question above, some of the items are unobtainable, they can't be found in the MP, or purchased in shops. So can this be looked into please? stressed

3.. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I can't purchase anything from Phin Phang. Each time I'm there, I can't click the options above. And if I press an item to buy, the little pop up window that usually appears, isn't there. It was all good up until last week. So it might be something that may have been changed just recently? So I don't believe it's my computer. gonk

4.. I'm having an Aussie BBQ, would you care to come over? Everyone's invited. It's free. biggrin

Orphie. whee

Edit, I forgot to add this. Also in regards to Alchemy, after we've completed a formula ready to be crafted, it does not always work. It takes the gold, but the formula does not work. sad
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Lurking no question I can think of.
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Hello, this is my first ATA post, though I have read through many of these. (as long as they don't go through 2 pages per minute sweatdrop )

Any one of you Devs/Admins may answer any of these..

Question #1: Inventory Arranger.. Its been 3 months since I've really heard anything relevant on whats new with it. Inventory Thread.
SO, can I have something to go on as to when we Gaians can see the update?
its been so long since I've organized my Inventory, I stopped once I heard there was an update coming out for it! It... Looks so bad at the end XD

Question #2: zOMG! Updates.. First I want to give a late thanks for the recycled Easter Event. Anyway, I've noticed little things being done in zOMG! lately, but it seems to be doing more harm then good (in some places).
Can you fill us in on what kind of updates the team is/will be working on?

Question #3: Alchemy #1.. First off, I also never really got to say thanks for the new Cache Update, even though it made some non-expensive Components jump up a lot in price, but it also made a lot more of the expensive Components drop immensely, so in turn the changes did more good the bad for sure.. But my question is now about the now Formula shortage.
So, is there any plans to do something like you guys did for the Philosopher's Cache for the Alchemists Case? (different color Cases?)
If there is any worry about the Backwing Quest Formulas I can suggest making a special Case with all 5 of them in it, but obviously you'll want to keep it with the same ridiculously low odds as it does now. Or just keep it as is and just randomly get one instead of a different color Case.

Question #4: Alchemy #2.. There has been concern with the systems destroying rare/hard-to-get/nolonger obtainable items.. Example: Mood Bubbles, SDPlus Dolls,
Are there any plans to bring back such items?

Well, I'm sure I have more, but that'll be for another time, thanks for your time and hope you guys answer these. smile
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Can you please increase the sellback value on some of the alchemy items? I crafted a bunch of Tsunami KO recolored shirts and they just keep dropping and no one will buy them except for the shadow shirt. Right now the store price is 1200 gold, which doesn't even come close to the 100k-150k it costs to make one. I'd be happy to sell them for 100k even though it costed me more to make them.
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Crystal Sparda
User ImageUser Image

                      Just wondering, but what happened to converting the cash shop into the gold shop layout?

                      When will the Gaia Labs page be updated?
                      There are features on there that no longer need to be there
                      (Floating footer, Buy more outfit slots, Puri Gaia).

                      *noms on Robert Downey Jr/Stark nekkid*
I'm still working on the "CashShop in Gold Shop" conversion. I need to add a few more features to gold shops so we don't lost much.anything int he Gold Shop.
Hi guys! Any more information on your new fantasy game? Perhaps it's name? Not sure if that has been released yet. I'm currently writing an article on it for Gaian Informer Magazine!

Also, Lanzer, I asked if you saw Hunger Games a couple ATAs ago. Unfortunately, I missed the ATA after the one I had asked you in. So, did you get to see it!?

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