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Hello everyone!

Have you checked out the new housing system? Codemonkey worked hard on this update so please give him any of your feedback! I love the new house style and haven't decided on which one I like best. What's your favorite?

This week Sisky spent time to put together a little FAQ, please take a moment to read through them first. Thank you!
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Hey Gaia I'm happy to be able to share the first official description of the Gaia Online Frontier Skies Board Game.

I Wish I could share more but for now enjoy!

Also be sure to ask any questions you have about the game and I'll answer what I can.

Based on the popular steampunk-themed minigame, Frontier Skies brings players on a tabletop journey through the unique world of Gaia Online.

Frontier Skies transforms the art, characters and world of Gaia Online into an exciting adventure with strategic decisions at every turn. Players will compete to build the finest airship while managing their crew, stockpiling supplies and maintaining their valuable discoveries-- only the most cunning captain can rule the Frontier Skies as the richest adventurer around!

Frontier Skies is played by 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Play time runs between 60 to 90 minutes.

The game consists of four seasons, spanning a total of 12 rounds of play. Each round consists of four phases: market, adventure, trade and draw.

During the market phase, players compete in an open market to purchase new and upgraded parts for their air ship. Purchasing new ship parts improves speed, attack power and cargo capacity giving players special bonuses and extra space to carry valuable Discoveries.

In the adventure phase players embark on a new journey by revealing the top card in the adventure deck. What strange experiences and valuable discoveries await?

The trade phase allows players to trade discoveries with each other, deciding which are worth keeping and which should be sold off to gain gold and free up cargo capacity for their next adventure.

During the draw phase, players activate special abilities, gain an additional discovery and compete for end-of-season and end-of-game goals which reward players with even more gold.

At the end of the final round, each player calculates their total value to find out which captain has amassed the greatest riches!
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Before You Ask: Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions We See in AtA Each Week

Hey everyone - happy Monday! Glad you could stop by the Ask the Admin!

As you all know, though we try to get to as many questions as we possibly can during AtA, it is just not possible to get to them all. We thought it would be helpful to post replies to some of the regularly asked questions ahead of time. Our hope is that these answers will provide you with status updates on these topics so that even if your question on one of these subjects is not answered directly, you'll have the information you need!

Alchemy - Any updates?
Sorry, no updates right now, but it is on the road-map, and definitely not forgotten! ^^

zOMG! - Any updates or bug fixes?
Sorry gang, nothing new to report on this subject. We'll let you know once more bug fixes are done, and once we need help testing some issues. Not to worry, you haven't been forgotten! In the meantime, keep looking for more interaction on Fridays, and community contests! We can still have fun biggrin

Inventory Arranger - Any updates?
We're still working on the inventory arranger - it's coming along nicely, but again, it's a big project. Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas on how to improve the inventory arranger - we'll definitely consider the proposals!

Guilds - Are you going to fix them?
Not right now - as we have said before, Guilds is a massive undertaking and currently not top priority. That said, it is on our road-map, or "to do" list, and we'll try to get to Guilds when we are able to do so.

My Ticket/PM Hasn't Been answered Yet - What's going on?
We're so sorry if there has been a delay in resolving your ticket or issue. We try our best to get to everyone as quickly as possible, but some issues simply take longer to resolve than others. As well, please understand that we are all extremely busy with resolving a wide variety of issues for a lot of people, and handle these in the order in which we receive them. Please know that we do care about all of you and are not ignoring you - we will get to your issue as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for being so patient!

More Facial Hair and/or Mantises please?!?!
No news on the facial hair or mantis fronts, but as always we appreciate your suggestions! We actually love that you are so passionate about certain items and want to request them - they are definitely being considered! biggrin
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the hell, gaia! did you REALLY decrease the booty grab cap to 100k?!?!?
it's hard enough to get players in our tanks as it is!
domokun stargate
Voodoo and Tempest wanted to show you how easy it is to make praying mantises.

User Image

Are you inspired yet?
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Because remarks in Spanish can not be translated to the letter to English and it may have a different definition in English.
My mother tongue is Spanish I understand what the slang means very well.
that remark may or not be offensive depending on the context it was posted.

so I tried to be polite but the user's response was even more rude.
now we have to think twice if we want or not want to use the "blocking system" Ignore System
if the user we're blocking has a long term thread in that forum we will be seeing that topic block notice in red letter at the bottom of the page. i think its like a punishment for both sides for him and for me, like a double dagger.

The user was reported. second post was deleted. user was blocked.
my problem is i still have to see his first Post #20
also my thread followers/lurkers may react and curse him for that post. A post deletion will be the appropriate move to avoid further incidents.

User Image you mention the potential for a abuse is too great because users will use that power to silence others?

Well they already do that.

In sitefeedback
its against the rules asking users to leave ."If you don't like my idea you can GTFO".

You don't need to ask a users to shut their months when they disagree with your ideas, you just put them on your ignore list. User Image

#27 Is it the same thing as silence them, to keep their mouths shut ?

You have to acknowledge that there is a problem with the ignore system.

Okay, yes. i do have some ideas on how to improve it. If you allow me I'll just post them here in next AtAs, its the most i can do for this site. even if you dont like my ideas. User Image

i do not want you to give him more warnings.
as i stated in my previous post.
In the past moderators have deleted 2 of my posts without any warning.
plus the Post Deletion in Bug Report & Technical Support by a Community Member
so I really don't see a problem if you deleted that post in question. Report #15866401

If not , I really have to insist on that forum delete Button.

User Image

You say you can't delete a post you request to be deleted in your forum but they can delete other posts in Chatterbox forum and Bug Report & Technical Support for no reason,no warning and randomly.YEAH They'll Delete your post when they want to for no Reason nor Warning given, but if When you Request a post Deletion to avoid further incidents you Say you Can't do it ...it's not right, i know its your Site but I am the Thread Creator and it is my Thead. it is my responsibility and my obligation to moderate my own forum. As for the Long Term Thread I would Suggest that Thread Creators Request a Moderator to review their forum every 3-6 months.

The questions I would like to ask in AtA may sound rethorical but they are not.
Im asking them for a reason:


Why is it alright for a mod to delete a post of mine with no warning and told no reason but when I request a post to be deleted that is disrupting my forum, my request is declined?


Why is it alright for a Community Member to delete other people's posts in forum 47 & Forum 355 ?


Not every post in Chatterbox is Spam!! so Why is it alright for a Community Member to delete other people's posts in forum 23 ,Chatterbox ?

our voices should be heard
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Good evening, ATA!

I just wanted to know if there were any plans to ever make an SDPlus Bogie?
Since there are already SDPlus versions of Bibbles and Cookie Boots, I thought it would be made eventually.

Also because Bogie reminds me very much of my cat Sassy who died last March of liver failure,
and was hoping if SDPlus Bogie was ever created, if the item description would read something like “In Memory of Sassy~”.
If that could be done it would really mean the world to me. I would greatly appreciate if you would please consider it.

I have already messaged PRlSM regarding this idea, but due to recent events, I will most likely not get a progressive response, if any.
Regardless, since it would be a recolor, any talented artist should be able to accomplish the task.

For reference, this is the original message I sent PRlSM going into a little more detail regarding the matter:

I was gonna save it and bring this up in an ATA,
but I think it might be a little too personal and I would
feel a lot better to bring it up to you first.
This is especially because it would be your item,
and I want to respect your wishes as an artist.

Now I don't know if this idea is in the works already
or not, but there should be an SDPlus Bogie.
Especially since Bibbles and Cookie Boots have their
respective doll versions of themselves already.

The reason why I'm so passionate about this idea is because
I really love Bogie in that it reminds me of my cat Sassy,
who passed away last month due to liver failure.

Since I had gotten her when she was 3 or so, I never had
the chance to see her as a kitten, and in some way I think
the SDPlus version of Bogie would fulfill this dream.

If possible I wish the item description would read "In Memory of Sassy~"
but if that is not possible, if a description or a pun that includes "sassy"
in it, to somehow commemorate her memory, that would be beautiful.

If this is something you do not want to do I will understand,
because of what I said in the beginning I want to also respect
your wishes as an artist. Please let me know your thoughts if you can,
and I'm very thankful for your time.

User Image
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You could have prevented this, Lanzer... But there's still hope! You just need to create a system to control hair that grows on the face! You could call it... The facial hair system.
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Hello admins, I think this is the first time I have asked anything at these meetings, but here it goes.

I was curious if it would be possible to get a list of the current Gaia admin/mods/devs/artists/etc. The reason I ask this is because most of the lists I've come across are outdated and with Gaia Spirit Week a couple months away, we'd like to make sure that we're pointing people in the right direction if they want to drop some love. c:

Also, is there a Spotlight for user-run events? I know we've had one in the past (GSW was featured in it before), but I haven't seen anything like that as of late. I thought I would ask, since GSW would certainly like to get in on that, because it's always great to bring in people that are new to the event.

Lastly, something un-related to Spirit Week; could we please get a regular-ol' Evolving Item? The REI we've gotten lately are nice, but not quite my tastes, and I know a few other users agree. Not saying "Don't make any REI" but just tossing in a couple of the traditional EI throughout the course of this year would be nice.

I'd also like to say that Towns 2 looks fabulous! It was a bit confusing at first, but after the chaos cleared, I really like the update.

/silently wishes for an update to Bunnihilation this week
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Thanks for the fun dragon event!

Some things I'd like to see in the new housing:

1. Give us rooms! instead of just one big space...I'd be glad to pay for a second
room! (not millions or even hundreds of thousands, but maybe 50k?)

2. Let us have a second house, for a vacation house! Why not, we'd be willing to pay
for them, it would be a great gold sink. In fact, I'd really like to have a house in every
area, to fit different moods, and let me decorate with different styles. Make a second
house cost 50k, third 100k, and fourth 150k - this plus the increased furnishings sales
in the Faktori would make a huge gold sink.

3. Make the houses rotatable - in other words, we can turn our point of view and use
all four wlls for doors windows or art etc. This would apply to visitors also - go in and
turn so you can see all of the house from different points of view.

4. And lastly, update the arranger. Remember Backyard Monsters Yard Planner? I'd
love to see an arranger like that, where we are looking down on it and placing our
furniture more easily. You'd have to use a little thought - stacking would be in the
order you put the items in, so if you put your bread first and then the fridge on top
of it, well you've just squished your bread, lol!
But as long as you use some sense, this would be ever so much easier for arranging.

My thread is here.

Also, can you make it so we can access the red house icon anywhere in Barton, at the least, if not
anywhere in neighborhoods.
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You can dance if you want to...

You can leave your friends behind...

Howdy folks! How are my favorite admins doing today?
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Nice FAQ o3o

What will happen to HoC?
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- zOMG! Glitch Fixes: Has any new progress been made?

Edit: Seems my question's been answered.
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Hey everybody! I hope you’re all doing well. biggrin

I was curious as to just how much creative liberty Gaia artists have when designing new items. Are they essentially allowed to create whatever they feel like, or do they have orders handed down to them (such as “we need something green and Viking-themed for this month’s MC”)?
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How is everyone?

Staff related question:
Any sneak peaks at the Inventory Arranger? emotion_awesome
~King Awesome

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